Kamen rider OOO with something else epilogue

Author's note: here we are at the end of this weird thing. Time to clean house. Last time included the final fight with Kamen rider poseidon Miharu and ankh return to the future and Mezool comes back from the future to be reunited with Denjar and no sooner are they reunited they and Hina and Eiji are attacked by three people working for Foundation X who take the Poseidon core medals as they leave.

Disclaimer: I do not own Kamen rider OOO that privilege belongs to toei now then on the epilogue of this weird thing.

Eiji and Denjar met up with Kamen rider fourze, Gentaro who take him to meet the two in one Kamen rider. Kamen rider Double, Philip and shotaro Hidari who explains what Foundation X is planning. The five then transformed into their Kamen rider forms with Denjar using his newly acquired Poseidon driver and his own core medals. With double covering their escape the other three ran to where Foundation X space craft was going to take off. After releasing the first seven riders from their imprisonment Eiji and Gentaro snuck aboard the space craft and after a long-ish battle and with the super TaToBa core medals from the future curtesy of Miharu who had came back to this point in time to give them to Eiji as a thank you fro teaching him how to be a Kamen rider and other bits of luck the battle was over Miharu had once again returned to the future. And the modern day riders went their separate ways. And as Eiji prepared to return to his travels Denjar and Mezool stepped in saying that he had his son to look after and raise. And off they went taking the two halves of Ankh's core medals with them promising to return when they had found a way to restore Ankh to life.

Author's note: finally it's done and there's good news. That good news is there is going to be a spin off/ sequel with Denjar and Mezool meeting up with Kamen rider dragon knight (the 2010 adaption of Kamen rider ryuki) and they meet up with Eiji and hina who were on holiday and Satonaka and Shintaro were on a business trip/ romantic getaway when they get attacked blah blah big crossover story and lots of fights probably.

So then this is the end for now I would like to thank those to who have so far reviewed this weird thing and even if you haven't yet and thanks anyway hope you enjoyed it and Sayonara!