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Back in Sanc

It took twelve hours until the group was back in Sanc. Once the White Fang had retreated, though some of their group had been captured by the security forces, next to the two pilots that Harry and Jonas had overwhelmed, a huge investigation had been started by the Germans. They were angry that such a big scale attack had happened in their country, when one of the most important events of the year was taking place. They had questioned all the guests extensively, which didn't please Jonas at all, as he hated having information about him in any kind of official reports, but it couldn't be changed.

He and Harry told nobody that they had been the ones to take over the mobile suits, and who now had them shrunk hidden in the inside pockets of their suit jackets, which Harry had simply put under notice-me-not charms to not answer unwanted questions. The German forces were already alarmed that the suits had just vanished after the captured pilots had been dropped from them. Neither did Relena or Noin tell them. Daphne hadn't been around, instead staying close to her parents, when Jonas and Harry had disappeared. She might have suspicions, simply due to knowing Harry's reputation at Hogwarts, but she didn't have proof, and a Slytherin like her never gave up information if she wasn't sure about it and couldn't gain anything from it. It was the opposite actually, she could gain more by keeping silent.

It was luck that the ones investigating had decided to first question the younger guests, to allow them to leave as soon as possible with the questioning having to be arranged, making sure that the ones that were injured in struggles got treated and so on. The first people were questioned three hours after the situation had been solved. Harry and Jonas had both told the officers from the German forces that they had kept to the back of the ballroom, trying to find an alternate way of getting out without getting caught by the White Fang. They reported all the things they had observed in detail, seeing no reason to not give them that information, which could also be gained by other guests.

As nobody knew that they were wizards, nobody suspected their involvement in the fights. And honestly, most people didn't know that the Gundam pilots were still teenagers. OZ hadn't made that common knowledge yet. And the ones called here weren't among the few that had seen the files of the Gundam pilots that had been captured and kept at the Luna base, from where Harry had rescued them. They didn't know if they by now knew of Quatre, as he hadn't been captured to their knowledge. Trowa had been discovered, but thankfully he had been out to intercept Quatre in Wing Zero before they could lock him up.

With both of them staying in Sanc, OZ couldn't do anything. And thanks to Jonas' slight change of appearance, and Harry introducing him as his brother, they couldn't simply arrest him at the ball, on suspicion of being a Gundam pilot. They didn't have proof, and without that, they would risk angering Harry more than they already had. There were cases of people looking very similar after all, even if they weren't related at all. They were sure that Treize suspected something, but, thanks to the virus on the Luna Base, there were no more files on the Gundam pilots, and Harry had checked how many copies of the files had been sent out.

To his joy, there were none sent, Lady Une had only reported verbally to Colonel Treize. It seems that while OZ had highly advanced technology available, it was mostly limited to Earth and bases on the colonies. Video calls were about the most advanced thing that was possible from a space station like the Barge or the Luna Base, to either a colony or planet Earth. They could only transfer date via storage media, which was done once a month. You could use e-mail on one colony or one station, but not transfer from one to the other. Open Space prevented that. There were projects that were meant to correct it, but, as the Alliance had oppressed the colonies and denied them that kind of technology, it would take years to accomplish. Well, it was to their advantage. All pictures were deleted now, and the soldiers stationed at the Luna Base were too busy with the virus to really travel anywhere else.

Once the group was done, Noin had flown them back to Sanc, where they all went to bed without more than saying good night. They were tired after being up that long and there was no good reason to not sleep for some hours, when they all knew that there would be a lot of work to be done once they got up again.

Trowa and Quatre listened to Jonas reporting the events of the White Fang attack.

"So, there is another group involved in the war now. As if we didn't have enough trouble already," Quatre sighed after Jonas finished.

"It was to be expected that the colonies wouldn't simply sit by and let OZ take over everywhere. Even if I have no idea how they could believe that they had enough military power to act openly already. The colonies, under Alliance oppression, didn't have the means to produce weapons in large numbers. And it hasn't been long enough that Une won some goodwill with the colony leaders to get started on some mobile suits. The most they have are the Taurus suits," Jonas added.

"True. Thanks to Harry deleting all the data on Mercurius and Vayate, OZ couldn't start the mass production of new mobile dolls that had been planned. I found out that Tubarov wanted to combine the designs in some way. I heard the name Virgo was planned to be used for this model, but he didn't get the data he needed. That's why he travelled into space. Lady Une also mentioned some really big project, for which lots of resources would be needed, but they hadn't started that project yet. They were still working on convincing the colony leaders to supply the raw materials," Trowa informed them.

"Yes. My father may have been the most outspoken opponent of the colonies being used as sources of raw materials for war machinery, but there were also others that felt unwell with it. As most resources of the L4 colonies are in possession of the Winner family, he was taken out of the picture by OZ," Quatre still suffered from the death of his father, which had driven him into building Wing Zero and with it the devastating control system that had driven him insane.

"Which leaves the question, what kind of power does the White Fang think they have under their control to make such a bold step?" Harry asked, "Nobody would be stupid enough to act in a big, showy way like attacking Romefeller's Christmas Ball if they didn't believe they could win. Otherwise they would have suffered total loss, which doesn't fit the overall set-up. They were quite thorough in organising the thing and if not for Jonas and myself coincidentally having the means to take out their two mobile suits, they would have caused much more damage, and could have got away with demanding whatever they were after."

"The ones that were interrogated didn't tell anything about the motives yet, but it hasn't been long since they were captured. And it might also be that only the leaders of the attack, which got away, knew about the details of that part. You wouldn't tell the fighters these things, as you never know who might get captured, as such operations never end without losses on your side," Quatre pointed out.

"We can only wait for more information. But I will start letting some computer programs search and hack for any kind of information on the White Fang. I doubt it will be much, as even I can't hack computers in space from Earth, simply because there is no connection to use, but anything is better than nothing," Harry stated, "Still, this might redirect the attention of Romefeller towards the White Fang instead of the gundams. While they won't stop hunting you all down, they will have to prioritise finding the White Fang and arresting them, as their own members will demand it. Which means, we gained some time."

"True. We can work on getting our suits ready for battle. I have relocated Heavy Arms to Sanc and Quatre's friends from the Maguanac Corps have sent a message that they are working on rebuilding Sandrock, which means, Quatre will have his Gundam back soon enough. I would assume that the hunt for the White Fang will at least give us three months, which is enough to be ready for whatever OZ and Romefeller can work out. I doubt that Relena can achieve enough in that period of time to prevent a larger war," Trowa listed.

"Sadly, that's true. And I doubt that my financial blocks will work forever. They will find other sources of money in the long run. But total control over planet Earth will be out of their reach, if they want to appear remotely legal. They could get away with their claim of freeing the countries from the Alliance oppression previously, but the countries by now are mostly ruled by elected governments, with the Alliance bases being their army and national defence forces. As long as the Alliance soldiers don't try taking over by force again, they can get away with things. And, as OZ has lost the moment of surprise, the remaining countries might actually work together to repel any attacks.

"Romefeller would need to consolidate their power before they could risk another strike. Only if they had far superior technology, they could risk a forceful takeover. And, they lost the plans for that," Jonas pointed out.

"Probably why they were so eager to have the scientists develop the two mobile suits. They had realised that their Taurus suits weren't enough to achieve the takeover, as they had been delayed too much by the virus that had spread to all bases on Earth. If those plans for new suits with the combined abilities of the Vayate and the Mercurius had come to fruition, it would have been possible for them to take over all the remaining countries of Earth easily. The shields would have prevented that the suits could be destroyed with normal weapons of currently existing mobile suits and the laser cannons would have made short work of opponents," Quatre analysed.

"Definitely a good thing they don't have either the plans nor the suits to get to that point. And even if the ones that assisted the scientists in the development will remember some things, they won't know the whole plans," Harry commented.

"We still need to keep an eye on things to not be caught unaware. Sanc will become a target, even if I believe that it will take some time until an attack will take place. It will depend on how fast Relena gains support for her politic aims on one side, and how fast Romefeller can find new financial sponsors. They realise that Relena is dangerous for them in the long run, even if she is now of a lower priority to them than before. White Fang has successfully made themselves target number one for a few months, as long as the Gundams lay low," Trowa pondered.

"Then we better get to work and create a net that they can't get through without triggering countless alarms that let us act before they can cause too much damage," Jonas declared and the other three boys nodded.

They had won some time, they shouldn't waste it.

Cyrus Greengrass sat inside his study, nursing a glass of scotch. The Christmas Ball of the Romefeller Foundation had given him more information about the overall situation in the world, some more nightmares of what muggles might do if they found out about wizards and witches still being around and living hidden from them, and a very special worry that concerned his oldest daughter and Harry Potter.

Daphne had at least managed to avoid angering Harry Potter. From what she had told him, she had had a nice conversation with him over dinner and while dancing, and now had a better understanding of his beliefs and convictions. It wasn't too surprising that the young Potter Lord refused to support murder and oppression of innocents. It was his right to decide what to invest his money in, and saying no to letting it contribute to a world-wide war was actually impressive. And, which he had to say, it was exactly what his grandfather would have done, had he been in Harry's position.

From a wizard's point of view, it was extremely dangerous if the muggles got better and stronger weapons. The more their technology advanced, the more easily they could eradicate the magical races, should they become aware of them. So far, only the leaders of each country were informed, not the military, and most countries had placed subtle compulsion charms into the offices of said leaders to simply make them believe that nobody would believe any word they said about magic being real. It would only make them appear insane, which would lead to their dismissal, which was every politician's nightmare.

He kept ties to the muggle world to be kept informed how much they might have found out. Nobody knew that he was a wizard. And he wanted to keep it that way. He could respect and admire the way muggles went about their lives without having magic available to get things done, but he also was very aware that many of their leaders were similar to the worst of Voldemort's supporters. If they could get away with it, they wouldn't hesitate to do unspeakable things to achieve their goals. Lives of civilians didn't matter to them. Only their money and power.

It was clear to Cyrus that Harry Potter was quickly becoming a linchpin in the whole mess. Both in the wizarding world as well as the muggle world. And that could place his daughter, who had admitted finding Harry Potter quite interesting, in danger by association. He wasn't blind to the beginning attraction that had been shown while the Potter twins had had their little dancing competition. And both boys were powerful. While not much was known about Jonas Potter, the boy was definitely a Potter to the core. And he was more ruthless than his older brother.

Where Harry would be subtler in his approach, and seemingly leave his opponents a way to get out without too much damage to their reputation, Jonas was a one-hit and you are down type of person. He eliminated his opponents in a permanent way and didn't feel bad about it. And both boys had powerful political support in the form of the rising star of world politics, Relena Peacecraft. He had heard that Harry knew the Princess of Sanc, but it seemed his brother was also quite familiar with her, going by the way the two had danced together.

And that dance had shown how well both brothers could control their movements. Jonas more than Harry. Jonas didn't waste any energy and radiated a noticeable aura of strength. Harry was more charming than Jonas, but nobody would think that he could be taken lightly. Harry was trained in combat, by now more than back during the summer break, when he first appeared on a ball in Moscow, and he knew that the boy was also very good at using his magic, which he demonstrated by leading that defence group at Hogwarts. And Daphne and Astoria had both praised his teaching skills as far superior to most of the previous DADA teachers that they had had. The only one that was called similarly skilled in what he had taught and how he had taught was surprisingly Remus Lupin, who had taught in Daphne's third and Astoria's first year there.

The man was by now outed as a werewolf, but he had never been involved in any case where somebody had been bitten. Instead, Dumbledore had assured the school governors, when they had demanded answers as to why a werewolf had been employed at the school, that they had taken all precautions in having Lupin take wolfsbane potion each month to make him safe to be around for the students.

Honestly, while he wasn't happy about a werewolf teaching, at least the man had known what he did and his daughters had brought good grades in the class home at the end of the year. Compared to the other people Dumbledore had hired to teach, admittedly, he had serious trouble getting qualified people by now, as no teacher had stayed for more than a year since the sixties, the man was a major improvement. And with wolfsbane the danger was actually limited. As long as the man locked himself away on top of the potion during the night of the full moon, he could live with it.

The Minister was scrambling now that the return of Voldemort was openly known. Cyrus was cautious, but didn't think that his family was an immediate target for the Death Eaters. They were purebloods and known to be neutral. He didn't like most of Dumbledore's policies and that was known. He would vote for laws at the Wizengamot if he believed them to be beneficial for the people of Magical Britain, but not because they were introduced by specific people. He knew that it wouldn't be enough, should the Death Eaters manage to take over the Ministry, but right now, there was still some time to prepare for the war.

It was a huge problem that both the muggle world as well as the wizarding world in Great Britain would be at war at the same time. But perhaps the two Potter brothers might prevent an all-out world war in the muggle world. For now, the conflict was stalled, but if he was honest, he believed that it would be at most six more months until the fights reignited. Romefeller's leader Duke Dermail, was too intent on gaining control over the whole world. He would find ways to circumvent the financial problems Potter had caused and then things would become problematic again.

Cyrus didn't have as much money invested into Romefeller's military program as the Potters had, but he couldn't simply cut it off. He needed the income and his contribution to the military part was only one percent of his overall investments. Most of his money was invested in scientific research in the medical field. After all, no matter what, people always got sick or injured and there was a lot of money to be made with new and better treatments. Not to mention that he could use the knowledge gained by muggle scientific research to create things in the wizarding world, which would then earn money there, as nobody would even suspect their muggle origin.

He would have to caution Daphne of getting too involved with Harry Potter before things with the muggles had cleared up. Not to mention that Voldemort would also be after the boy's head. And he really didn't want his daughter to have a target painted on her back, especially not when there were countless children of Death Eaters in Slytherin house, which would report anything they found out to their parents. These were truly troubling times. And most magical people didn't even have a clue how much danger they were in outside of the newly revealed return of Voldemort.

Noin got a major surprise when she found Jonas and Harry examining the two mobile suits that they had taken from the White Fang.

"How did you get them here without anybody noticing?" She asked baffled.

"Same way we manage to stay ahead of Dumbledore, who is convinced he has the right to bully us into following his idiotic plans," Harry countered.

"Ah, you're wizards," She understood, knowing that name.

"You're in the know then," Harry stated, it wasn't a question.

"I have a cousin that attended Beauxbatons. And as our families lived next to each other when I was a child, it couldn't be avoided that I found out about her having magic," Noin explained.

"Makes sense. Did you come down here for a special reason?" Harry asked.

"Just the normal check on the supplies for the Taurus suits we have here as a defence force for Sanc. While I support Miss Relena's goals of achieving peace through non-violent means, I won't stand by and watch how Sanc is destroyed by military forces from the outside a second time. We already lost her parents when the Alliance decided that they didn't want a king that advertised absolute pacifism opposing their policies. If Romefeller finally gets into a position to continue their plans of taking over the countries that aren't under their control, they will target Sanc and then we can't be defenceless again," Noin declared.

"True, but Relena won't see it like that," Jonas commented, "She's too naïve and wants to believe that she can convince the greedy politicians and war machinery producers with words. As long as they can make enough money with waging war on other countries, they won't stop. And it has been historically proven that even those that have no desire to be dragged into a war will be hit, as they don't care about innocents."

"I know that, which is why I have taken to protecting Miss Relena. I was originally meant to be a bodyguard to her older brother Milliardo, which is why I followed him into the Alliance Academy, but he's more than capable of looking after himself. Miss Relena meanwhile needs proper protection, as sometimes she won't see reason over her ideals," Noin said.

"Isn't that the truth," Jonas sighed, having experienced how far Relena would go, like her stunt of flying to the South Pole to see if she could find out from Zechs, who she didn't know was her brother back then, where she could find Heero, only to deliver a letter to him.

"So, how advanced are these suits?" Noin asked the two.

"I would say Vayate and Mercurius are more advanced in their individual abilities, but these suits are better in all-around capabilities. They wouldn't stand up against any of the Gundams," Harry summed it up.

"Still, I don't like the idea of the White Fang having access to something like this. Especially as they shouldn't have the raw materials to build them yet. The colonies were oppressed for decades by the Alliance until the Gundams were sent to Earth back in July. And it took years to build each of them. The scientists had to hide their actions, otherwise the Alliance would have killed all the people involved in the project," Jonas continued, "I was recruited when I was about ten years old by Dr. J. I know that Duo and Wufei joined when they were between twelve and fourteen and Quatre and Trowa became pilots shortly before Operation Meteor was due."

"Meaning, if they dare revealing this model now, they have more of them hidden somewhere. White Fang is a Colony organisation. As far as we could find out, their goal is to fully separate the colonies from the Earth government, as they hate how the Earth government has exploited the raw materials of the colonies for ages. It will lead to Romefeller also having to direct some of their attention to this group, as they won't let them continue their actions in space, trying to win the colonies for their plans in the way Lady Une started to," Harry nodded, "This might give the free countries of Earth enough time to get organised, but in the end, there will be a large clash of forces and then war will reignite. We can only hope that the civilians don't suffer too many casualties, as they are the ones suffering the most, without gaining anything in the conflicts."

Noin nodded. She had supported the idea of liberating the countries from the oppression from the Alliance, as that type of dictatorship hadn't worked out to the benefit of the people. But after finding out more about the real goals of Romefeller, she was more in favour of supporting Relena and her supporters in working on peaceful solutions for the whole problem.

The twins would certainly stand in the centre of the developments in the future. One way or the other. Thankfully, they were on the side of protecting the innocents from being hurt too much. Both were realistic enough to know that it would be impossible to save everybody, but they would give their best to save as many as they could.

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