Untitled Still Life
by Swellison

"About time," Dean snatched the first bag from Sam and delved through it. "Granola bars, unsweetened applesauce, V8 juice - where's my M&Ms?" He continued searching. "Weight control oatmeal!? Worried about your girlish figure, Samantha?"

Sam had bought that flavored oatmeal because Jessica's Mom's care packages included homemade banana bread. No way he was telling Dean that. "You should eat healthier, especially with a cold."

Ignoring him, Dean pawed through the second bag. Finding his treat, he ripped open the yellow bag and gobbled a multi-colored handful of peanut M&Ms. "Chocolate's one of the four basic food groups. You should know that, dude."


Sam woke early and hungry. He padded over to the room's kitchenette and prepared the instant oatmeal, the aroma from the microwave permeating the motel room. Crossing the room, Sam bent down and nudged his sleeping brother. "Breakfast."

"Five more minutes, Mommy." Dean's drowsy voice was unexpectedly high in pitch.

Sam froze, then remembered reading somewhere that smell was a potent memory trigger. Apparently, Mrs. Moore was not the only mother who had baked banana bread. "Sure, Dean. Go back to sleep," he whispered. Quietly, he left his brother to his long-ago dreams of happier times.

A/N: This is an old story, resurrected from the now-defunct supernaturalville website. Since the word count is 200, I think it was originally written for some kind of drabble challenge. I got the title from some artists' favorite way to name their paintings;-)