Chapter 1

AN: Here is my newest story which is called "Naruto the Dino Sage" the story starts during the one month break between the Prelim fights and the Chunin Exams finals when Naruto is training with Jiraya and gets thrown into the ravine when training to summon toads.

Naruto messes up a handseal and gets pulled into the Jurassic Park universe 5 years before the events of the first movie, where John Hammond finds him and takes him in, after Hammond tells Naruto about his dream of Jurassic Park Naruto helps him and in a few years is the Lead Dinosaur handler due to a mental connection between him and the Dinosaurs.

Naruto will have a Father/Child relationship with a pair of T-Rexs due to him being the first person they saw when they hatched; they will be the same T-rexs from the second movie. Naruto will also have a Father/Daughter relationship with a Velociraptor due to the same reason as the T-Rexs.

The events of the first movie will take place and Naruto will have to leave Isla Sorna but promises the T-Rexs, and Velociraptor he will be back for them, He will then return to the island when the events of the second movie take place and I will go from there.

Naruto will return to the Elemental Nations, however no time will have passed since he left, he will have the Toads as summons along with the Dinosaurs from Isla Saurna which will be explained.

Also I will not be classifying this as a Naruto x Jurassic Park crossover due to other than his trip to the Jurassic Park universe which will only be around 2-3 at the most 4 chapters long, and Naruto have Dinosaurs as summons there will be no other reference to Jurassic Park

Naruto Uzumaki was not having a good day he was currently plummeting down a deep ravine after his new sensei Jiraya of the Sanin for the month long break threw him in it to get him to summon the boss of the Toad summons, however no matter how much he tried as he fell he couldn't do it and as he continued to fall his life began to flash before his eyes from the moment he was born to the present.

He saw his eyes open for the first time and stare into the face of the Yondaime Hokage Minato Namikaze which confused him as he wondered why he would be present for his birth, he saw the Yondaime hand him to a red headed woman that he called Kushina who took him and cradled him in her arms like a mother would her newborn baby.

That's when it all clicked in Naruto's mind this Kushina was his mother, which meant that if the Yondaime was there for his birth then he must also be his father, which would make sense why would the Yondaime seal the Kyuubi into just some random newborn, all the power and responsibility of keeping the Kyuubi from breaking free would logically be safe and used to protect instead of destroy in the hands of someone directly related to him.

Naruto saw a man appear and take him from his parents, before his father rescued him, he saw his father set him in a crib before leaving, he saw his father return with his mother who looked extremely weak and lay her beside him before taking the three of them to a altar.

In the background he saw the Kyuubi wreaking havoc before his father transported it to in front of the altar and began some hand seals and what looked like a creepy ghostly figure with a knife in its mouth appeared behind him with a ghostly figure in front of it wrapped in chains that looked like a man.

Naruto saw the Kyuubi try to escape but his mother had it held down with some strange golden chains that looked like they came out of her back, he saw the ghostly figure reach its hand through fathers stomach and grab the Kyuubi yanking out what looked like a ghostly form of the Kyuubi before using the knife in its mouth and slicing it from the Kyuubi before eating it, causing the Kyuubi to shrink slightly.

Naruto saw his mother cough up some blood which loosened the grip of her chains on the Kyuubi slightly which allowed it to try and impale him with its claws, he saw his parents leap in front of the claw and get skewered as the claw came to a stop mere inches from him.

Naruto then saw something that shocked him beyond belief, the Kyuubi's eyes changed before it looked down and seemed to look horrified at what it had done before a tear came to one its eyes and slid down its cheek, before it said something that he didn't catch.

Naruto saw his parents look at the Kyuubi and smile slightly and say something he didn't catch before they turn to him and his mother tells him to grow strong, eat his vegetables and find a nice girl to love and give her lots of grandbabies so that when he finally dies from old age he can tell her all bout them with said girl, his father then says something which he doesn't catch before finishing the sealing as the Kyuubi disappears into the seal, before his mother and father collapse and crawl over to him and hold them in between them as they pass on.

Naruto then saw the Sandaime show up with a few Anbu who Naruto recognizes as Inu and Neko who would often guard him when he was younger and he realizes that they are Kakashi-sensei and Yuugao-nee before Kakashi falls to his knees seeing the Yondaime dead, he sees the Sandaime pick him up and swear the Anbu at the scene to secrecy.

He saw the meeting with the councils where the Sandaime revealed his status as a Jinchuriki and the shitstorm that followed of the civilian council demanding his death, the elders demanding he be turned into a weapon, and the Shinobi council *Minus Fugaku Uchiha* all saying he should live.

Naruto saw the Hokage take him to his clans house and spend the next two years taking care of him before having to send him to the orphanage and the horrible 2 years he spent there before getting kicked out and the year he spent living on the streets eating out of garbage cans and running from mobs of villagers sometimes escaping other times not.

He remembered the first time he met two of his most precious people and how they became friends and kept knowing each other a secret, he remembered the Hokage finding him living on the streets and giving him an apartment to live in the red light district, he remembered befriending the local yakuza and brothel workers.

Naruto remembered meeting 4 more of his most precious people and the day where he tragically lost one of them, he remembered when he entered the academy to become a shinobi, and the ridicule and mistreatment he received causing him to take up a mask of stupidity, the years of constantly playing the fool and chasing after a pink banshee who he would rather see out of the ninja program before she got herself or her fellow shinobi killed.

Naruto smiled as he remembered his graduation day and how he passed after being tricked and learning he held the Kyuubi while Iruka-sensei saw him as himself and not the Kyuubi, he remembered the horror of being stuck on the same team as the pink banshee and the Emo-Teme Sasuke, however what made it a little bearable was that he had Kakashi nii-san as his sensei but they kept knowing each other a secret to prevent the council from taking him off the team.

He remembered all the D-rank missions he went on with his "team" before going on the mission to Nami no Kuni where he ran into Zabuza Momochi and his apprentice Haku while protecting Tazuna the bridge builder, the fight between Kakashi and Zabuza, reaching Tazuna's house and meeting his daughter Tsunami and grandson Inari, and the week of training in which he met Haku and forged his own nindo which was to "Never give up, Never back down, and fight to protect those precious to him"

Naruto remembered saving Inari and Tsunami from Gato's thugs before rushing off to his team who were fighting Zabuza and his apprentice on the bridge, fighting Zabuza's apprentice on the bridge with Sasuke before Sasuke took a hit for him and he thought he died before subconsciously tapping into Kyuubi's chakra and beating Zabuza's apprentice who turned out to be Haku.

Naruto remembered Haku telling him of his life before meeting Zabuza, before rushing off to save him and getting killed by Kakashi's chidori which was meant for Zabuza, how he ripped into Zabuza about how Haku saw him as a father, Gato showing up with a group of thugs and revealing how he had never intended to pay Zabuza, giving Zabuza a kunai before he charges into the group before finally reaching Gato and slicing his head off, before getting stabbed a bunch of times.

How he and Kakashi scared off the rest of the thugs as a mob of villagers showed up with a bunch of make-shift weapons, the party that night celebrating Waves freedom from Gato, burying Haku and Zabuza, before saying goodbye to the people of Wave when the bridge was finished and heading back to Konoha.

Getting back to Konoha and reporting on their mission, and Kakashi giving them entrance slips to the Chunin exams, entering the Chunin exams with the rest of the "Rookie Nine", taking the first exam which was a written test a passing due to luck even though Hinata offered to let him cheat of her test and he refused, the second exam beginning, almost getting eaten by a giant snake, saving a nice red-headed girl with glasses from a bear

Then there was fighting against Orochimaru who then hit him with some weird seal after giving Sasuke one on his neck, waking up to find teams 10 and Lee from team 9 helping Sakura fight off a team of Genin from Otogakure until Sasuke wakes up with a evil chakra around him and brutally beats one of the Sound Genin by breaking both his arms, until Sakura stops him.

Kabuto helping them get the scroll they needed and barely making it to the tower in the middle of the forest of death where the next part of the exam would take place, the prelim fights where Sasuke, Shino, Shikamaru, the sand siblings consisting of Temari, Kankarou, and Gaara, Dosu of Sound, all came out victorious and moved on to the finals, how he barely won against Kiba due to getting lucky, and how Neji won against Hinata nearly killing her and he swore on Hinata's blood and his ninja way that he will defeat Neji in the finals.

How the winners of the prelim fights drew lots to determine who they would fight with his match against Neji being the first one, followed by Sasuke vs. Gaara, Shino vs. Kankarou, Temari vs. Shikamaru, and Dosu fighting the winner of match one, how Kakashi told him he had to train Sasuke for the whole month due to the councils orders, but got him a sensei which turned out to be Ebisu, and left but not before slipping a note into Naruto's pocket and upon his reading it caused him to smile and play along with Ebisu.

Naruto remembers his training at the hot springs until he caught Jiraya peeping on the women's side which resulted in Naruto busting Jiraya to the ladies that were bathing which led to Jiraya getting the shit beat out of him along with Ebisu who was at the wrong place at the wrong time, Jiraya taking over his training for the month which lead to him learning how to summon toads and his current situation.

As Naruto's life finished flashing before his eyes and he continued to fall the faces of his precious people passed through his mind, his parents, the Sandaime, Inruka-sensei, Kakashi, Yugao, Ayame and Teuchi, and finally his most precious people of all his Lavender Hime, Hebi Queen, his Ookami-goddesses, and finally his Queen of cool, and a tear leaks from his eye as he thinks that he likely will never see them again.

Naruto then sees a vision of all his precious people standing over his grave crying, however none crying harder than his hime, queens, and goddesses, and upon seeing their crying faces a fire lights in his eyes "NO I WON'T DIE HERE AND MAKE THEM CRY!" Naruto yells as he goes through the summoning hand seals again to summon before yelling out "Kuchiyose no Jutsu (Summoning Justu)" and pouring as much of his chakra as possible into it, however ended up making a mistake when doing the hand seals and instead of summoning the boss Toad he simply vanishes.

John Hammond was watching the construction of the visitor center for his state of the art theme park "Jurassic Park" continue when he sees a the air above the visitor center and what looked like a boy in a orange jumpsuit appear out of nowhere and crash through the roof of the visitor center before he rushes into to see if the boy is all right.

Hammond finds the boy lying in a small crater with minor cuts and bruises and immediately calls for medics as they rush to treat the boy, a few hours later the boy is still sleeping in a medical bed with Hammond right next to him when Hammond hears the door slides open and Hammond's old friend Dr. Henry Wu walks in.

Hammond looks to Dr. Wu "How is he Henry?" he asks worried about the boy who looks no older than 13.

Dr. Wu just sighs "That's the thing John when he came in here he had a few fractures and broken bones, along with some minor cuts and bruises, however in the few hours he has been asleep ALL of his bones have already healed along with his cuts in bruises" he says shocking Hammond "Something like this shouldn't be possible, it's like he has some sort of super accelerated healing factor" he finishes rubbing the bridge of his nose while thinking "It's reasons like this that I chose the field of genetics instead of regular medicine"

Hammond sighs in relief hearing that the boy will be okay "Thank you Henry" he says getting a nod from Dr. Wu before he leaves through the door, Hammond then turns back to the boy whose eyes are starting to open and smiles.

Naruto opens his eyes to see he is in some kind of hospital room but it looks more advanced than the ones in Konoha and rubs his head "Ouch why do I feel I just fell through a building again" he says before noticing the old man sitting next to his bed and smiles "Hello I'm Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze, nice to meet you" he says getting a chuckle from the older man.

Hammond smiles "Hello Naruto the reason you feel like you fell through a building is because you did my visitor center that is still under construction to be precise" he says causing Naruto to rub the back of his neck and smile sheepishly "Now allow me to introduce myself I am John Hammond, and welcome to Jurassic Park" he says before giving Naruto a handshake.

End Chapter 1