JJ coughed and wretched as Askari roved the sopping wet cloth from her face. She had just been water boarded. Her wet clothing was making her shiver with cold. She knew it was all to break her. Askari hadn't even asked her any questions. She kept her eyes closed until her breathing steadied. Before leaving the big brute had chained her too the ceiling. It was uncomfortable having her arms raised above her head and she knew soon it would be painful.

The large man left the room.

"Are you okay, JJ?" asked Matt.

JJ groaned, "Yeah, what the hell does he want?"

"Our codes."


Strauss knew there had to be a link between the two but they both had higher security clearances than she did. Most likely she did not possess the information that that they wanted. The one thing she was certain of however was it had to involve Afghanistan.

Emily had frowned when she realised that Cruz was working for the Pentagon at the same time as her fiancé.

"There has to be a connection," said Rossi sounding worried, "Erin do you know anything?"

"I'm sorry I really don't."


Everyone turned towards Emily.

"That sounds like a codename," commented Morgan, "Which means a high security level." While JJ had worked at the pentagon Emily had always said that her girlfriend couldn't tell her much. Had she been lying?

"JJ sometimes talks in her sleep." The brunette explained before the question was asked. "I never brought it up." Emily knew JJ hated not being able to share everything so she had kept it to herself.

"JJ wouldn't have said anything," said Strauss with a sigh which had them raising their eyebrows. She never used their names, well except for Rossi's.

Emily had always wondered at the relationship between JJ and Strauss. Now she was positive that that somehow they knew each other and she wanted to know if Strauss had ever been to Afghanistan?

Hotch nodded, "I know who to talk to. Garcia, Reid find out everything you can about Integrity."

"Yes, sir." Penelope hurried back to her lair with Spencer on her heels.

"Emily, if JJ wanted to keep something safe, where would she put it?"

The brunette looked at Rossi who had spoken, "In her office. She wouldn't keep anything like that at home."

She had no idea about what it was but was trying to think like her fiancé and if information had had put her in danger there was no way she would hide it anywhere near her family. She and Rossi went into JJ's office.

"It would be close at hand," said Rossi sitting down in JJ's chair and began looking around, not finding anything he thumped on the wall. It sounded hollow. Emily was astounded when the older agent opened a panel and pulled out a lock box with a combination lock.

Rossi frowned.

"Try Henry's birthday."

The box clicked open and Rossi pulled out a file.

Meanwhile Garcia had hacked into SCIF, the Secure Compartmentalized Information Facility using every illegal trick in the book. Reid had been truly shocked but had remained quiet because the life of one of his closest friends was on the line.


JJ clenched her teeth as Askari jabbed the live wire into her side again making her body convulse. The pain was unbelievable.

He stopped and his hand travelled down to her ass.

Only one person had the right to touch her there and it wasn't him. Not caring for the consequences she moved her head and bit him on the arm that wasn't on her posterior.

In rage Askari punched her. "If you don't care about yourself maybe I need to talk to your friend some more?" He turned to Cruz then suddenly swung back to her, "Or I could have some fun with you just like I did Nadia."



The team was back in the conference room.

"Integrity is a list of operations in the middle east," said Hotch, "That's all I could get out of them."

"We can fill in the blanks," said Garcia, putting a number of documents up on the power point. "We have Matteo Cruz FBI, Michael Hastings CIA, he's MIA presumed KIA, JJ and an interrogator Tivon Askari."

Askari's file worried them it seemed that a serial killer had gotten the ideal job. Torturing and raping his prisoners. The brunette swallowed feeling sick as she read the autopsy report on a woman who was murdered.

"What the hell were you doing out there," muttered Emily, staring at her fiancé's picture.

Morgan reached over and rubbed her back.

"You were hunting for terrorists." stated Rossi glancing at Erin who nodded.

"Ok we need to find her." said Hotch.

Garcia's laptop beeped, "Sir, Cruz's ID just activated." The only reason she knew was she was still hacked into SCIF.

"Track it, Baby Girl."

"Already way ahead of you, chocolate thunder."

"GOT IT!" yelled Penelope a few minutes later. "GO!"

No one had to be told twice.


JJ was led on the floor again, semi-conscious from more electrical shocks until Matt had caved and ordered her to tell them her code. She had watched him type his code into a laptop JJ had still hesitated until Askari had dragged Cruz out of the room followed by a gunshot.

JJ was sure she wasn't going to see her family again even if she did.

"Come on Jennifer." That voice was a blast from the past.

Michael Hastings had walked into the room. Finally she had found those responsible for Nadia's death and the attack on the convoy.

"You don't to go home to Emily? I never pegged you as gay." He had chuckled. "Give us the code and we'll leave you here. If your friends can find you in time you get to go home." JJ had actually believed him because he didn't say he'd let her go.

"How old is your baby? Don't you want to see him grow up?"

Askari had doused her with water then shocked her until she agreed. As soon as she had shakily typed in her code Cruz had been dragged back in with duct tape over his mouth.

She'd been hit again and left on the floor.

Askari came back in and made a beeline for JJ.


Askari swiftly moved to Matt and hit him in the stomach. When he moved she saw blood. Then she saw the combat knife in Askari's hand.

JJ started shaking. She closed her eyes saying goodbye to her soulmate, her daughters and her son.

The door flew open and Askari roared. Two shots silenced him forever.


"Em….." She heard gunfire.

The brunette was on her knees checking her lover over. She rattled the chains in frustration.

Emily could tell JJ was hurt.

"He….has the key." whispered JJ nodding at the dead man on the floor. "Matt's hurt bad."

"You're safe." Emily found the keys quickly and frantically unlocked the shackles.


"He's dead." said Emily frowning.

"He's behind this."


Matt groaned.

Emily realising the man was going to bleed out crawled over to help him. Hotch burst into the room.

"Where's JJ?"

"What?!" Emily spun round to find her fiancé gone.

"She's gone after Hastings! Help him." Emily took off after her soon to be wife. She avoided the gun fire Hastings wouldn't run into the rest of the team who were involved in a shoot-out with Hastings' men.

The brunette reached a stairwell and heard a door slam shut somewhere above her. Bullets impacted the wall near her and she returned fire, her last shot in her mag hit the man shooting at her. As she ran up the stairs, heading to the roof she reloaded.

Hastings was shooting at JJ as she exited onto the roof and skidded down behind a large ventilation pipe.

Hastings switched targets which meant that JJ had to be out of ammo and she didn't have a clear shot. She had no idea where JJ was. If her fiancé was determined to get to the double agent Hastings then she needed to distract him.

The only thing she could do was empty her clip in his general direction.

"I'm out!" She knew it would alert Hastings as well but JJ needed to know. She heard a muffled yell and knew JJ had got close.

Emily knew JJ could kick ass but she was injured so when Hastings got in a lucky shot that that floored the blond temporarily, she tackled the man. The fight was taking them closer and closer to the edge. The brunette hated to admit it but he was better than Derek. That thought cost and she found herself on the floor with a bust lip being viciously kicked towards the edge. Another couple of kicks would send her over the edge.

JJ was not going to let that happen. She was getting married in a week!

Hastings was concentrating on Emily so he didn't see JJ coming. She shoulder charged him knocking him off balance. He was so near the edge he went over, one of his flailing arms caught JJ pulling her with him.

Emily made a frantic grab for her soulmate before she toppled over two and pulled her away from the edge.

They were holding each other tightly when Morgan made it to the roof.

"You came," sobbed JJ.

"I will always come for you." replied Emily.

Morgan snorted at that then made a speedy exit to tell the others that they would be down in a moment.

"You are stuck with me," grinned Emily through her own tears. "Forever."


Hotch was walking next to Cruz when Emily steered her fiancé to one of the paramedics to be checked over, physically she would be fine. Mentally was another story but JJ was tough and had the best support system possible to help her through this.

"Is he going to be ok?" asked JJ when the unit chief joined them with the rest of the team.

"The paramedics think so."

JJ sighed with relief. "Can I phone Sam?" Emily pulled out her phone and handed it over. They all heard the scream of joy when their daughter knew that her soon to be step mom was okay.

JJ's injuries were treated, the worst were the electrical burns on her side. She had orders to go to her own doctor in the morning.

Emily was a little worried at the fact that JJ hadn't stopped shaking but if their positions were reversed she was sure she would be too.

"Take me home."

Emily wrapped her arm securely around her lover. Morgan was going to drive them to the hotel where their family was waiting.


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