what if instead of Ragyo believing that ryoko died during the experiment with life fibers Ryoko was discovered to be compatible with life fibers and grow up as a Kiryuin. What dose this mean for the rest of humanity. Will Ryoko still met senketsu and stop her mother, or will she aid in her mothers plan.

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1 I was waiting for this moment

Ragyo eye widen with seer joy. the experiment was going it was not going well that can't even begin to describe the the monitor showed that her infant daughter seem to be compatible with life fibers."ragyo i think we should stop the baby could die"Soichiro her soft weak pathetic excuse of a husband eyes seemed focus on the word how ever did not sway , nor reword any resolve was absolute the experiment would was only moment away from creating a living organism whose body was made of life fibers like herself. what better candidate than her own child. Life fibers were being woven into the infant's body as it let a wailing cry."monitors are show that the life fibers aren't being rested lady Ragyo ma'ma"one of the many faceless worker reported for their station.

Ragyo let out a wide grin. it was working first experiment had failed because it was too old. this was the moment i was waiting for.her weak husband seemed to be about to grab the small infant whose cries were getting louder."Ragyo please stop this, don't you have any remorse if the baby dyes"Ragyo could not believe that he was imply that she had weak emotions."if it dies then it was not strong enthought to be considered my daughter".Soichiro could not belivev what he had just heard.that women has no soul there no way i can stay by her side bow i must do every thing in my power to stop its too late.The montor's showed that every thing seemed to be in order."we have gone to far to stop now my dear ,after this is the moment i have been waiting for".Ragyo atention turned the the siren that let her know the experiment was a sucess." i know what will make you feel better soichiro.."pretended like she actully cared about the man and his feeling."ill let you name our new daughter."

their was a long silance between the two."Ryoko her name will be stated as he picked the infant up and cradled it in his had a wicked grin on her face when she turned to face him."Ryoko huh well then i'll let you hold her for weile then i'm going to take her form you."she stated out of the room quite surprised the infant no ryoko stoped crying.at least one of my daughters is not a failure.