Chapter 7

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Naruto continued his charge at the Ichibi Heartless, his Keyblades lightly dragging behind him kicking up twin trails of dirt with the occasional spark from the odd rock they hit. He glared at the hulking behemoth of a Heartless that had just finished forming. The blonde Keyblade wielder knew this was going to be and extremely difficult fight so he began to formulate a plan.

His first course of action needed to be getting a reading on the Heartless strength. With that in mind he muttered "Scan" which resulted in his eyes briefly flashing green as the ability activated. In the upper-right portion of his field of vision a long green bar appeared. The bar then changed color to a deep orange color and 3 small green squares appeared under it. In the upper-left hand corner of his vision a small box appeared. In the box was a series of text that read "Ichibi Heartless: Strengths; Wind, Dark Sand. Weaknesses; Water x2, Fire x2"appeared for a moment before fading away. Finally in the bottom left corner of his vision a blue bar appeared. The blue bars length was roughly half the size of the green one in the top-right corner.

Naruto took note of this as the Scan ability finished activating. The ability which came with being a Keyblade wielder was like a temporary Dojutsu. Like its name implied it allowed the user to scan an enemy and reveal their strengths, weakness, and how much health they had. However the ability did have some drawbacks. The first one being that it had a constant drain on the user's mana which was what powered the "Spells" that Naruto used earlier. However the actual amount the ability would actually drain was very minor. Another drawback to the ability was that it could only be used on a single enemy at a time so it wasn't very ideal in anything other than one on one fight. Finally it could only fully be used against Heartless. While it could be used on human enemies it wasn't as effective and would only show said enemies health.

With the ability fully activated Naruto began his assault on the heartless. He reached the heartless and slashed at its right foot as he dashed pass. The heartless took notice of this and let out a loud shriek as it looked down at its attacker. Naruto noted a very small chunk of the Dark Ichibi's health bar deplete and cursed. He then jumped back to avoid being crushed as the Heartless slammed one of its massive arms down on where he just was sending chunks of earth flying.

Naruto raised his Keyblades to shield his face form the flying debris. After the debris stopped he once again charged and slashed at the Dark Ichibi's right foot several times. Not breaking his chain of strikes he quickly yelled "Sonic Blade" and began dashing back and forth using the surrounding trees as spring boards. He kept the attacking going gaining more and more speed with each jump from a tree all the while slashing at the Dark Ichibi's foot as he passed. Soon he was going so fast that he was leaving afterimages yet he kept up his assault.

However his attacking was broken when he was suddenly launched back through several trees by a tentacle of sand. As Naruto stumbled to his feet "Damn it I got tunnel-vision!" he cursed admonishing himself for making such a rookie mistake. He had been so focused on his attack that he became oblivious to the Dark Ichibi countering with a tentacle of sand.

Naruto spits out of small glob of blood and winces slightly as he can tell a few of his ribs are broken. However no sooner than he registers the pain then he can already feel the healing effects of Kurumi's chakra flooding his system. Naruto grins feeling this take place "Thanks Kurumi-chan" he thinks sending a mental message to Kurumi.

Kurumi just smiles slightly "Your welcome Naruto-kun but just be more careful okay?" she says while watching the fight from within the seal.

Naruto chuckles a bit hearing this "I will try but no promises after all I don't think big and ugly is going to be pulling any punches" he says through the link. Naruto grabs his right arm with his left and yanks hard popping his shoulder back into the socket after it was dislocated in the collision with the trees. He then rolls it it few times before looking up to see the status of the Dark Ichibi's health.

He notices that the orange bar is about half way down indicating his Sonic Blade did a pretty decent amount of damage. However he then looks down to the blue bar and sees he is down to a little over 75% left. Seeing this he frowns as despite his Sonic Blade doing a fair bit of damage the continued use of it took a decent chunk out of his Mana reserves.

While he could refill his Mana reserves by either resting or having Kurumi use her chakra to do so both ways took time to do. In the first case he would have to dismiss his Keyblades and deactivate his Scan ability. This wasn't an option during this fight since his Keyblades were the most efficient way to combat the Dark Ichibi.

Having Kurumi refill his Mana reserves on the other hand allowed him to still use his Keyblades. However it was also very difficult as Kurumi need to first siphon of some of her chakra. Then she had to change it into Mana which required all of her focus and would prevent her from healing him until she was done. There was also the danger of Kurumi accidently giving him too much Mana at once. If she misjudged the available space in his Mana reserves it would overload them. This was dangerous because if his Mana reserves were overloaded it could result in them literally burning him alive from the inside out.

With all of this is mind Naruto came to a decision "Kurumi I need you to begin refilling my Mana reserves. However try and make enough to refill at least half of my reserves" he says through the mental link.

Kurumi hearing this nods as she begins the lengthy process "Understood and it will likely take me about 20 minutes to convert my chakra into Mana so keep that in mind" she says before she begins her task.

Naruto nods hearing this as he gets an idea. He bites his thumb drawing some blood before slamming his hand on the ground "Summong Jutsu: Jade Fang!" and two large clouds of smoke appear. As the smoke clears it reveals Jade and Fang standing there in all of their glory.

Naruto looks up at the two and smiles "Hey you two I need your help with this fight" he says before gesturing over to the Dark Ichibi.

Fang and Jade look over to the towering Heartless before back to their father "You got it Father lets show this beast what happens when you mess with our family" Fang says with a savage grin that is matched by Jades own.

Naruto grins in a similar manner and stares at the two "You two just read my mind now how about we bring out the big guns" he suggests.

Fang and Jade nod before gather their chakra "T-Rex Style: Enlargement Jutsu" they say as they begin to rapidly grow in size. Within a few seconds they have both grown to the same size as the Dark Ichibi and Naruto hops up onto Fang's head. The two now massive dinosaurs let out a thunderous roar of challenge that shakes the surrounding trees and could be heard for miles.

*Chunin Exam Stadium*

All fighting ceased momentarily the moment that Fang and Jade roared. Up on the stadium roof inside the Sandaime, Jiraiya, Mei and the Anbu had managed to defeat the reanimated Tobirama and were currently fighting Orochimaru, his guards, and the reanimated Shodaime when they heard the roar.

Everyone turned to see the towering Dark Ichibi, Jade, and Fang with Naruto barely visible on his head. Jiraiya laughed seeing this "Well there's something you don't see everyday" he says.

Orochimaru on the other hand begins to think the fight might be over. His plan had fallen apart as soon as it began, and he was currently pretty heavily injured. He no longer had use of his arms thanks to Jiraiya hitting him with a Necrosis Seal that caused his arms to essentially die and rot. The snake Sannin couldn't even use his Rejuvination Jutsu to counter this as Jiraiya modified the seal to stick to Orichimaru's very soul. Seeing his plan in shambles and his body not far behind Orochimaru came to a decision "Everyone fall back we are retreating!" he orders before his guards throw smoke bombs and they all retreat.

As the smoke clears everyone takes notice that Orochimaru has escaped. The reanimated Shodaime Hokage stops moving before his skin flakes away and turns to ash revealing the dead body of Zaku Abume one of the Sound Genin that lost in the Prelims a month prior.

Hiruzen stares at the dead body for a moment cursing his fallen student before looking towards the Anbu "Go help with the defense of the village. Orichimaru may have fled but we still have a battle to win!" he orders as the Anbu shushin away to follow their orders. Hirzuen then turns to Jiraiya and Mei "We should go help Naruto combat whatever that monstrosity is" he says getting nods from the two.

However before the three can even move the Shadow Clone of Naruto that had broken the barrier reappears before them "Hey JiJi the boss says to leave the Dark Ichibi to him and instead keep everyone as far away as possible" the clone says with a serious look.

The three are shocked to hear this as Hirzuen looks at the clone "Are you absolutely sure about this Naruto and what is that thing anyway?" he asks.

The clone nods his head "Yeah the boss has it covered. Oh and the boss has taken to calling it the Dark Ichibi and it is the Heartless that is the culmination of all the darkness that was in the hearts of Gaara and the Ichibi. The boss used his Keyblades to purify their hearts which caused the Dark Ichibi to come to be" the clone explains much to the groups shock.

Hiruzen takes another look at the Dark Ichibi before sighing and turning back to the clone "Very well we will keep out of the fight just tell Naruto to be careful" he says getting a nod from the clone.

The clone then rolls its neck "Well if that's all I will go ahead and dispel. The enemy forces that tried attacking from outside the walls have been eliminated which only leaves the stragglers that snuck into the village before the start of the invasion. However all of you can easily handle this so later" the clone says with a cheeky grin before dispelling in a cloud of smoke.

The three left still standing on the roof stared at the spot the clone stood moments before for a few moments. They then chuckled slightly at the clones action before going off to take care of the remaining enemy forces inside the village.

*Back With Naruto*

As Naruto stood atop of Fang's he got the memories of his clone dispelling itself which caused him to grin savagely. His plan to counter the enemy forces situated outside the villages walls had gone perfectly. Then there were his clone's final interactions with the Hokage, Mizukage, and Jiraiya which caused him to sweatdrop slightly. However his grin never lessened as he received the information that nobody was going to interfere with his fight against the Dark Ichibi. This meant he didn't have to worry about possible collateral damage on account of someone getting in his way which meant he could finally cut loose with some of his "Big Guns" so to speak.

*Play "BadAss Battle Music-God Mode" by BadAssMusic or "Red Like Roses II Instrumental" by RWBY*

Without needing to be told Fang and Jade charged at the Dark Ichibi. Jade reached it first and slammed into it with a might headbutt that sent it skidding backseveral meters. She then moved out of the way as Fang came in and clamped down on the Dark Ichibi's right arm sinking his massive teeth into the Hearltess's flesh. Naruto took this opportunity to jump off of Fang's head and slashed at the Dark Ichibi's left eye several times.

The massive Heartless threw its head back and let out a mighty howl of pain launching Naruto from its head. It then swiped its right arm back resulting in Fang losing his hold on it and skidding several meters threw some trees behind it. As Naruto flew through the air he twisted his body to right himself and then landed back atop of Fang's head.

Jade took this opportunity to rush and slam her massive tail into the Heartless sending it flying to the right several meters and crashing through more trees.

Naruto seeing the Heartless momentarily stunned and surrounded by wood took advantage of this. He held both his Keyblades above his head as he prepared his attack. As he did this he yelled "Fang Jade Bring the HEAT!"

Hearing their fathers command the two dinosaurs began to gather their charka before they simultaneously roared "T-REX STYLE: HELLFIRE INFERNO JUTSU" as they belched forth massive streams of blue fire. The twin streams of fire instantly incinerated the trees in its path, the ground beneath the flames immediately turning to glass due the heat of the attacks. The flames slammed into the Dark Ichibi completely engulfing it and the setting it ablaze.

The Heartless and unholy shriek as it was set ablaze and continued to burn. However its pain was far from over.

Naruto seeing Fang's and Jade's attack engulf their target leapt into the air. As he soared upward he gathered his mana and a fireball appeared at the tips of his Keyblades. The fireball quickly grew in size until it was nearly as big as Kurumi in her Full-Size form. Naruto then swung his Keyblades down in front of him with all his might as he yelled "FIRAGA!" sending the massive fireball at its target.

The enormous fireball slammed into the already ablaze Heartless with such force that it caused a minor earthquake. For a split-second all was quiet then the attack combined with the blue fire of supplied by Fang and Jade. This resulted in a massive explosion of blue and yellow-orange fire that formed a massive tower of flames shooting into the sky for as high as the eye could see.

Once again all fighting stopped throughout the village as everyone stared in awe, shock, and horror at the massive tower of flames. The heat from the tower of flames being so intense that they could feel it despite being a few miles away. To all of them it felt as if they were in the middle of Suna's desert during the hottest day in recorded history. They could even see all trees within at least a few dozen meters from them wilt and die as all of the moisture within them was boiled away instantly.

Naruto, Fang, and Jade all of whom are within the protective bubble-shield of a "Protega" that Naruto erected immediately after he launched the massive Firaga. They looked on as the Dark Ichibi burned within the epicenter of the massive column of flames. For several hundred meters around them all plant life had been incinerated and the ground glassed.

Naruto who was panting heavily looked to his mana bar and winced upon seeing it at barely 1/10 of full. He then looked up at the Dark Ichibi's health bar and grinned. The massive combination attack had injured it so heavily that the Heartless had changed from orange to green, andwas at 75% with all of the small green boxes under it gone. This meant that attack had done so much damage that it ate through nearly 4 whole bars as each green box represented another full bar of health.

As Naruto regained his breath Kurumi finished her task "Naruto-kun I have the mana ready I am infusing it to your reserves now" she says as the blue orb of energy in front of her was absorbed into the floor and the entire floor glowed blue briefly.

As Naruto felt the influx of mana flood his reserves he inhaled. The mana coursed through his system filling his veins and making them glow blue so brightly that they were visibly through this skin. As the glowing died down and the mana finished entering his reserves he exhaled and a small blue mist of pure mana was expelled signifying the completion of the infusion.

While all this happened the Dark Ichibi continued to burn within the tower of flames. However it suddenly spun around quickly shattering the glassed ground beneath it. Using the unharmed earth beneath the glass in conjunction with its spinning the Heartless was able to extinguish the flames covering it. This ultimately resulted in the tower of flames being extinguished.

The now enraged Heartless begin to gather its remaining sand and combining it with orbs of pure darkness that were being expelled from its body. Then the whole combination began rising up high into the air and forming a large black cloud.

Naruto, Fang, and Jade watched on edge as this series of events took place. All of a sudden the black cloud begain to rain medium sized orbs. When the orbs made contact with the ground or the bubble-shield they suddenly exploded violently with tremendous force. The force of the explosions on the bubble-shield staggered the three within it.

From within the seal Kurumi saw this and the attack preceding it resulting in her eyes widening in both shock and panic "Naruto-kun each of those orbs is a miniature Tailed Beast Bomb!" she yelled frantically.


Both Fang and Jade jump a little bit having never heard their father yell at them before even more so in such a frantic yet determined tone "But Father-" Jade begins only for Naruto cut her off by saying "NO BUT'S GET BACK THERE NOW! I can probably avoid the vast majority if not all of the orbs but the two of you are like massive targets!" he says not yelling anymore half way through.

Fang and Jade look each other in the eye for a moment before nodding "Very well father but please be safe" Fang says before the two disappear in two large smoke clouds.

Seeing both of his children safely back in the summon realm Naruto drops the shield and makes a mad dash towards the Dark Ichibi. As he dashes and dodges the raining Mini-Tailed Beast Bombs he notices the Dark Ichibi's health bar steadily depleting as the attack continues. He theorizes that the Heartless is actually using a part of itself in each of the orbs.

Naruto is suddenly blasted to the side by a near miss. However he quickly gets back to his feet and continues his charge undeterred. As he nears the feet of the massive Heartless one of the Mini-Tailed Beast Bombs lands directly in front of him and explodes and Naruto is engulfed in the resulting explosion.

The Dark Ichibi looks down at the explosion that Naruto was engulfed by and grins. However the grin fades as Naruto emerges from the explosion.

Despite emerging from the explosion Naruto is far from unharmed. His shirt has been burned away showing the second degree burns covering his chest. His pants have similarly been burned turning them into a pair of badly burned shorts. His trench coat which once went down to the backs of his shins now only barely went down to the small of his back and was covered in soot and ash. The left side of his face had severe second degree burns covering most of it. He had several puncture wounds in his legs, arms, and chest due to debris with a few of them bleeding profusely. Lastly his hair had been heavily singed and was now significantly shorter.

As Naruto continued his charge despite his energies Kurumi worked overtime flooding his system with her chakra in an attempt to heal him. His wounds began to glow red and steam as the flesh began sticking itself back together or in the case of his burns being replaced by new pink-tinted flesh.

Naruot reached the Dark Ichibi's right foot and stabbed both his Keyblades deep into its flesh. He then jumped onto the foot and began to run up its body dragging his blades behind him and cutting deep twin gashes in the flesh of the Heartless. As he ran up the Dark Ichibi's body Naruto let out a loud primal yell his injuries steaming the whole trek and leaving a trail of steam behind him.

Naruto reached the the head of the massive Heartless yet he continued on jumping high into the air whe he reached the top of its head. As he reached the apex of his ascent the steam from his healing wounds pooled around him forming a small cloud. Suddenly the cloud was burst apart as Naruto rocketed back down towards the Dark Ichibi with such speed that it created a sonic boom. Naruto began to spin end over end and slammed into the top of the Dark Ichibi's head and quickly began to saw through the body of the massive Heartless. As he sawed deeper and deeper into its body gouts of sand and liquid shadow began spewing out in his wake.

All too soon the still spinning Naruto sawed through the entirety of the massive Heartless. For a split second the Heartless was motionless before ultimately the spilt-halves of it crashed to the ground on either side of the blonde. The remains soon began to dissolve into a black misty smoke and fade away. Breathing heavily Naruto looked at the rapidly disappearing remain with a savage grin "That's what you get for ruining one of my favorite coats you fucker!" he snarls before spitting on the remains. Naurot then turns and smirks as he sees the rapidly approaching forms of the Hokage, Mizukage, Jiraiya, Anko, Hinata, Tsume, Hana, Jonin Sensei's, and the majority of their Genin teams.

End Chapter 7

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