Yang looked over her cards, she had more in her hand then her opponents so she felt good. Of course she felt good anyway, considering her luck in months past. She grinned as she remembered again the looks on the faces of those sitting at this table with her when she'd told them the news. Roman had just lit a cigar and Junior was about to get them each a drink when she'd spoken up.

"Roman, you ought to put that out."


"Well, you promised Blake and I that you wouldn't smoke around our children."

"They aren't here." Roman furrowed his brow at her.

"True, the girls are at home… but." She paused to rub her belly. "The newest editions are here with me!"

Roman chuckled and put out his cigar. "Fair enough. Congratulations."

"Have you picked names yet?" Neo asked.

"Not yet, we don't even know if they are boys or girls yet, or both. Just that they are twins."

Neo flashed Roman a mischievous look and leaned over to whisper something to him while Junior spoke to Yang.

"Congrats, so I'm guessing something non-alcoholic for you."

"You got it."

Now that she thought back on it though that probably explained why Roman had suggested they play for bets this time. They had each written down a a bet, the winner would then get to look at the bets and chose which of the losers had to do which bet. However she wasn't really worried, she noticed as the game progressed that Roman and Neo were slowly getting a lot more drunk than Junior.

She, however, had not had anything to drink that might impair her judgement. She was sure she would win. That confidence ran out a turn later when Neo played a card that took half Yangs cards from her then Roman played the same card and targeted Yang again. Suddenly she had the least cards of anyone playing.

She glanced to her right, Junior had seven cards, across from her Roman had nine and to her left Neo had fifteen cards now. Leaving her with three.

"Sorry Blondie, you're open." Junior said before playing one of his cards that forced her to discard two cards.

Yang grumbled and set her cards down, she only had one left and it was her turn. With no deck to draw from she had just lost.

"Reverse order." She sighed, playing her last card.

"That makes it my turn." Junior chuckled.

Yang crossed her arms and leaned back in her chair to watch the game play out. Junior was the next to run out of cards and it became a somewhat heated battle between Roman and Neo, neither liking to lose. Finally it ended with Roman playing his last card to force Neo to discard her last two.

It was a draw.

After a quick discussion Roman and Neo agreed that they had both won and would each pick a bet for the two losers. Roman scooped up the bet papers and Neo moved over to read them over his shoulder.

"Junior, you have to wash my car for the next month." Roman announced, showing the bet. To which Junior sighed.

"Yang, you have to name at least one of you newborns opposite their gender. If you have two boys, one must have a girl's name and vice a versa. If you happen to have a boy and a girl you must switch both their names." Neo stated, showing Yang the bet.

"Damn.." Yang grumbled. "Blake is gonna kill me."

It was late when Yang returned home so she was surprised to see Blake and the three toddlers up. Sombra was sitting next to the couch, coloring in a coloring book, Yang smiled at the girl coloring the kitty in the picture a dark purple. Narzisse was tying ribbons into her blond hair and Lila was snuggled up to Blake on the couch flipping through a picture book.

"Everybody's up." Yang noted.

"Sombra had a nightmare and then the rest of us couldn't get back to sleep." Blake explained.

"Oh, I see." Yang flopped onto the couch opposite Lila, draping an arm over Blake's shoulders.

"How'd your card game go?"

"Well… You see…"

"I take it you lost."


"How much did it cost us?"

"Well… you see, that's the thing. We weren't playing for money. We were playing for bets."

Blake glanced up from her book to look Yang in the eyes and waited for her to continue.

"So it turns out… If we have boys one has to have a girls name… And if we have girls one has to have a boys name… and if we have both then the girl gets a boys name and the boy gets a girls name."

Blake sighed and rubbed her face.

"I'm sorry…"

"It's fine… I'll figure something out. But that means I'm naming them."

Yang nodded. She wasn't too upset, having named Lila and Narzisse she saw nothing wrong with Blake naming the twins she carried.

It was nearly a month later Yang found herself at her sister's mansion, in the kitchen to be exact. Ruby should be returning soon, Yang knew, she'd been out on a hunt but had completed it. Roman was in Atlas on business so Yang had decided she'd welcome her little sister home.

"Did you ever have kids?" Yang asked Tara who was washing dishes while Yang dug through the fridge.

"It was a long time ago but yes. They are all grown and moved off."

"Is that hard? Them living far away?"

"It is… I worry but I know well they can handle themselves and are fine." After all, Tara thought to herself, they were both generals in the White Fang.

"Do they talk to you often?"

"When they can, their work keeps them busy."

"Oh, I see…" Yang noted as she spotted what she was looking for. She grabbed up the items and closed the fridge then set to work fixing a sandwich. Yang mixed mayo and Sriracha to spread on the bread, then layered on banana peppers and jalapenos followed by pepper jack cheese and ham.

"Craving spicy, eh?" Tara asked, glancing over at Yang after smelling the peppers.

Yang nodded as she stuffed her face.

Tara chuckled as she dried her hands and started drying the dishes she had just washed. There were only a few which would explain why she had not bothered with the dish washer. Tara was nearly finished putting the clean dishes away when she glanced out the window and nodded to herself, she took a plate down from the cabinet and started fixing a sandwich which Yang recognized as one of Ruby's favorites. Just as she set a chilled glass of milk next to the sandwich Ruby walked in.

"Hey, sis!" Yang smiled at her tired little sister.

"Yo." Ruby replied, grabbing up the sandwich and taking a bite. She slowly smiled and looked over to Tara. "Thanks."

"Mhmm." Tara nodded, finishing what she had been doing before.

"So how'd the hunt go?" Yang asked.

"Well enough, there were more Grimm than originally thought but they were no match for me."

"That's my sis." Yang beamed.

"So how's Blake and the girls?"

"Blake's been in contact with Weiss quite a bit lately over Clan stuff. The girls turned two last week so… Yeah, unholy terrors."

Ruby chuckled. "They can't be that bad."

"Bet me." Yang then frowned at the last few bites of her sandwich. "You guys need more more spicy food around here."

"We don't eat a lot of it, really. Blake craved mint and fish didn't she?"

"Yeah, and two of the girls can't stand spicy food. I'm not sure why everything I eat has to be spicy I mean, this morning I made myself some scrambled eggs and I used most of a jar of jalapenos."

"Geeze, sis."

Yang could only shrug.

It was several months later an excited Yang came bouncing into Ruby's back yard, Sombra in tow. Ruby and Roman were sitting at a patio table, enjoying lemonade and Roman was smoking a cigar, seeing Yang and the bumblekit though, he immediately put it out. Yang pulled up a chair and drew the little two year old into her lap, smiling wide.

"You look like you have news." Ruby laughed.

"I do!" Yang practically sang.

Roman pulled off his hat and dropped it over Sombra's head, it was far too big for her and she giggled as she tried to adjust it to where she could see.

"I just got back from the doctors a little while ago, did a sonogram and guess what!"

"Your babies are fuzzy?" Roman guessed.

Yang blinked, momentarily confused as that should have been a given with Blake as the 'father' but she quickly recovered. "Yes, well one of them is but, they are both boys!"

"That's great!" Ruby smiled.

"Have you picked names yet?" Roman grinned.

"Actually, yes. Blake picked them. Sorin and Soleil. Soleil is the female variant of Sorin so it still fills the bet."

"And not too girly." Ruby grinned.

Roman nodded. "Those are actually pretty nice names."

Yang grinned.

After talking for a while Yang's scroll rang, Blake needed her to come home for some reason so she headed out. After she was gone Roman turned to Ruby, looking her in the eyes.

"You okay?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Well, it's just that both you and Yang were infertile and now she is able to have kids but you still can't… I just wanted to make sure it wasn't bothering you."

"Nah, I'm not worried about it. I'm just happy for Yang."

"You're sure?"

"Yeah." Ruby smiled. "I'm sure."

"Seven months! You're almost there." Ruby smiled at her sister. The two were sitting at Roman's favorite diner. "Are you excited?"

"Of course!" Yang stated but she looked a bit troubled as she poked at the jalapenos in her chocolate malt with the straw. "I'm just a little worried is all."

"What about?"

"Well, one is normal for a cat Faunus. He's got a tail but his brother appears to have a deformed back and I'm really nervous about it." She shook her head and sighed. "I'm worried he won't be healthy and won't be able to do things like his siblings can."

"I'm sure everything will be fine Yang, he may seem different but even if it's rough you know we will all love him just the same." Ruby assured with a smile.

"Yeah…" She shook her worries aside and went back to drinking her malt. "Ah, heaven in a glass."

Ruby giggled and shook her head. "You're crazy, sis."

Yang shrugged as she enjoyed her cold and spicy treat. The glass was half empty before Yang spoke again. "So remind me again why you and Roman picked what you did for last name."

"Well, after everything that happened we both agreed it was wise to change his name as well as mine when we got married and Rosewick is a name people remember after the war. Without having bad memories tied to it."

Yang nodded. "Oh yeah, I get it."

The little bell over the door rang and Roman walked in, carrying three kits and looking tired and annoyed. Sombra sat on his shoulders, she was wearing a pair of Ruby's tights on her head and mismatched socks on her arms but was otherwise dressed somewhat like a normal child. She waved her arms in the air and yelled. "Munchy Yum Yums!"

Roman stomped over to the table. "What exactly is she wanting?"

"I'm not sure, it's something Blake makes for her." Yang shrugged.

"Then call your wife and ask." Roman practically growled as Sombra pulled his hair and continued demanding while the other two joined in.

"I can't, she's in the middle of an important Faunus rights meeting with the council." Yang frowned.

"Uh… Maybe I could help?" The waitress suggested as she set down the refill of Ruby's drink.

"Give it your best shot, she's been at this for hours and can't really explain." Roman sighed.

The waitress pressed her tray to her over sized chest and leaned forward so she could get the kit's attention. Roman turned his head to the side to avoid looking down the waitress's shirt and when his eyes met Ruby's he seemed to calm down a little.

"Hi there little one, you wanna come with me to look at a menu and show me what Munchy Yum Yums are?" She asked, looking Sombra in her mismatched purple and gold eyes.

"Munchy Yum Yums!" The kit cheered.

The waitress chuckled and pulled Sombra off of Roman's shoulders, carrying her over to a table and setting her in a chair before getting out a menu and laying it open while Roman settled the other two at the same table.

The menu had some pictures and the three kits stared down at it in silence, Sombra frowning. Lila pushed her black hair away from her lilac eyes, her little hands still covered in black fur.

Narzisse, the blond, started pointing out a few different dishes and said. "Bits."

"Bits, huh? Well I'll bring these out and you guys show me what is used to make it." She offered and the girls grinned up at her.

With a smile she took the menu and headed off to put in the order.

Once the waitress was out of sight Narzisse slipped out of her chair, turned round and grabbed it then pushed it across the floor while screaming. Despite the fact that Roman had been charged with watching them for the day Yang would have none of her children misbehaving in her presence. She stood, stalked over to the little blond and reached down, grabbing Narzisse by the fur and loose skin on the back of her neck and picking her up. The kit fell silent, tucking her legs and arms close to her and going stiff as Yang brought her up to her face. "You may get away with that at home but you will not do it in public and bother other people, understand?"

Little tears welled in the golden eyes.

"None of that!" Yang snapped. "You aren't crying to get out of this."

Narzisse blinked the tears away and pouted silently as her mother grabbed the chair with her free hand and replaced it at the table, setting the kit back in it.

Though, it seemed a little pointless in this place, the only people they ever saw here was the same waitress and people Roman had invited here at one point or another, there was never anyone else around that they saw.

Yang returned to her seat and her conversation with Ruby, Roman sat with the kits and waited for the food to arrive. It did a short while later, biscuits and gravy, along with a chicken strip dinner that came with gravy, fries and toast.

"Now girls, show me, what is this 'Munchy Yum Yums'?" The waitress asked.

"We need more dis." Lila informed her, holding up a piece of toast with one furry little hand. With that the kits started dumping the gravy off the biscuits, replacing them with the thick sliced toast.

"Huh. That's easy enough, I'll get ya'll sweeties some more toast." She smiled then headed back to the kitchen.

Roman took the basket with the remaining fries and chicken strips along with the unwanted biscuits and munched on them while the girls split the toast they had.

Once the toddlers had finished eating and making smiley faces out of gravy on the table Roman cleaned them up with a mountain of napkins then ushered them back out to the car.

"Sorry about the mess." Yang apologized to the waitress.

"Oh it's no trouble darlin'." The waitress smiled then focused on her job at hand.

Yang turned back to her food, taking an entire shaker of cayenne pepper to her burger. She put it together and took a bite then mumbled. "Not spicy enough…"

Table cleaned, the waitress came over with a new, unopened shaker, set it down and moved on to something else.

After lunch Yang and Ruby headed back to the mansion on their respective motorcycles. The scene that greeted them in the driveway was not only strange but highly amusing.

Roman was tangled badly in the seat belt of his car, how he'd ended up with his body through the loop they couldn't fathom but the wreck-locks had engaged. He was stuck and looked none too amused.

Outside the car were the three girls, they had their crayons out and were drawing on the driveway. Yang pulled up beside them and parked, Ruby behind her, and looked at the colorful picture, she couldn't tell what it was supposed to be though.

"What are you girls doing?" Yang asked.

"Help Roro!" Lila cheered.

"Finish plan!" Sombra stated, pointing at the drawing.

"To do..?" Yang pressed.

"BLOW UP DA CAR!" Narzisse said enthusiastically.

Sombra ran over to the tailpipe of the car. "Yucky greens go here!"

"Uh huh." Yang said with an amused but disbelieving look on her face. "But you don't even have any celery."

The three girls hissed at the mention of the baleful vegetable. While Yang discussed the plans with her kits Ruby walked over to the very done Roman and patted him on the head. "I'll go get Brawn."

"Thank you."

Ruby headed off to find the Faunus who would most likely be able to help.

"So, let me get this straight, you stuff celery into the tailpipe and the car will explode and your dear uncle will be freed?" Yang asked.

The three toddler-fuzzballs nodded.

"Did you stop to think that maybe your uncle doesn't want his car blown up?"

They glanced at each other then pouted up at Yang.

"I didn't think so." She chuckled then ruffled the hair of each in turn.

Ruby returned with Brawn, who quickly reached around Roman and did something with the seatbelt, whatever he did caused it to loosen so Roman could escape.

"Thanks, remind me to fix you a drink later." Roman said, trying to straighten his back out. Brawn only nodded then slipped off to return to what he had been doing before.

"You should go get some rest." Ruby noted, looking at her exhausted husband who looked like a slight breeze might blow him over.

"Blake will be home tonight so I'll be taking the girls home." Yang smiled.

"Mama!" The three kits cheered together.

Roman nodded and ambled off towards the house. Ruby chuckled, shutting the car door then scooping up the mini blond. "Let's go gather up your stuff, 'K?"

"'K!" She smiled.

The other two followed Ruby and their sister into the house with Yang bringing up the rear. The fiery and very pregnant blond helped her sister and daughters pack the few things they'd brought.

"Would you like me to drive them home?" Tara asked, having noted Yang driving her motorcycle.

"Sure, thank you."

"No trouble." She smiled, taking the now packed bags to load them in her SUV.

"Guess I'll see you later." Yang smiled, hugging Ruby.

"Tell Blake I said hi."

"I will, come on girls."

"Bye, Aunty Ruby." Sombra said as her sisters waved.

With them on their way home Ruby made sure Roman hadn't died, giving him a back rub as reward for keeping up with the three toddlers.

It had taken a while to get the three girls settled but finally they had and now Yang was settled into bed next to her wife, who was reading a book. They had chattered for a while earlier to catch each other up on events and now was the typical night routine with Yang wearing wireless headphones to watch TV while Blake read.

The headphones had started to beep now and then though, signalling that the battery was dying and Yang sighed, took them off, switched them off and plugged them into the charger next to the bed before hitting the power button on the TV remote. She then wiggled down and got snuggled in to sleep.

Just as she dozed off, something slipped through the shadows of the room.


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