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Six Heroes and One Idiot

Chapter One

Sixteen year old Rin Tousaka was not having a good day. It all began after having all the clocks in her house go haywire something the morning hating young teen had discovered only the mistake when she arrived at her school an hour early.

Now in most normal cases a person would have just brushed off the problem and dealt with the inconvenience caused. After all it was better to arrive an hour early than an hour late. But Rin Tousaka was not any normal person; the girl was the Head of the Tousaka Clan of Mages, the family which for all intents and purposes owned the land on which the surrounding city of Fuyuki lay.

Not that she ever saw much advantage in her position. After all her families natural focus in magic was on the specialised Chrystal magic for which their crest was known. The problem with said magic was that it destroyed the crystal when used. And because gemstones were the best catalyst and produced the best result...Well her outgoings rivalled that of her income on the best of days.

So with classes not due to start for another hour and most of the students still being where Rin wanted to be: Back in her bed. She had walked aimlessly about the school until she discovered the first sign of human activity.

"You're here early Tohsaka-san." The head of the archery club Mitsuzuri shouted from the nearby vending machines. The older girl was wearing the usual long black overalls associated with the sport over her white shirt.

At the insinuation Rin looked towards the nearest wall mounted clock and narrowed her eyes.

'So it was going to be one of those days huh?'

"Good morning, Mitsuzuri-san." Rin replied as the other girl approached the canned coffee held in her hand.

"You look like you are still half asleep."

"I was up all night..." Rin replied groggily remember the long hours she had spent the previous evening trying to un-encrypt the lockbox she had inherited from her late father. Come to think of it, there had been a pulse of magic when she had finally opened it and revealed its contents. Perhaps that was the cause of the mysterious clock change.

"Tohsaka?" Mitsuzuri asked leaning forward and jerking Rin out of her internal thoughts. She would have to investigate the phenomenon when she returned, amongst everything else she had to do. Unfortunately all the magical potential in the world did not mean you got an easy pass, if anything it just made it so much harder.

"Holding morning practise again Mitsuzuri-san?" Rin asked rhetorically causing the girl to lean back. Of course in her current attire there was little mistaking what the other girl was doing here so early in the morning.

"Since I lost one of my best people I have to try and impress new students to join the club. Hey why don't you come and watch?" She explained before asking eagerly.

"Well..." Rin began only to find herself being dragged by the larger girl towards the school archery dojo.

'Well I suppose it could be worse.' Rin told herself as she let herself be dragged along.

"Are you sure you don't want to give it a try." Mitsuzuri asked holding the Japanese longbow out suggestively. Unlike a more common perception of a bow to westerners the Japanese version had two limbs of different lengths with the lower being longer and was designed so it could be held on the floor for support if necessary.

"I really do not know the first thing about Archery, staying here and watching from a distance will be fine, besides I don't want to interfere with others training." Rin replied a few of the other club mates now having made their presence known before going to get changed.

"Suit yourself, besides with your ability you would probably pick it quickly enough just by watching." She replied holding the arrow to the string before drawing it and releasing the shaft down range.

However Rin was distracted from where she hit when the sliding dojo door was drawn across and a newcomer entered, Rin turned round to greet the newcomer only for her stomach to drop at the purple haired girl in school uniform who stood there.

"Good morning captain." The girl said reverently not obviously noticing Rin's presence yet.

"Morning Matou." The other girl replied.

'Matou...' The very name was bad for Rin to hear. She had been young at the time so she did not completely understand and even now that she did...well it did not make it any easier.

"I'll be going then. I'll be seeing you Mitsuzuri-san" Rin said turning to leave.

"Sure later Tohsaka-san." The other girl called back with a tone of surprise.

"Thank you for visiting Tohsaka-senpai.' The purple girl said politely as Rin clenched her hand tightly and kept walking.

As she reached the door Rin finally took a breath and turned and faced the newcomer. "Thank you and work hard Sakura." She said simply before leaving before she could reply.

Once she was outside though she was forced to use all the composure she had to not scream in annoyance, at herself, at Sakura, at her family. But no she could not think ill of the dead. Father had done what he had for the greater good of everyone and that was all there was to it.

"Hey, Tohsaka. Must be my luck running into you this morning" An all too familiar voice said from behind and Rin was forced to not take out all her frustration on the newcomer. Much as she would have liked to.

Faking a smile Rin turned and faced the annoying, arrogant, ignorant blue haired boy that was approaching her. "Morning Matou Shinji-kun." She said addressing him her voice dripping with barely concealed loathing. Shinji was Sakura 'Brother' and that was the only thing stopping Rin from secretly blasting him with a Gandr shot while no one was looking.

"You're here early today?" She said knowing he would not go away until she spoke to him.

"Of course I am team captain after all." He said proudly and Rin had to grown.

'More like Mascot.' She thought to herself. Technically Shinji was registered as the club leader although Mitsuzuri was the one who really ran everything. Sure he had some skill at the sport but his arrogance was what caused the biggest problem and was why the club was on hard times. Especially since he had pushed away the best archer in the entire club.

"Well then anyway See ya."

"Wait there you should come and watch our practise." He said hurriedly stepping towards her.

"I did shame you were not there. Besides I do not want to get in anyone's way." She said coldly stepping past his attempt at blocking her path.

"No one will mind Tohsaka."

"I will, the point is I do not want to cause a bother. Besides I have no interest in Archery." She repeated wishing he would just get the hint already.

"Oh is that so? I wonder why you kept coming to all those after school sessions before?" He asked suggestively stepping in front of her and leaning in and she had to resist the urge to puke.

"Let me make this clear. I have no interest in Archery and I definitely have no interest in you. Not then, not now and not ever. Now get out of my way." She told him and she saw him slowly turning red with rage.

"Say what!"

"You might want to keep it down, before you cause a scene. However feel free to be self-conscious but try and keep it to yourself. Goodbye Matou Shinji-kun." Rin said triumphantly walking away as the slowly growing crowd of early students looked at him throwing his tantrum.

Deciding the easiest way of avoiding these sorts of problems was just going to her homeroom and waiting for classes to start, she set of across campus. Narrowly avoiding the excitable ball of energy that was Fujimura-sensei.

Finally reaching the correct floor and wing of the school she fou nd just one final obstacle.

Student council president Ryuudo Issei.

"Do you not have anything better to be doing than patrolling the school at this time in the morning?" She called to him sarcastically watching him stiffen as he turned towards her.

The two of them had never gotten along. She thought he had a stick stuck somewhere near his colon as a result of his religious upbringing at the temple and he despised her for being better than him at everything academically.

"And why are you here early when you are not in any clubs?"

"Because I felt like it?" 'Because magic screwed with my alarm is why.' Not that she could tell him that obviously. Otherwise if he was aware of magic someone would have to come along and silence him for good. Such was the cut-throat world of magic and Magus. 'If only the same threat worked on Shinji.' She thought to herself wishfully, unfortunately despite his complete lack of talent he was aware of the shadowy world that existed outside normal perception as a member of the three great families. The Matou, The Einzbern and last but by no mean least the Tohsaka. Though great was a bit of a push considering the Matou, they were only a shadow of what they were two centuries ago.

"hmph" Issei snorted in annoyance as I walked past him smiling in satisfaction. Well maybe today wasn't so bad after all.

"Issei I have finished fixing it." A boys voice called from behind door to the nearest room before it opened revealing the 'part-time janitor' as he was known throughout the school Shirou Emiya. The redhead was an enigma when he was not being so predictable.

Whenever he was asked to do anything by anyone he would do it without question no matter what the inconvenience to himself and the pointlessness of the task. Case in point Issei getting him to look over the old beat down heater he was currently carrying. Most people would have just tossed it out years ago and got a new one. But here he was at stupid times in the morning fixing it. He had formerly been the school archery champion but had left because Shinji asked him to for some reason (my not watching anymore was in no way related of course). He had not objected but instead just did as asked and wandered around until Issei busy body that he was conscripted him to his current role.

"Oh sorry Emiya, I asked you to help but you did it all again on your own." Issei apologised going over to him.

"It is no problem, honestly. Was there anything else?" Shirou replied and I had to frown at his selfless desire to help others. 'Just say no for once' I wanted to scream as I walked past the duo.

'You're here early Tohsaka.' He said briefly looking at me before turning his attention back to the appliance.

'Was that supposed to be a hello?' I asked myself bitterly not deigning to reply as I walked past a few more rooms and entered my homeroom for the day.

Now school no matter where you are in the world and no matter what your station in life is boring. Sure it serves a purpose but no student truly wants to be there. You think you know better than the teacher and when you are a magus prodigy like myself the truth is you really do. My entire life so far since the age of six was studying and preparation for one single event that if everything went right those around me would never find out about. Because if they did well that was why there was an overseer, to clean up the problem.

Said overseer was also a colossal pain in the ass to me in particular. On the surface he appeared as nothing but a innocent catholic priest named Kirei Kotomine. Of course under the surface he was also a former church Executor tasked with killing renegade mages and preserving the Masquerade. He was also my father's apprentice and until recently my legal guardian after my parents passed.

By the time school finished and I had made my escape unabated back home I found a message from an all too familiar phone number of the machine. I already knew what he was going to say but I pressed the button regardless.

"You have one message recorded January 31st3:21pm. It is me, as I am sure you are aware Rin the deadline is tomorrow. Start taking this seriously only two slots remain, the Archer and Saber classes are all that remain. The ranks of the masters must be filled without delay. Summon your servant and establish your command seals. Of course if you don't want to participate that is another matter entirely. Come seek shelter at the church an-. The message played before Rin cut it off. She would have rather participated in the war without a servant than spend time couped up with Kotomine. The Priest was not normal and not in the stereotypical Catholic priest problem way, he was always hiding something up his sleeve and she was not referring to the dozens of blades he kept on him at all times.

'You do not need to remind me Kirei, I know what I have to do.' I thought to myself as I walked towards my room. Tonight was going to be an extremely long one if everything was going to go according to plan. But first... well she needed to eat if she wanted her mana to be at its peak and there was no one else going to do the cooking.

'Well I suppose I better get this show on the road.' Rin thought to herself as she slowly climbed down the stairs to the basement that housed her father's and by extension her own workshop. The entire underground room complex was in a general state of anarchy and had been seen his death in the last grail war. That was not to say he was messy, because her father had been somewhat of a neat freak. Though he had been in the middle of numerous alchemical experiments before his untimely murder and Rin had not had the courage to tidy them away in the last decade instead merely content to work around the lingering notes, only withdrawing tomes, reading the contents and tossing them back where she had found them.

Besides she was almost certain that Kirei was responsible for most of the mess under the pretence of protecting her. Despite his serene priest exterior he was still a magus underneath and any magus would love to find out the secrets of another. In this world knowledge was power and the more you had the better you were.

However Rin thoughts were not on the priest but on the half concealed summoning circle in the middle of the room inactive for over a decade and now covered in clutter she was forced to clear. Which sadly for her seemed to include a granite altar which required all of her strength to push to the side. That was one item she had never understood its purpose for and it had not been there when she visited her father down here. So she was forced to suspect Kirei had put it there just because he could and to stop her using the runed ground beneath.

After making sure the all the area above the runes was tidy she set about sweeping the dust away and making sure all the lines were clear and visible with no sign of breaks. If there were, well chances was whatever she summoned would be free to do as it pleased. Which in most cases present in her books revolved around destroying the summoner, something she was not eager to test especially with something as powerful as a servant.

Fortunately for her everything still appeared to be in the same condition as it was since it was last used. So that meant she had everything she needed.

Well except a catalyst for the servant she wished to summon.

But she was not concerned about that after all it was not unheard of to summon one without a catalyst and there were only two available to choose from. Archer and Saber. With her level of magical proficiency she was certain she would get the strongest class. Saber. Her father had summoned Archer after all and look where that had got him meanwhile the last 'victor' had used Saber before he insane attempted to destroy the grail.

Looking at her watch her body went onto autopilot as she focused on what she had planned for countless evenings since Kirei had told her about the Holy Grail War starting earlier than expected.

"Preparations ready." She said to herself trying to reassure herself more than anything.

"Time, good, Wavelength, ideal, by performing the summoning at 2AM when my mana is at its peak I am sure I will get Saber, even without a catalyst." That was not to say she did not have a catalyst she had after all found the remnants of one the very day before in the secured box her father had left her. But the fossilised snake skin had cracked apart and besides what use was a servant that could not win the last war?

Slowly she reached into her pocket and withdrew a dozen large gems: diamonds, rubies and sapphires for the most part. The whole handful likely worth ten of millions of Yen but to her they were priceless, after all for the last decade she had been filling each with all of her accumulated mana. Ready for use in case she needed a high level spell in a pinch or to provide the needed power to perform a summoning.

She had calculated that she would need to use at least five for the summoning but had instead elected to use eight after all the more power used the better the servant, right? Besides she would still have a few left in case of emergency. If she was forced to use them herself in her defence it meant her servant was not doing its job.

"For the elements, silver and iron. For the foundation, stone and the Archduke of Contracts. For the Ancestor, my great master, Schweinorg. Close the gates of the cardinal directions. Come forth from the Crown, and follow the forked road to the Kingdom. Fill, fill, fill, fill, fill." She recited as the gems in her hand slowly dissolved into pure mana which dripped through her fingers and splashed on the circle beneath her feet. The whole thing gaining a ephereal glow as she carried on.

"Repeat five times. But when each is filled, destroy it. Set. Heed my words. My will creates your body and your sword creates my destiny. If you heed the grails call and obey my will and reason, then answer me. I hereby swear... that I shall be all the good in the world. That I shall defeat all evil in the world. You seven heavens clad in the three great words of power, come forth from the circle of binding...Guardian of the Scales!" She declared loudly opening her eyes as she finished to see the circle glowing red only for it to release a barrage of energy in all direction knocking things over and blowing discarded pages from where they lay. As soon as it had done so she felt the great cost of mana that had left her and she fell to her knees weakly.

However at that time she did not care as she looked at the back of her right hand and noticed the red tattoo of a winged hourglass on it and she was forced to smile.

"I did it!" She declared before realising one small fact.

She was alone.

Before she could reflect on this fact however there was the sound of heavy banging from above her head and seemingly sound of the roof collapsing and she was forced to run out of the room and up the stairs to the lounge where she thought it had happened.

However she found the door blocked and was forced to throw her weight at it in order to force it open and revealing the scene of devastation in front of her a large whole visible through the two floors above her head culminating in a pile of timber and masonry rubble in front of her.

Upon which sat a young man who was pinching the bridge of his nose as if in irritation. He was attired strangely for a hero of legend. After all who know of a hero that wore a knee length trench coat, jean and combat boots. But Rin was more more distracted by the ten golden appendages stemming from his back that were clearly wings.

Slowly however he removed his hand from his face and looked up at Rin with a pair of startling golden eyes. Not golden brown in colour but literally gold just like his wings were quite certainly the real deal judging by the light reflecting off of them. The rest of his face was undoubted handsome he had wavy black hair and a Caucasian complexion and she had no doubt if he stood up he would tower over her five foot three inch height.

However as he looked at her his look of surprise seemed to grow before he let out a sigh.

"Where am I and what year is it?" The strange servant asked before gaining a quizzical expression on his face at his own sentence.

"Did I just speak Japanese?"

"Obviously, jeez I thought the Grail made sure you servants were acquainted with the world in which you were summoned. We are in Fuyuki, Japan and the year is 2006. February the First to be precise." Rin told him admonishingly.

"Two minutes past Two Am." He said precisely and sure enough the clock behind him mirrored his statement, but how had he known that when it was behind him?

"What do you mean Servant and what is this Grail? Oh and who are you?"

"Technically the Holy Grail is the vessel from which Christ drunk from at the last supper." Rin explained first only for the guy to cough into his sleeve a word that sounded awfully like "Bullshit" before Rin continued.

"However the Holy Grail of which I am talking about is an omnipotent vessel that has the ability to grant any wish the bearer has. It was by the power of this vessel that you were summoned here as a hero of legend, a Servant to serve me in obtaining this vessel." Rin said stoically as the guy listened in.

"Hero of Legend, hardly at this point in time I am currently twelve years old in... Fourth period Latin with Mr. Brunner at Yancy Academy, New York probably dealing with Nancy Bobafit bullying my friend Grover." He explained and Rin's eyes went wide at the implication. She had not summoned someone historical from Humanitys history. In fact she had done the quite the opposite, she had summoned someone from the future.

"That's not possible!"

"Welcome to my life, besides you are right I probably should not be here. But unfortunately I know the guy pulling the strings and well he is a bit of dick, trust me... Oh you have got to be kidding me. You do realise she will murder us both if she finds out about this?" He said seemingly to himself getting distracted mid-sentence. Ok so he was schizophrenic as well this was going not going to plan.

"Why couldn't I have just summoned someone like Heracles things would have been so much easier."

"Did you say Heracles? You would rather have summoned him? Hahahahaha." He questioned before breaking into a fit of laughter.

"He is the strongest hero of myth." Rin stated seriously with a frown.

"He is also a whiny little bitch I have beat up twice and who is terrified of my wife. Then again most people are terrified of my wife and for good reason." He added quietly going off on a tangent again.

"Wait- What who the hell are you? You come from the future but you claim to have fought Heracles? How is that even possible?"

"Seeing as I appear to be stuck here for the time being until this little adventure is complete I might as well tell you." He said standing up from the rubble and brushing the dust off of his coat.

"The name is Perseus Jackson, Son of Poseidon, adopted son of Neptune and Hades, Titan Lord of Time, Light, Constellations, Tides, ***** and the Hunt, Former Titan of the Air. Saviour of Olympus... Twice. Bane and heir of Kronos, Slayer of the Giants and Gaia. Tamer of the Nemean Lion, Minotaur killer. Wow that list is long when I think about it. What else is there? Let's see ********** of **** and *******, and long abused husband of Artemis goddess of the Hunt. Oh and apparently someone has a sense of humour because apparently I am an archer." He explained and Rin found herself going lightheaded. This guy could not be serious there was no way this was possible. He was an honest to god (Titan?) Immortal, a real one. How in the world could the Grail have summoned someone so ridiculously over-powered and who was from the future of all things?

'If you are all of that you just said you were, how old are you really?"

"Almost Nineteen." He said nonchalantly at which point Rin's world went dark.


"Well that took longer than expected." I told myself stepping over to the unconscious Japanese girl and lifting her onto a nearby sofa.

"Perseus you do realise when this is over I am going to kill you. Or better yet I am going to trap you in a reality where you will not escape. Providing she does not do it before I get back."

"Relax time passes differently where you are to where I am. Even if you are stuck there for a few weeks it will only be minutes for me. Besides be honest you love these little scenarios. They provide a little excitement in your life. Now be a good little Archer and protect your master. If you fail well I will restart the whole scenario. All you need to do is touch the Grail to come home. Easy enough? Good luck."

"Bastard." I muttered to myself as I considered the scenario I was in. Which was going by past experience really based on some TV show or Videogame Perseus had played whilst 'grounded.'

'Still could be worse, at least I have my stuff this time.' I thought to myself as I patted myself down and felt everything in the correct place. Including something I should not have around my neck. An all too familiar necklace after all it belonged to her now.

"She is going to murder you when she finds out you took this!"

"An Archer has to have a bow does he not? Now stop complaining."

Well he had a point, but there was still no way in hell I could hit anything with it unless I went quite literal and started beating things to death.

"Urgh all just a dream." The girl said waking up and pulling herself straight.

"Or not." She said noticing I was still here.

"So I gave you my name but you never gave me the pleasure." I told her.

"Tohsaka... Rin."

"You can call me Percy."


"Nice to meet you."

"I need to lie down, can you err- fix this by any chance." She asked gesturing towards the ceiling as she made her way to the nearest door.

"Sure." I said simply clicking my fingers and reversing the passage of time in the room by the last fifteen minutes returning it to perfect condition prior to my arrival. At which point the girl quickly fainted again though I was ready to catch her this time and picked her up.

Easiest thing to do would be to put her on her bed and talk to her in the morning.

First things first though I dispersed my wings as they were the cause of me falling through the floor in the first place. That was something I could do without constantly it was annoying and more than a little embarrassing.

All I had to do was find the girl's room and throw her on the bed, after that it was the simple matter of finding a stupid cup and going home. And then punishing Perseus, he wanted to play alternate realities...fine. He could fight Simon the Digger and see who would end up laughing then. He would really regret making me watch Lagann-Hen.

Besides how hard could it be?

AN. So here was a little idea I had while I was bored. In case anyone has noticed this is based in the future of Titan of the Hunt and as such Percy and co. Have gained a few things since then. I have gone and censored some things out because it could ruin the next few chapters of that story. Some things I was forced to reveal such as Perseus's blame in causing the situation for his amusement. But how he does it will have to remain hidden.

For those of you who know Fate/Stay Night I have copied some sections out of the Unlimited Blade Works series to set the scene for the summoning but from here on out it will be diverging likely a lot. Also if you have not seen Fate/Zero, Fate/Stay Night UBW please do so otherwise you may get lost. Plus it is an exceptionally badass anime with enough cash spent on animation to purchase a third world country. Seriously it is fucking beautifully animated. Unlimited Budget Works.

As badass as Archer is/was in that series, Percy is literally Gilgamesh on steroids. Speaking of that little magnificent golden bastard I cannot wait. Not that Gil is not a threat in his own right, I mean he has got things in his little treasure chest of wonders that even Percy cannot deal with.

All in all I will see what you all think before I proceed with this story.

Hope you leave your comments in the box below.