Kamen rider ooo with something else

Authors note: okay recently I thought that well I had a crazy idea essentially during the final battle Hina was pregnant with Eiji's child, Eiji had become a greed but could control himself but ankh's core medal which held his conscious still broke and Eiji still left to find a way to restore Ankh's core medal but not knowing that the women he loved (it's fan fiction I'm allowed) was carrying his child.

Disclaimer: I do not own Kamen rider that privilege belongs to Toei now then on with this weird thing

The story opens during the mega max movie crossover with Fourze with Hino and Satonaka driving in satonaka's convertible mini cooper to pick Eiji up from the Airport. The two were discussing a new threat a Kamen rider from the future that also used core medals "so?" asked Satonaka "Have you told Hino San that he is a father yet?" "No not yet I haven't had the chance to." Responded Hina just then the car braked hard slightly swerving to the left the reason for this was that there were waste yummies blocking the road. Said creatures started to walk to the car "Hino chan stay here" Satonaka told Hino. Satonaka got out of the vehicle and started to use a birth buster to shoot down the approaching creatures but that didn't work for very long as she was grabbed by a few yummies restraining her. Satonaka looked over to see Hino being dragged out of the car and then Hino managed to with her seemingly superhuman strength but was not able to hold them off. Hino was then thrown to the ground as Hino looked up to see 4 more Yummies walking towards her until they were beaten down by Eiji "Eiji-kun" Hino called out with hopeful joy in her eyes but suddenly the future rider appeared "So you're Kamen rider ooo?" The rider from the future asked. Said rider then with a swing of his staff smacked Eiji away who landed roughly on the road, unmoving "Eiji-kun!" "Hino-san!" Both women called out with Hina running over to downed former rider and Satonaka firing at the evil future rider forcing him back. "Eiji-kun!" Hina called out as she reached Eiji. Hina then tried to wake him up but to no avail "Eiji please wake up. Please you have son you need to meet!" then "Dying so carelessly what a boring man" the future Rider said not caring that he had just killed a fellow Kamen Rider. Satonaka then proceeded to shoot at him again with the blasts just bouncing off his armour "If you want to fight me, remember this: Don't plead for your life. It's a waste of time." The future rider said but then as if someone answered an unspoken call "Wait, Wait, Wait, Wait!" and the speaker was Date Akira the first Kamen rider Birth but now using the prototype to his friend and student Shintaro Goto "The Fighting Doctor, Date Akira has returned to Japan from the other side of the world!" Date called out and then taking a few cell medals and the prototype birth Driver from Satonaka and putting said belt around his waist Date inserted a cell medal into the Driver and called out "Henshin" he twisted the knob on the right side of the belt and then from the belt several orbs scattered around his body and from them an armour wrapped itself around Date "Birth! You'll amuse me, right?" the future rider asked Date the two then engaged in combat with the future effortlessly beating him. The future rider then knocked him away just as a motor cycle came into view, this was the Shintaro Goto the second Kamen rider Birth and with his Driver belt around his waist he inserted a cell medal into it and called out "Henshin!" And he joined the fight even though he had joined the fight and with a better driver then his mentor together they were no match for the rider who had came from the future. When Date was knocked into the ground the future rider raised his spear (AN: spear lance staff anyone else know) and jammed it into centre of Date's belt and with the belts destruction the armour that protected Date disappeared. The future Rider picked the rider up and then tossed him aside Shintaro then stepped in front of his fallen friend and mentor and then activated his armour's second strongest weapon and then firing it but the Furure rider deflected it with a mere wave of his weapon and with another wave of his spear he sent a wave towards the remaining rider disabling his armour too. "Are all of riders in this Era this weak?" the future rider arrogantly asked but then the dark rider shuddered in pain from behind. He did this because standing behind him was Eiji "So you finally show an opening."

Author's Note: and done what do you think? Yea I know I missed out on a few lines sue me (Not literally of course) I had originally decided to make it a one shot but I'm a bit of lazy douche so yeah put your comments in the reviews share your opinions. No flamers please or I will set the bear Greed on them (yes I'm making a bear themed Greed because why not).

Once again the Idea was something that I had come up with recently and had wanted to try it so yeah your opinions would be nice and don't forget to share this weird thing. Thanks and see you next time.