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Both teams plus Abby made their way to Gibbs′ house and ordered Chinese for dinner. The tension was almost tangible between the NCIS agents and SG-1. When they arrived, Gibbs, O′Neill, and Ziva disappeared into the basement. The rest of them sat around the living room, slowly eating with only a little small talk passing in between. Every now and then each one would cast a glance towards the door to the basement. Tony took to pacing nervously after discarding his empty food box (Tim hid the rest of the food), occasionally murmuring under his nose. Daniel was quietly talking with Teal′c, both of them watching the Senior Field Agent from the corner of their eyes. Sam was sitting at the kitchen counter, simultaneously typing orders into her laptop and bombarding Tim and Abby with other ideas for finding the hacker.

"What did your father want, Ziva?" asked Gibbs, motioning Jack and her to sit down, while taking a seat by the table with instruments strewn all over it, along with small pieces of wood and dirty cloths, dust covering everything.

The Mossad Officer chose to lean against the handrail by the stairs and was watching O′Neill cautiously.

"Father will be visiting and asked for a dinner with me," she answered, with a glance in Gibbs′ direction.

O′Neill also remained standing, arms crossed. His brown eyes were piercing Ziva with a cold stare, making her want to curl up and hide somewhere. In defense, she stuck out her chin as if challenging him.

"When?" she heard Gibbs′ next question.

"Next week."


Hers focus finally shifted from O′Neill to Gibbs fully: "He wants me back in Israel. Said he′ll assign another officer as a liaison to NCIS."

Jethro maintained his poker face as if it meant nothing: "Did he tell you why?"


"Did you ever gave him information about NCIS or any of the other US agencies which could Mossad use as an advantage in pursuit of their goals that involve the United States."


"Did he ever asked you for this information?"


Gibbs nodded and turned to O′Neill: "Do you have any other questions?"

Jack looked at Gibbs: "Yes. Would you mind if we speak in private?"

Jethro′s expression hardened: "No."

"Gibbs, it′s ok. Go make sure DiNozzo doesn′t eat everything," Ziva said, looking her boss in the eyes.

Jethro nodded: "Colonel." It was a warning.

"Agent," Jack understood his position.

"Officer David, I′m Colonel Jack O′Neill, US Air Force," Jack finally sat down on the stool next to the boat.

Ziva frowned, frustrated. There was something about him, she couldn′t put her finger on.

"What do you want to know, Colonel?"

"I have some questions, that are not part of this…" he waved his hand between them.

"Questions about…?"

"About Ari Haswari, your brother?" said O′Neill.

"Half-brother…" whispered Ziva, surprised to hear Ari′s name. She couldn′t believe it′s been so long. How he had changed, her childhood best friend. A memory flashed before her:

She was standing under the wall Ari was currently climbing, hissing in a low voice: "Ari! Ari, come down! If Mrs Lemberg catches you again, the father will punish you! Ari!"

"Ziv, don′t be a baby and keep watch! After all, it was you, who said Mrs Lemberg had the best pears in the city."

"Yes, but I didn′t say you have to steal them! Sarah would′ve brought us some if I asked her."

"And where would be the fun in that?" Ari grinned mischievously from the top of the stone wall…

"Half-brother," repeated Jack. "He was killed right here, was he not?"

"Yes," Ziva′s eyes fell, to the spot on the floor, where Ari last stood.

"…guess, you′ve trusted your life into wrong hands, Jethro," came the voice from downstairs. Ziva took out her gun and clicked off the safety.

"Did I?" was the agent′s response as she crept on the landing. "Why would you think so?"

"You have to know they′ll never believe I killed Kaitlin and the others just because I could, not without evidence."

"And you think you haven′t left any."

"Oh, I′ve left plenty. But with you out of game it′ll take months until they appoint someone even remotely capable of putting it together. And you know how it is, evidence disappears minute by minute. So, what shall I say were the last words, Jethro?"

"I′m sorry," Ziva spoke up from the landing, as she took the shot.

"Gibbs…" she started but didn′t know what to say.

"Officer, I know it was you, who shot him," Jack interrupted her. "It′s ok, I won′t tell anyone. No, I wanted to ask, if you knew about Haswari′s time in Iraq, 1991?"


"Did you know your brother′s assignment during the Gulf War? As his control officer, I imagine, you must′ve read his record."

Ziva started, confused: "Yes, I′ve read his record, but, if I remember correctly, he wasn′t in Iraq, during that year."

"Hm, where was he then?" asked Jack.

"I… I don′t know, I don′t remember his entire record," Ziva said defensively.

"And yet, you say he wasn′t in Iraq," Colonel said internally cringing. He was starting to sound like a Richard Woolsey. Jack sighed, running a hand through his hair, making it stand every-which-way: "Look, I′ve… met… with your brother in an Iraqi prison and… What I′m trying to say is… not a thank you for killing him, nobody should ever say that. But I want to say thank you, that you stopped him, even if the cost seems too high."

Ziva was mutely looking at her shoes, Ari′s face as she shot him, flashing before her eyes, knuckles turning white on her tightly closed fists.

Jack waited, carefully studying her posture. After a while he got up, "Should I sent in Gibbs, or maybe DiNozzo?"

She just shook her head.

Jack nodded to himself, Gibbs it is, and went upstairs.

Ziva heard the click of the doors behind him, still trying not to tremble. She was a trained assassin, she killed for a living. Something like this should not get to her!

But… It wasn′t just nobody. It was her brother. Her protector. Her hero. Her best friend.

She didn′t hear Gibbs come in. Only felt a tug at her hand as he pulled her into a hug: "It′s ok, Ziver. I′ve got you."

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