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Roman sat on the plush oversized couch, hopping through the multiple channels he rarely watched anyway. It had been a handful of years since the fall of Cinder. The day Roman had officially become one of the good guys.

He sighed, missing his days of crime just a bit. They had been fun after all, though they would have been better without Cinder.

Ruby bounced past as the doorbell rang and Roman smiled, reminded again why he'd given up his old life.

All because of a pitiful girl who showed up on his doorstep, soaked and betrayed.

They had become friends through a video game no less, after starting as enemies he had never guessed that he would one day marry the girl. Life had fallen into a sort of content peace. Remnant was now in a greater time of peace as the work of The Clan had done a great deal in bringing the humans and faunus together.

Though, that wasn't to say that crime was gone, or that it didn't still have the White Fang and Schnee dust involved anymore. Those things still very much thrived, just in the shadows and far more patient under the careful, multicolored eyes of Neo.

He shook his head at the thought of his ice cream loving cousin, who had been by the night before, raiding his fridge because she could. It had been normal for her to break in late at night in order to steal all the frozen treats, it was like a game to her.

Roman's train of thought was interrupted by the return of Ruby, her sister and her sister in law with her.

Roman glanced at the three, Ruby and Yang ready for the job they had decided to take and Blake… Blake was very pregnant. She looked like she might pop at any moment.

Roman gave the three a quizzical look as Blake sat on the couch -as far from Roman as possible, they had never gotten along well.

Her pregnancy was still puzzling to him, but he was also glad he'd cut Ruby off before she could tell him how exactly that had happened. All he knew was Yang was technically the 'father' and he had decided against finding out any details.

"Why is the kitty here?" Roman asked, earning him a glare from Blake.

"She's supposed to be on bedrest." Yang explained. "But Ruby and I need to go take care of this job, so you make sure she has everything she needs."

"It's only a couple of days." Ruby added.

"I'd be fine at home." Blake grumbled.

"But we have Tara here, she can help too." Ruby pointed out. Blake sighed, having already lost the argument once.

After heartfelt goodbyes and urges to be careful and return safe, Ruby and Yang headed out leaving Roman and Blake alone.

As was normal, they ignored one another. Roman went back to channel hopping while Blake read. Some time later Roman had been through every channel more than twice so he set the remote down and glanced over at Blake.

"Good book?"

"What do you care?" She grumbled back without looking up.

"Red's not the only one in the house that reads you know…."

This time she did glance up. "It's about a wizard in modern day trying to make a living as a detective."

"Dresden files?" Roman guessed and Blake was honestly surprised.


"You've almost finished that one but the next is my favorite, would you like me to go and grab it?"

"Sure… Thanks."

Roman left and made his way to the other wing of the house and the personal library he shared with Ruby. She had all her books on one side and his were on the other, things they both enjoyed were on the wall facing the door to either side of the fireplace. He walked over and grabbed the book he was looking for, it was a favorite after all. Its spine was worn and all the pages soft with age. He carried the book back to the living room and handed it to Blake. "If you need anything else just let me know."

"Thanks… You are being oddly nice."

"No, just less rude."

"Oh." Blake blinked at the remark then went back to reading since she had only two pages left.

Roman walked over to the remote and pressed a different button, switched to the playstation's designated channel, then grabbed a controller and turned the system on. He clicked through the menu to the game and, seeing it was the one he wanted, he pressed the X button.

The music of Minecraft soon filled the room, soft and mellow it did not disturb Blake as much as the TV had, allowing her to relax a bit as she picked up the next book.

Roman created a new survival map using a steampunk theme pack he'd bought recently. The map loaded - he found himself face to face with a pig and started laughing.

"H-how am… I supposed to kill that!" He stated before roaring with laughter and falling from the couch. Blake glanced up, saw the pig turn and wander away then shook her head and went back to her book.

Roman went back to playing, smashed a bit of grass, killed a few mobs for food then found a mountain near a river. He grabbed and spread the sugarcane he found growing on the river before punching down a couple of trees then digging into the side of the mountain.

He had a decent strip mine going by the time he looked up from the game and noticed Blake missing. Roman frowned, glancing around, she'd left the book open and face down on the seat next to where she had been sitting. About the time he figured she must have gone to the bathroom he heard a loud thud followed by a pained cry.

Dropping the controller on the couch, Roman hopped to his feet and ran to the source of the ruckus. On reaching the kitchen he found Blake on the floor, the glass of tea she had gone in there for was now spilled on the floor with what was apparently a fallen glass of milk. The wet floor seemed to be the reason for her fall. He stepped over and knelt beside her, he knew her nearly nine month, triplet loaded, pregnant self wasn't getting up on her own.

"Are you alright?"

"I… think so…" She groaned as he offered a hand.

She took it and once he had her to a sitting position he got her to wrap her arm around his middle while he looped a hand under her other shoulder so he could pull her back to her feet just by standing straight. She was heavy but his plan worked and he had her back upright and carefully maneuvered away from the wet floor.

About then Tara rolled a mop bucket in and started cleaning the floor, her headphones having prevented her from hearing anything and her attention was focused entirely on what she was doing.

"You can let go now." Roman stated, glancing back at Blake as Tara started mopping the mess.

"I would if I could." She grumbled, tugging at her arm that was apparently stuck to him.


The older faunus jumped and looked over at the two before pulling her headphones off. "Yes sir?"

"What exactly was spilled?"

"Glue sir."

Roman let out an exasperated sigh. He was glued to his sister in law and couldn't simply pull his shirt off to escape, it had ridden up his back so her bare arm was glued to his bare back.

"Guys… We have another problem…" There was panic creeping into Blake's voice.

"What." Roman groaned, not sure how this could get worse.

"My water just broke."

"Oh, son of a gelatinous slime."

Blake gave Roman an incredulous glance over the strange swear while Tara scrambled to grab her car keys.

"I'll drive, hurry, hurry!" Tara said, ushering the two out of the back door and towards the driveway.

Roman helped Blake as best he could get into the back of the SUV while Tara started the engine. He managed to wiggle them both into the back seat and close the door. "Why now?"

"The fall must have triggered it." Blake answered, gritting her teeth in pain as contractions started suddenly.

Tara drove rather well in the lunch rush traffic, getting them safely to the hospital.

The two awkwardly stumbled through the emergency room entrance while Tara held the doors then ran to the desk.

"We got triplets inbound and an unfortunate bystander glued to the mama." Tara explained and the woman behind the desk hopped to her feet and called others to help.

Suddenly Roman and Blake were surrounded by nurses who were asking questions as they were ushered down a hall.

"Are you the father?"

"No, that would be Yang Xiao Long."

"Okay… That sounds like a woman's name…" The nurse mumbled as she scribbled things down on a paper.

"That's because it is." Roman sighed, they were asking Blake questions too as they set her up on a rolling stretcher.

One of the nurses tugged at Blake's arm only to find it glued in place. "What..?"

"Long story." Roman grumbled as he ran alongside the stretcher.

"How exactly is your wife the father?" Another nurse asked Blake.

"Don't ask her that! I don't even want to know." Roman snapped at the nurse who glared at him.

Blake named off some odd medical terminology and that apparently answered the question as the nurse nodded and wrote it down. Just before they reached the elevator Roman glanced past the nurse running beside him and saw into one of the emergency rooms where a young adult male wearing no pants and heels was wiping blood from his face. He grinned in a rather creepy manor as they passed. His attention was yanked away from the strange scene as Blake cried out in pain again and dug her nails into his skin.

Roman snarled and stumbled a step as they made it onto the elevator.

"Shouldn't we separate them?"

"That would be nice."

"Not enough time, babies first!"

Roman growled at that, already in pain from Blake's bone-crushing grip.

They reached the destined room and there was chaos as Blake screamed more and crushed Roman harder, sending him to his knees beside her, she was making it hard to breathe and he could feel her nails drawing blood. A nurse stepped beside Blake and instructed her on how to breathe for this then gave her a shot. It didn't seem to help though.

The next several hours were filled with screaming and pain, the nurses not sure which of the two was screaming louder. Roman was only vaguely aware of the doctor talking to Blake as time dragged on.

Finally Blake fell silent and all the tension drained from her arm, freeing Roman from the painful grip. The ordeal apparently over, the nurses set to separating Roman and Blake, causing both more pain. Once it was over Roman sat off to the side with his shirt off while one nurse treated his wounds, her eyes kept wandering to his scars.

"I've been through a lot."

"I see that… There, you are all set now." She nodded her approval and moved on to being helpful elsewhere.

Roman glanced over to Blake to see that they had finished treating her arm and another pair of nurses were bringing the now bundled little ones to her. After a moment of hesitation Roman stepped over to look at the babies she was holding. Wrapped in the soft pink fabric they looked like little fuzzy kittens at first. Looking closer Roman realized that they had human faces and cat ears, their bodies covered in fur.

"What, never seen a baby faunus before?"

"Actually, no… Are they always fuzzy?"

"Yes, it's another reason we get the 'animal' crap from humans."

"Ah… So they will eventually lose it then?"

"They should completely lose their baby fur by six or seven years old."

He nodded and they fell silent but after a moment of him studying them Blake sighed.

"Do you want to hold one of them?"

Roman gave her a surprised look then nodded slightly.

"You know how to hold a baby?"

"It's been a long time but yes, I know."

She nodded and let him take the baby in the middle of the three, then adjusted the other two. Roman carefully held the little thing as her eyes focused him with wonder. The baby girl had one eye violet like Yang and one eye gold like Blake, her fur was in patches of black and blond.

"She… looks like sun shining through the trees… like a shadow of the leaves." He noted softly as he watched her little black ear twitch, then the blond one did too after a moment, causing him to chuckle.

Blake thought on that a moment then mumbled. "Sombra then…"

Before Roman could ask, a couple of nurses came in to get the little ones and let Blake rest.

"I'll carry her." Roman stated firmly when one of the nurses tried to take Sombra from him. She just shrugged and took the other babies from Blake. Roman noted that one had solid black fur and violet eyes. The third baby had blond hair and gold eyes.

Blake was asleep before they had fully left the room. he followed the nurses, glancing between the little faunus triplets as they went.

"So I guess you're an uncle now?" One of the nurses spoke up suddenly.

Roman glanced up at her as he thought about that then nodded. "I'm married to the father's sister."

"Exciting huh?"

"Yeah…" He admitted, still chewing on the first fact.

He was an uncle now. He couldn't help but remember his own uncle, Neo's father, and he had to fight back a scowl.

Roman didn't want to ever be like that man. So he made up his mind then. He would be the best uncle to ever live, he would be his nieces' favorite person.

Once they reached the nursery he let them take Sombra inside and he watched them get settled through the big glass window. After the nurses had gone on to take care of other things he got out his scroll and called Tara to see where she had ended up, she had gone back home and offered to come get him but he told her to just stay put, he'd find another ride home. Once he ended the call he called Neo.

"You need to come see this."

"Where are you?"

"Uh… one of the local hospitals… Just trace the call."

"Okay…. uh, there, got it."

"I'm on the third floor, near the nursery."

"Okay… Roro I don't think you wanna steal those."

He chuckled. "Nonono, just come see."

She sighed and hung up on him. While waiting on her he noticed a strange shadow in the reflection behind him but when he glanced that way he saw nothing. Looking back to the glass he saw the reflection on his other side now showed his ice cream colored cousin.

"Ahh, I see."

"Yep. I have nieces."

"They are mine too, I'm claiming them."

Roman just chuckled and shook his head.

"By the way you look like you got in a fight with a dominatrix and lost."


"Ya' better have a better explanation than that or at least the sense to deny it when that wife of yours gets back."

"Just take me home, would you?"

"I guess I can, but there had better be ice cream." She shrugged as they turned for the hall.

Late the next day Roman was sitting on the couch playing Minecraft again when the front door opened and Drei started barking.

"Aww! Drei did you miss me?" Ruby asked in the foyer.

"Blake! We're back!" Yang called, walking into the living room. "Where is she?"

"Hospital." Roman replied tiredly, not thinking.

Yang flew over the couch and grabbed Roman by the collar of his shirt and lifted him up to meet her angry red eyes. "What the hell did you do?"

Roman narrowed his own green eyes. "Nothing, you should see what she did to me though."

Ruby came rushing in then. "No, Yang, put him down!"

"Why. Is. My. Wife. In. The. Hospital?" Yang growled, tightening her grip so Roman's own collar would start to choke him.

"She. Gave. Birth." He growled back.

Yang's eyes went wide and changed back to purple as she dropped him.

"You should go see the kids… they're cute." Roman grumbled from the floor, rubbing his neck.

Yang headed back for the door while getting out her scroll and Ruby hugged Roman.

"You okay?"

"I'll be fine, go with her."

Ruby nodded and followed her sister.

Roman sighed as the door closed again and then got back into his spot and resumed his game. He could already tell these kids were going to be chaos.

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