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Harry Potter, Boy-Who-Lived, Golden Boy of Gryffindor, basilisk slayer and many other things, was currently walking down a walkway in a location he had never been to before. To understand how he got to be here, we need to have a quick look back to the day he exited the Hogwarts Express after his fourth year at Hogwarts.

His relatives hadn't been happy to see him again, neither was he, but his emotions were too confused at that moment to really care. The return of Voldemort, his narrow escape with his life, seeing Cedric being murdered in front of him and the Minister of Magic playing ostrich, not believing a word what he and Dumbledore said about Voldemort's return, weighed heavily on his mind.

To his big surprise the Dursleys told him that he would be accompanying them to Japan, as Uncle Vernon had to fly there for Grunnings for a big business deal. During the time he was absent the company would renovate their house completely, which was part of the deal Uncle Vernon made for accepting to fly over for the deal. Seemingly the Earth Sphere Alliance was the client, so it was somewhat understandable that the higher ups wanted to ensure that everything went perfectly. Hence why Harry had found himself equipped with two sets of cheap, but fitting, clothes for the first time in his life at the Dursleys, of course the Dursleys had new designer clothes to make an impression with the clients when they were introduced. He had got his own room at the hotel, a novelty for him, and was told to keep out of trouble and as far away from them and their business meetings as possible.

Harry had no problem with those instructions. Being away from the Dursleys helped him sort his thoughts and deal with a bit of the guilt he still felt over Cedric's death. Logically, he knew that Peter Pettigrew was Cedric's murderer, but it didn't help him regretting playing a part in Cedric being there. He had been the one to suggest taking the cursed Triwizard Cup together to share the victory for Hogwarts.

He had feared having to deal with the emotions that raged inside of him at Privet Drive, but being here in Japan was a lot better. At least he could get away from the people that had hated him for just being born differently. And thanks to his nightmares he had woken up screaming more than once already. He dreaded how uncle Vernon would have reacted to that without the space between their hotel rooms. Harry's basic room was on the fourth floor and the Dursleys' luxury suite on the seventh. Just like Harry liked it.

After all, the room was part of a five stars hotel and therefore the big bed was incredibly comfortable, he had his own bathroom, a TV with more channels available to him than the Dursleys had at Privet Drive and he could take things from the mini bar if he wanted to. And all of this was being paid by Uncle Vernon's employers. Compared to what the Dursleys would spend, his use of the mini bar would be negligible. He loved that he basically had a Dursley-free vacation, as they didn't want him around. So much better than being stuck at Privet Drive with nothing to do than brood.

He decided to take a walk around the place to see what was there. He knew from what Uncle Vernon had said that the JAP base of the Alliance was located here and that the Vice Foreign Minister Darlian also lived here with his family. Contrary to what many of Harry's classmates thought, Harry was perfectly up to date with what was going on in the muggle world. There were conflicts brewing between the colonies and earth, thanks to the Alliance oppressing the people living on the space colonies. Harry honestly doubted that anybody raised in the wizarding world even knew that there were colonies in space. They had at least never been mentioned during Astronomy classes. Wizards massively underestimated muggles.

After his first year, Harry had made a deal with Dudley. Harry would do all of Dudley's homework for Smeltings that he had got for the summer and Dudley would let Harry use his computer to keep up with developments in the muggle world. What Dudley didn't know was that his cousin was a genius with computers and technology in general and had taken a correspondence course in Physics and Computer Science with Oxford University. Before he had blown up Aunt Marge in the summer before his third year, he had passed his basic studies and once he found a computer where he could sit undisturbed for two hours, he would do his masters. He had found out early that he had talent for these subjects and as Dudley had kept anybody from becoming his friend, he had had no problem keeping it a secret.

The teacher of the Computer Science course at primary school had been impressed with Harry's quick uptake of the subject and allowed him to spend his breaks in the computer room, as long as he was present, which was three times a week. Harry had even been allowed to enrol in the computer club, because honestly, Uncle Vernon had hoped that being around something absolutely non-magical would help getting rid of Harry's freakishness. It definitely opened Harry's eyes about how backwards and ignorant the wizarding world was. Really, who used owls for sending mail when an e-mail was so much faster? Sadly he didn't find a way to protect a laptop from magic yet, so taking one with him to Hogwarts wasn't an option, but it would be his next big project.

That was if he would survive Voldemort's return. Harry didn't have any illusions. He would be the top target of the maniac. The memories that the dementors had called to the front of his mind in third year were very clear on this. He had been the target, not his father, not his mother, just him. Something was going on that he didn't know and he didn't like being played for a fool. The main suspect of keeping him in the dark was the manipulator that thought he had a right to control his life from the shadows, Albus Dumbledore. He had got the man's number in first year, thank you very much.

On the outside he was that kind, wise grandfather, but behind that was a manipulative mind that had a plan and it wasn't sure that Harry's survival was part of that plan. It didn't sit right with Harry to not get all the information he could on the wizarding world when Hagrid took him to Diagon Alley, so he had used the fact that his relatives had completely ignored his existence that summer to take two more trips to London. By washing six cars in the neighbourhood he had earned the money for the trips easily. After all, children travelled for half the price of an adult.

His first stop had been Gringotts where he found out that they had a branch in the muggle world as well. Goblins were much more advanced than wizards. It was easy to set up an account for him at Barclays Bank from where he could get muggle money easily. The exchange value would be taken from his trust vault. Harry was informed by his account manager Corpnik, an old goblin that had already taken care of the Potter vaults, yes plural, when his grandfather Charlus had been head of the family, that he was quite wealthy.

The Potters weren't much into being politicians, though they did keep useful contacts, they were businessmen and inventors. Nimbus Broom Manufacturers was a Potter company for example. While not in the ranks of the Malfoys, at least in the wizarding world, in the muggle world the name Potter was known to everybody that dealt in business, the Potters were really well to do. Harry first made sure that nobody but he had access to his vault. In case he ever let anybody get some money for him, just in case he was indisposed, he set a limit of a hundred galleons at a time.

It was easy to justify with the only vault that anybody should have access to being a trust vault and a hundred galleons were a lot of money for a child. The exchange rate to Pounds was one to fifty, so five thousand pounds were all Harry was willing to risk, thank you very much. Living with the Dursleys had taught him the value of money. The only transfers Harry permitted were the Hogwarts tuition, which was paid annually on the first of September, the Gringotts fees and the taxes going to the Ministry. He was informed that there had been attempts to have money transferred to the Dursleys, but the goblins never did so, as there was a stipulation in the Potter will that Harry should never have gone there.

Sadly there was nothing to do against it. Harry couldn't vanish in either world as he would stand out too much being just eleven at that point, so he decided to make the best of a bad situation. To get away from the Dursleys he would either need an adult to live with, and he didn't have that, or get his emancipation. He made sure to learn all he could about the laws in both worlds concerning emancipation, which he had achieved in the wizarding world, thanks to the Triwizard Tournament being only open to those of age, thanks to the stupidity of Dumbledore and the Ministry not realising that, and profitable occupations. His impression of the wizarding world wasn't favourable; therefore he decided he wouldn't stop his normal education. With his Barclays credit card he bought several books on subjects he knew would help him in the future. Not to mention pens and notebooks for his personal notes. No way would he use those backwards quills. For official assignments he got a fountain pen. That looked perfectly okay and would be in ink. He intentionally bought one that didn't use plastic cartridges but could be refilled over and over from an inkwell.

He had never been asked about his homework once. In the beginning he got some remarks that he should use a quill in class, but he pointed out that nowhere in the Hogwarts Charter or Hogwarts a History there was a rule that only quills were to be used. So he kept using his pens for his notes in class. At the beginning of second year all of the muggleborns had them too and a few halfbloods as well.

Back to his aimless wanderings. His goal was finding a place where he could use a computer for a while. It shouldn't be that difficult, but so far no place knew about an internet café. He looked over to the beach behind the high fence. The ocean was truly beautiful. It was the first time in his life he saw the sea, which was truly sad as he lived on an island. But he would take what he could get. He saw that a girl around his age was walking towards him. She had long dark blond hair and wore a violet skirt with a white long sleeve top. She seemed to be in thought. Then she suddenly seemed to notice something on the beach because she started rushing towards one of the doors in the fence. Harry looked down and saw that there was somebody in a space suit lying face down on the beach, washed up by the waves.

He followed the girl down to see if he could help whoever that was. When he was down he helped the girl pull the person further onto the beach out of the water.

"Thank you. It would have been really difficult for only myself to get him out of the water. I am Relena Darlian and who are you?" She introduced herself.

"My name is Harry Potter, nice to meet you," Harry answered surprised that she spoke English.

He had thought that everybody here would speak Japanese, which was why he had got a language course before getting on the plane. You could buy different language courses in Diagon Alley. He had found out that they existed from Corpnik and was advised to do two languages per summer so before his first year he got Italian and German, next summer it was Spanish and Chinese and when he stayed at Diagon Alley before third year Russian and Swedish joined his collection. Before the Quidditch World Cup finals he got French and Bulgarian, and during the short trip he managed to squeeze in before taking the flight the third day of the summer break Japanese and Hungarian rounded his knowledge up. But perhaps, as the daughter of a high-ranking politician, she was used to speaking English. It was the one language that was spoken all over the world and the colonies. And he had heard that the Elite private school around here had English as the main language, because the Alliance officers all spoke it regularly and their children were all going there as long as their parents were stationed at JAP base.

"We should get an ambulance; he must be hurt if he was washed up," Relena said, trying to get the helmet unlocked to take it off.

"Wait, this is how you do it," Harry said and demonstrated skilfully how to take the helmet off.

The face of the person in the suit shocked them both. For one it was a boy around their age. Next was that he possessed an uncanny resemblance to Harry's own looks. The only difference was that he didn't have a scar on his forehead and that his hair was dark brown instead of Harry's black. They could be twins otherwise.

"How is that possible?" Harry asked shocked.

Then the boy woke up and shot up covering his face with his hand.

"You saw it?" He asked, making them wonder if he meant his face.

"Calm down, you were washed up from the sea and we pulled you out of the water. We were about to call an ambulance," Relena said which didn't seem to be the right thing as the boy was looking around frantically.

Then his eyes fell on Harry and he seemed to be as shocked as Harry himself was about the similarities.

"Your surname wouldn't by any chance be Potter?" Harry asked the unknown boy, "I mean, from our looks we could be twins except for the hair colour."

"No, it isn't," The boy said.

"Too bad, it would have been nice to find other family," Harry sighed, "I guess you don't want to be found by the Alliance."

Relena looked at him questioningly. Harry had deducted from the behaviour of the boy that he was a soldier, but not the Alliance; otherwise he wouldn't be so nervous about the mention of the ambulance. The boy seemed ready to attack, but Harry by now knew how to fight. He didn't have that much experience as his trainer had been a ghost, a friend of Nick who had been a master in hand to hand combat, but he knew the forms and was great at dodging thanks to always having to avoid Dudley's punches when the whale was bored. The arrangement for the summers didn't include being left alone, except for when he was working on the computer.

"You should really go to the hospital. You could have serious injuries," Relena stated.

The boy looked at her now and his stare was unsettling. That he was willing to attack if aggravated was obvious.

"It's obvious that he doesn't want to gain attention," Harry told Relena, "Well, do you have some normal clothes under your suit? Then you could simply leave this place and nobody would suspect anything. I don't need any trouble right now; my uncle would kill me if anything happened that disturbs his business deal with the Alliance and that indicates that I was involved in it."

"Simply forget you ever met me. It will be better for you," The boy said and started getting out of his suit.

"But why?" Relena asked.

Harry shook his head. She really was naïve. He saw that the boy had a very basic outfit under his suit. Dark green sleeveless shirt and black tight shorts. Nothing to stand out. Now he was burying the suit. Harry really wanted to know more about this boy who looked like him, but he knew better than to anger a cornered animal. The only reason they hadn't been attacked was that they didn't pose threats in the boy's eyes. If he had had a gun, he would probably have used it just as a precaution. What had happened to make this boy so cautious? His eyes were a lot like his own, too deep and too troubled to belong to a fourteen or fifteen years old. Then the boy left while Harry and Relena stood on the beach.

"Why did you let him go like that?" Relena asked.

"He would have attacked if I didn't. He was tense and if he had had a weapon, I don't doubt that he would have used it. I practice karate myself and know the tell-tale signs of a body ready for attack. It was better to let him go. And he didn't have obvious injuries that needed treatment. Everybody is entitled to his personal secrets. I don't know what his are, but they are very important to him. Be careful for a while. If he thinks you could be a threat to his mission, he might move against you," Harry warned her with a serious look on his face.

"You think he could be a soldier?" She asked.

"What else? He tried to instinctively hide his face behind his hand to not be recognised; he wore a space suit and was washed up from the sea. That probably means he was in a battle of some kind. There are problems between the Alliance and the Colonies. Perhaps he is somehow involved," Harry pondered.

"But he was about our age," Relena said disbelievingly.

"I can only say what I suspect," Harry ended that conversation, "By the way, do you know

where I could find a computer that I can use for two to three hours on end?"

"What does that have anything to do with the boy?" Relena asked confused.

"Nothing, but it is why I was walking around. I want to take my masters in Computer Science and Physics in my correspondence course. That will take about that long, but as my Uncle is here for that business deal, I didn't have the time to get it done yet. And I would rather do it early into my summer break than wait until we return to England, which can take some time," Harry explained.

"You are already taking your masters in two subjects? Wow, you must be really smart," She said impressed, "I'm sure I can arrange for you to be allowed to use the Computer Science room of St. Gabriel's, my school."

"That would be great, thank you," Harry said happily, "When do you think I could come over?"

"Well, I would have to call the principal when I get home, so tomorrow morning would work," Relena answered.

"Alright, do I simply have to call in with the secretary or how is it done?" Harry asked, knowing that St. Gabriel's was an exclusive school.

"That should work," Relena confirmed.

"Then I will be there tomorrow, thank you again. Bye," Harry said and walked up to the walkway to go back to his hotel room.

Now that his problem with finding a computer was solved he would hit his books again. There were many things he would need to learn now that Voldemort had his body back. He was sure to be able to pass his tests tomorrow so concentrating on defences and ways to strike back against the man that was hell-bent on killing him would be the smart thing to do. After all, there was next to no chance that Voldemort would find him here in Japan.

And that was the first chapter. Until next.