"The orcs and Uruk-hai will be coming in from the South. That is where you will lead us, my lady, until we find the scout. You musn't worry, as we will be close behind you and making sure you are out of harm's way." Thranduil spoke, looking at me and Legolas. Legolas kept glaring at his father. I could see and feel the rage coming from him. I felt guilty for how he must feel. This is truly my fault. However, I am the one who brought this upon these innocent people. I must help in any way I can.

Tegelad walked closer to me, kneeling down before me. I blushed at his sudden actions, confused until I saw him begin to tie my boot.

"Your boot had become untied, my lady." he spoke, fixing it for me. That's right, my body was now covered in light elven armor, being tailored for a young boy because of my size.

"Thank you." I responded. Thranduil was speaking to one of his soldiers and then I noticed Legolas's glare at the soldier. Once Tegelad stood up, I smiled warmly at him and quickly bowed my head. He smiled back, which was something I didn't expect to see from an Elven soldier. It was quite pleasant to see another smile, for I had only seen few in my time at Mirkwood. I looked over at Legolas who glared at him coldly. Tegelad took note of it, his smile still not leaving him, but took a little more haste as he walked backwards to the side of the room. Once his eyes were back on the king, his face returned to emotionless.

"Report that to the others, then." King Thranduil spoke to the soldier he was previously spoken to.

"Yes, my lord." the soldier responded, leaving the room.

"Legolas, has there been any other reports on our enemy?" Thranduil questioned.

"No, father. Everything you said was accurate. No further notices have been given."

"Very well. I say we get ready for battle, as waiting will do us no good." Thranduil looked over at me, making the spine freeze up. I knew why he looked at me. I knew very well as to why. "Thalarael, wait in your room. Legolas will come for you once everything is fully prepared." I nodded, feeling my mouth not able to move. The darkness I've brought to these people, I feel horrible.

I sit on the side of my bed, not able to think of anything else. I was waiting for someone to come in the door and tell me that the time has come. I looked down at my hands, watching me play with them which had become a nervous habit when I was a child. For the first time in what felt like ages, I looked around my room. The sun outside has almost faded. The time was drawing near. I could even feel it in the air.

I heard the handle of my door move, my eyes instantly shooting towards it. Here was it. I would be leading the elves to the enemy. Though, I saw Legolas come in, shutting the door behind himself. Was it not time yet?

"How are you?" Legolas asked, raising an eyebrow. I didn't bother looking at him, still feeling death approaching. He looked down at my hands and sighed, sitting next to me. "You pale, small hands are so red. I promise you tonight won't be the end of you."

"Though, how many lives will I cost? I rather it be me than any other innocent." I began to feel my hands rub against each other, however Legolas put his hands over mine. I looked up at him who smiled.

"You doubt the power of my people, especially in our homeland. You haven't anything to worry about, youngling. This will be all over soon."

Feeling dead, I rested my head on Legolas's shoulder. What was going to happen? I had never actually seen a battle in my lifetime, only massacres. Though, their differences dwindles lightly.

"Please, be safe Legolas." I pleaded quietly. I could barely hear my voice.

"As long as you are careful, I will do the same." Legolas moved an arm around my waist, pulling me in a bit closer.

Soon it was night time. Legolas and I had left my room and led me to the outside of Mirkwood. The soldiers were all dressed in their beautiful golden garb. My armor was no where to compete, however I wasn't the one to be battling according to the plans. Legolas stayed with me, giving me soothing words until night fall. That was when this battle would truly begin.

I leaded the elven army into the woods towards the enemy. I remember the sad face Legolas tried to hide from me when Tegelad told me us it was time. Now here I walk in the long grass, practically aimlessly until the orc kind are close enough.

I looked around. It appeared I was all by myself, but I remembered how Thranduil told me they would be close, hiding in the shadows around me. I kept walking closer, until I heard a twig break in front of me. I looked down to make sure it wasn't of my doing...and I instantly realized it definitely was not. Was it an elf? No, I doubt. They are far too graceful to break twigs. Even though I preferred the idea of it possibly being some innocent creature, I knew it wasn't likely. Something yards away from me was nearing. I could feel its presence drawing in closer and closer. This dark cloak, it wasn't the elves. However, that's when I felt something fly near my face. It came from behind me in the blink of an eye. The only way I knew was because I heard a creature yelling in pain in front of me.

"It's a scout! Now!" I heard a soldier's voice somewhere far behind me.

Many elves, the ones with horses in the front leading, began to stampede and go in front of me. Other elves were going from tree branch to tree branch. I watched as everything became hazy, so many things happening so quickly. I dare not move as I could fall to the ground and it'd be the death of me. Once the horses were no where to be seen due to the darkness of the woods that they became a part of, I began to hear clashing noises of battle.

I wonder if they saw them in the distance, as my Elven eyes were of no use because of my human side. Surely they might have to some point. Then, I felt someone from behind push me to the side a bit, me running into another soldier. I began to feel my balance being lost, the force of soldiers around me running so fast. I was like a child amongst a crowd. Then, my balance began to give in as hard as I had tried to maintain myself. As I began to fall, I felt a strong arm hoist me up. Before I knew it, I was behind Legolas who was riding a horse.

"I told you I would protect you. My eyes never left you." he whispered, slowing down his horse to a halt. I hugged his back, happy that it wasn't him who was in the front lines. No, he was far more safe. "Why do you cry, youngling?" I then realized the tears running down my face. "You are safe."

"I'm happy because you are safe." I responded, grateful. He turned his back slightly and kissed me on my forehead, my arms refusing to let go. I wouldn't let this be a hallucination. I wouldn't let this be a dream. He was to be safe in my arms.

I felt Legolas let out a breath of air. It didn't matter if he was the best fighter in all of Middle-Earth. I selfishly wanted him safe and away from any danger.

"You'll be safe here with me." Legolas responded, until he abruptly looked to the right. I did the same, until he yelled "Move down!" in elvish. Quickly, I complied with what he said and ducked, feeling an arrow fly by my head. We weren't alone. Looking up scared, I saw Legolas instantly have a bow and arrow in hand, setting it off with his perfect aim as less than a second one could hear the orc creature cry.

"Take my horse. They have surrounded parts of the area I fear. Their leader is slightly better than I had believed. Leave back to the palace."

"I can't. I won't. I can't leave you." I responded, panicked to be separated from him. He grabbed my wrist, almost harshly, and glared at me.

"Thalarael! You must leave! Do as I say." his voice was stern and certainly didn't want any words spoken back. Right before I could comply, I heard something walking behind Legolas. Legolas saw my eye movement and quickly turned around, taking out his two swords from his back and slicing the Uruk-hai's head off with ease. "It's too late now." he growled, kicking the body to the ground. "Stay behind me. Do you understand?" I nodded, noticing how aggravated he was. Another arrow flew near us. The horse began to go berserk, making noises before it ran off into the shadow. It was only Legolas, myself, and the orc kind now. "The majority of them are in the front. There shouldn't be many more that get past our lines. Take out your sword just in case." I nodded, taking out the slim, practically weightless sword that the elves had made. It would be beautiful in my eyes if it weren't for the potential blood it may have on it.

"I can sense more of them coming from the west. Hide in the shadows by the trees over there. Quickly!" I obeyed him, running behind him and deep in the large roots of a tree. I was barely still able to see Legolas, but I noticed a few Uruk-hai running towards him. Legolas readied his bow and shot an arrow, killing two of them in one shot, while then taking out his swords and only using one to decapitate the other Uruk-hai. Now seeing him in action, he was so swift and quick...I'd never seen anything like it. When I was younger and in Rivendell, even the best soldiers weren't to be compared to this prince. In my years, I had never seen anything like it. Even the tales of the Fellowship of the Ring didn't detail enough of his skill. Though he was in battle, he still was still so beautiful.

I then heard something near me. I turned my head and saw a small orc coming up to me.

"So, you're that she-elf?" he asked, smirking. I looked quickly back at Legolas, who was fighting off Uruk-hai coming towards him. I looked back and saw the odd metal weapon he had in his hand. Quickly, I moved out of the roots that I hid close to and crawled backwards, quickly getting to my feet. "Now don't be hasty, I'm only going to gut your innards out." he chuckled, making my heart sink. I looked back, wanting to call out to Legolas, but he was trying to survive himself and his numbers were to great to simply come to my aid.

I held out my sword towards it, hoping it wouldn't take any further steps towards me, but I realized it kept walking closer. Then, in a blink of an eye, the creature began to charge at me. As he flung his weapon towards me, I deflected it from hitting me with the sword. The orc seemed to get more mad at me defending myself, once again maneuvering his sword to try to kill him. Again, I blocked it, my eyes widening at how quick I was.

The orc quickly kept trying to attack me, but somehow I quickly caught up and deflected each attack. Then, I felt it kick me in my shin, making my leg move to an awkward angle. Instantly feeling my ankle surge with pain, I fell down to my back, losing my sword in the process. As I tried to reach out for it, the orc stepped on my wrist, me yelping in pain as he dug it into the ground. I could feel his boot and rocks cutting into my hand mercilessly. He kept digging it in, grinning at my pain.

"No one's gonna save you now, tiny she-elf. I will be much more favored once I kill you -" Before he could finish his sentence, and arrow went through his head. My eyes widened at how quickly he fell backwards. I turned around and saw Legolas running towards me.

"Thalarael! Are you alright?" I nodded, trying to move my right wrist that was aching in pain...but I have almost lost feeling in it. I nodded towards Legolas. I could be in much more worse of a state and by no means did I want to worry the prince. He quickly put his hands underneath my arms and lifted me up to my feet. He then spun me around to face him. I felt a small pain in my ankle, but I decided to ignore it. He nodded at me, looking at my hand and ripping some cloth off of his arm and wrapping it around the wounds on my hand. I winced a little at the quick sting, but didn't move a bit.

"You can tolerate pain well, my dear." Legolas smiled, his gentle smile returning. I smiled lightly, still feeling the darkness around us. "There aren't many of them left. I can hear the other soldiers returning to us now. There can only be fifty left at the most. I sense none around us at the moment." I smiled up at him. The battle was almost over. "I am sorry I couldn't get to you sooner. They came to me in droves, I came as quickly as I could. Please, forgive me." Legolas leaned his forehead against mine, shutting his eyes tightly.

I wrapped my arms around him "I could never ask more of you, Legolas. As long as you're alive, I am happy." I responded, moving my hands to his face. He looked down at me, his eyes still full of somber and regret. However, he placed his arms around me and leaned down towards me, taking my lips. I eagerly kissed back, happy he was still here. Happy that nothing had happened to him.

We both turned our heads as a few Uruk-hai and orcs screamed while desperately running away from elven soldiers and many with horses. I could see King Thranduil in the front. Legolas let go of me, making sure his father didn't see our closeness. Arrows were flown and swords sliced in the air, killing each one in less than a minute. This was the end of the battle. The remaining orc kind still fought instead of fleeing, but they were dying off like flies. Though, I then heard someone yell out in pain. I looked around to see where that sound had came from. That voice...it sounded familiar. Quickly, I began to run off into the battle, not giving a second thought as to what I was doing.

"Thalarael!" Legolas yelled behind me, running after me but not being able to catch up to me as the final slaughtering of the battle occurred with horses, orcs, Uruk-hai, and elven soldiers in his way. I dodged each thing, only focusing on where I heard that sound come from. I saw an elven soldier on the ground, his helmet had fallen off. I did know who he was. It was Tegelad...the one who had the courage to approach me kindly. He had multiple arrows scattered around his chest.

"No! Tegelad!" I cried, kneeling down and putting his body into my arms.

"My lady." He coughed, blood appearing on his lips. "You must leave. It isn't safe for you to be here." I soon felt an arrow go near my head, merely missing it. I looked up and saw an Uruk-hai grinning at me. I put my hand on the handle of my sword, ready to take it out once again, but before I could an arrow had gone through its head. I looked back at Tegelad who barely managed to sit up and kill him. Though, as soon as he did so...he fell backwards. I caught him in my arms.

"No, you'll be fine. Please, stay with me.." I said, tears beginning to leave my eyes.

"My lady, leave the battlefield. It has almost come to an end, but to see someone as kind and beautiful as you get hurt would be far worse than any death I could suffer." My tears only fastened, me putting my head to his chest. He was losing life. I could feel it. There was nothing I could do. Before I knew it, his body fell limp in my arms. I looked down at him, the sweet soldier who lost his life for something I caused. If it weren't for me, he'd still be alive. If it weren't for me coming to Mirkwood, everyone would be safe. I heard cackling behind me and turned around, seeing a lone Uruk-hai stare me.

"Seems like your friend is dead, she-elf." I heard it's deep voice remark. I glared at the massive thing, standing up and unsheathing my sword.

"You will die with those last words." I said, aiming my sword at him. No, Tegelad wasn't going to die like this. He will have no disrespect brought to him. The Uruk-Hai chuckled before it aimed it's crossbow at me, grinning excitedly to kill its prize. He then let out one of the arrows go, me dodging it with ease. I smiled to myself, the creature getting more mad like the orc had earlier. He quickly drew another arrow and aimed it at me, this time me finding it harder to keep away from it. I managed to, but it was with no ease. Then, as I began to come closer to him, he drew another arrow. As I felt prepared, I ran towards him, ready to kill the creature that mocked Tegelad's death. Though, pain then hit me. I felt the arrow hit my lower stomach to the side.

I stopped for a moment in pain, the Uruk-hai beginning to laugh. The pain was excruciating, me closing my eyes. Was I dead? No, I still felt life in me. I could do this. I opened my eyes again, feeling my rage return to me as I quickly proceeded my pace, the Uruk-hai's eyes widening as I came closer. Before he could draw his weapon, I aimed at his head and killed him in one shot. The filth was dead, his body falling to the ground as I kicked it in the chest. His head was somewhere near, but blending in with the shadows.

Though, I then remembered the sting I felt in my side. I looked down and saw the red that began to cover my tunic. I pulled out the arrow, wincing as I did so, and threw it to the ground. I put a hand to my tunic, seeing my hand be dyed with the same color. I was bleeding out quickly. It was no light wound, he had gotten me deep. I began to feel consciousness leave me ever so slowly, the sounds around me being lost into an almost silence or murmur. I looked up, seeing the last few orc-kind get slaughtered. I looked up, beginning to feel sleepier and losing track of thought. My body was giving out, and before I knew it I was plummeting to the ground.

Though, I felt strong arms catch me. My eyes trying to conquer the weight that had found them, I looked up and saw a panicked Legolas.

"You always seem to catch me when I fall." I giggled weakly. He didn't smile, rather fear was shown on his face. His beautiful eyes were wide open, tears at the bottom ridges. He held me closer to his body, him kneeling to the ground as my legs nor body had no more strength left within them.

"I need a medic!" yelled Legolas, his words in elvish one again. Slowly, I felt my eyes begin to shut. I was far too tired and in pain to stay awake anymore. He was safe...that's all that mattered now. "Please, stay with me. Thalarael, please, my love. You mustn't leave my side. Please." Before I could say another word, the world went black around me until my mind had faded...

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