Chapter 2.

The two weeks had flown by giving them barely enough time to pack up and ship the things they wanted to keep and give away or sell the rest.

Sam was excited not only because they were moving to a different country but also there was a good chance that she would be able to spend more time with her mum or rather mom as American's tended to say. Leaving her school friends would have been harder if it weren't for the internet and Face Book. Also her best friend Sally-Ann Smith was going to come out during the summer holidays to visit. There was a promise to get a pet of her choosing too. She had always wanted a dog. Also the idea of collage was totally different.

Emily got their bags sorted at Heathrow airport and then navigated her way to the departures lounge. She grinned at her daughter who was trying unsuccessfully not to bounce with excitement.

Sam had learned to be observant from her mom and noticed a guy in a dark blue business suit checking out her mom's ass. Her mom didn't date, every time Sam had asked the answer was always the same, Sam and her job always came first. When Sam had turned ten she had asked about her dad, she certainly wasn't the only one of her friends with a single parent.

Emily had known that conversation was going to happen sooner or later, she hated the fact that she didn't even know who Sam's father was, but she always tried to be honest with her daughter so she told her she loved her very much and told her about her childhood while she cuddled Sam. If Sam ever thought to ask about her grandparents the desire died with that conversation. Her grandmother was horrible! She linked her arm through her mom's guessing correctly that he would lose interest when he realised she had a kid. They purchased some magazines and snacks to take on the plane before they were called for boarding.

Emily had booked a flight that would have them landing in the morning in Virginia so that they would have the day to settle in, Hotch had said one of his team had volunteered to put them up while Emily found them somewhere to live. She was touched that an unknown colleague would go to that much trouble she had expected to spend a few weeks in a hotel. But Hotch had told her that Jennifer Jareau, the team's media liaison had offered, her apartment had two bedrooms, she was also going to pick them up from the airport. Emily had emailed her to thank her and JJ had emailed back to say it was no problem, it was only her and her cat Sergio rattling around in her apartment she had enough room if they didn't mind sharing. JJ had even told her about the others she would be working with. She already had a good idea about Hotch JJ added the information that he was married with a son called Jack. Derek Morgan was as their tech specialist called him a chocolate Adonis. Penelope Garcia was a total extrovert but a whiz. Dr Spencer Reid was a genius and David Rossi was like the teams father or grandfather in Reid's case. JJ had a way with words and Emily was looking forward to meeting and working with each and every one of them. It had been a while since she had been this excited about work.

JJ had even made arrangements for Sam when the team was away on assignment. Garcia would be more than happy to watch her, in fact as soon as Garcia had heard that Sam was an avid gamer she had insisted on it. Emily was going to buy her a new xbox 360 as soon as they were settled as an early birthday present. Once a month they had a family night to either watch a movie or play co-op. As good as Sam was she wasn't as good a shot as her mom. Whenever they played COD Emily would hang back with a sniper rifle while Sam charged forward guns blazing. Sam really loved those nights.

Sam slept most of the flight being too excited to get much sleep the night before. Emily watched her daughter sleep for awhile before nodding off herself. They were both woken when the air hostesses brought round more drinks. By this time they were flying over land and Sam sat next to the window looked out of it for the rest of the flight.

The captain announced the correct time and they both changed their watches to it.

"I can see the airport I think!" exclaimed Sam pointing. The 'Fasten your seatbelt' signs flashed on. Twenty minutes later and the plane's wheels were touching down. That was the only bit of flying that Sam didn't like it messed with her ears.

Getting their luggage seemed to take forever, Emily was sure her suitcase was the last bag. They were late.

JJ had sent a picture of herself so she wouldn't have to hold up a sign and Emily spotted her right away the blond was wearing jeans and a pale blue shirt. Her face lit up in a smile as she saw the two Prentiss's.

"Hi, I'm Jennifer most people call me JJ."


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