Naruto is the most famous franchise of Japanese manga and anime industry in the world, even though it isn't the best in its own genre (shounen), it is one of the best. I stopped myself from writing any fanfiction for years because of my poor knowledge of English language, but now I think I have to try.

This fanfiction gonna be Mature in a lot of aspects of it, this gonna be hard and heavy reading (even though I would try to insert some humor in it), also this is gonna be total AU, I will change a lot of stuff from canon:

Edo tensei technique won't exist in my fanfics, because this is too OP and broken one.

Sharingan will be toned down a bit too, and heavily changed because that type of Bloodline is too much

Byakugan will be upgraded a lot, cause I think that it shouldn't be in any way inferior to Sharingan, especially considering it is a predecessor of Sharingan, and a doujutsu of Kaguya

Rinnengan will be downgraded too – no more resurrection bullshit and soul tearing technique

And a lot of different changes I gonna explain along the way as story progress.

As for pairings and romantic interest of my main character (Naruto), they gonna be different and hard to point out, I won't reveal who and how he will end up with, we shall see where story takes us.

Again, this fanfic gonna be TOTAL AU, and nothing you know from canon can be applied to it.

***********************Story Start******************************

-Chapter 1 – Angel -

Mitarashi Anko was a fine young girl of ripe age of 14, in this world, girls of that age could easily become wives of someone and mother children, but this one in particular was a kunoichi with

a really hard life. Even though she was an orphan, in ninja academy she was considered genius and as such graduated early at age of 10, but that wasn't the end as she got promoted to Chuunin as only 12 years old girl, which wasn't that unexpected for her, being apprentice of legendary Sannin Orochimaru, which made most of her personal achievements not in any way praiseworthy in the eyes of majority of Konoha population. But her real hardship start at 13th years old, when Orochimaru invites her on special training trip, where she was condemned to horrifying experiments, and months later she was found by ANBU team. After she was transported to Konoha it took months for her to understand what really happened to her.

And here we are at 0007 year since Kyuubi attack on Konoha, it has been few months since Anko came back to Konoha, and she has experienced first hand what prejudice of people can do to you, the hate and ignoring of her very existence stricken hard, Anko remembered how people revered her when she was apprentice of Sannin, and the change has hit her hard.

The only bright side to her new life in Konoha was a nice man, by the name of Hiretsuna Sarutobi, oldest son of Third Hokage, and just as she was remembering him, she bumped into the very man himself

- Hey there – He asked with a little smirk on his face.

Hiretsuna was a pretty tall young man at age of 25, he wears his jounin vest and almost always seemed to smoke his cigar, smoking seemed to be genetic flaw in Sarutobi household.

-Im sorry – Anko shyly replied, she wasn't herself with this man, the only one who showed her attention despite her dubious loyalty now, due to not only Orochimaru betrayal, but also cursed seal on her neck.

-Wanna go grab something to eat? – He suggested.

-I would love to, could we go for some dango? – She inquired

-Sure, why not?! –

As they were entering a pretty good establishment, most of shinobi customers started hurrying to leave it not without giving young girl a few glares. Which didn't go unnoticed not only by Anko but by Hiretsuna too.

-Don't let them get to you. – He tried to cheer her up as they were taking their sits.

She didn't answer, as she was trying with all her might to concentrate on the menu. As an uncomfortable silence descended upon them, Hiretsuna was desperate to find something to talk about with teenage girl. Waiter saved him that trouble:

-What would you like to order?-

-Mitarashi Dango, please and green tea – asked, unsure of his response Anko

-Denpun dango and sake- that was Hiretsuna order

-Anko, you have to understand this people aren't really bad, it just so happens that your situation is really dangerous one, and there are a lot of people enraged because of what your late master did, not to mention those who are family to actual victims.-

-I know, but is anything of that my fault?! - She asked, despair clear in her voice.

-No, but their grief and anger is too big to be only centered on the one responsible, Im pretty sure there are a lot of people blaming and cursing Hokage too. –

-Really?- hope was evident now.

-Of course, as the son of Hokage I can vouch for that! - Happy to finally to recover her from her funk, Hiretsuna answered.

The meal went on as harmless chitchat unfolded. It was a good day Anko decided when she was going home, to her simple one room apartment. In the middle of the night Anko couldn't get any sleep, her mind was full of thoughts about Hiretsuna-san, he was such a good man, and she was getting more and more aware of her crush, suddenly she stood up and decided to go to nearest store that was still open to buy something to snack on, sleep wasn't coming anyway.

As she was trudging through night streets of Konoha, Anko wasn't feeling scared, cause Leaf village was one of the most secure place in the world and crime practically nonexistent in its proximity, soon she heard someone talking:

-Im telling you my next target gonna be golden! – Weirdly familiar voice said.

-Dunno, your last gig with that Kusa kunoichi was epic, you will be hard pressed to outdo that!- Another male voice replied

-True that, I mean you were practically raping the poor woman for months! And she just took it and even was grateful for that, how did you ended it with her, anyway? – Yet another male voice asked.

-Oh, that was actually pretty funny, as you know I saved some Kusa kunoichi from death and started relationship with her, she was so grateful that when I started going overboard she didn't mind, sex become more devious and painful for her, I actually tried every orifices of her body, and then after most gruesome shit didn't faze her I knew, I need to step up my game, u know, and then her friends from Kusa were visiting, and I actually raped her in front of them! And yet again she didn't protest much, her friends were outraged but they just left except for 1 guy, who turned out had a crush on her for years!- The same familiar voice described

-Ha-ha-ha, that's just sick, dude!- second voice laughed

-Yeah, I know, but hear this, I offered him to get blow job from her, and he agrees!-

-No fcking way! U-hahaha! – Third voice was roaring

-Yep, and he agreed too, you had to see their faces, she was crying and halfmoaning the whole time, and he had that stoneface that could make Hyuuga weep! Well, to keep that story short, he then left, and the poor girl killed herself few days later- familiar voice finished

-So, how is your new gig can beat that?!- Second voice inquired

-You won't believe it, first of all I guess you know about some little apprentice of Orochimaru we recovered one year ago?- he chuckled with mirth

-You mean that Mitarashi Anko, right?-

-The one and the same! Guess what, that little fcker has actually crush on me! I spent months cultivating it too, that was such a pain in the ass, I tell you.-

At the that moment Anko turned corner and saw who was speaking in some dark alley, even though she already knew who she will see, she couldn't believe her ears and then she saw him, Hiretsuna was halfdrunk with sake bottle in hand and cigar in the other speaking with unknown Jounins. At that very moment her heart broke and tears fell and she couldn't keep silent sob escaping.

All three men tensed at once, they weren't jounins for nothing and instantly they saw, beautiful young girl standing not far from them, crying and looking accusingly towards Hiretsuna, before any of them could as much as say a word Hiretsuna gave a short order:

-I will take care of this-

And two unknown jounins were gone as leaves from their shunshin were still dancing in the air. Anko didn't move, as the despicable man was closing in, his face was stern and now she could see new things on it, which went unnoticed for the whole year she knew him, his face has known every vile in the world, his eyes had sinister gleam to them and Anko felt dread filling her up.

********The next bit gonna be pure Adult Only, filled with violence and Darkness, please don't read it if you cannot stomach it********

He came close and without any word his hand reached and grabbed her by hair, he yanked her and started dragging towards alley he was occupying earlier with his friends. He throws her on the ground and activates some kind of seals before taking off his pants.

-I wanted to give you a few sweet moments before it comes to this, maybe even give you nice first time experience, but your luck is really bad kid.- His voice didn't have any bits of kindness in it, that she was so accustomed to, still Anko couldn't understand in her petrified state what was awaiting her.

Half naked with very much erect penis he yanked her from the ground and roughly turned around, then bent and ripped her shorts. Fresh air stricken her bare ass and she shuddered in sudden revelation of what is gonna happen next.

Hiretsuna appreciated the view of young and already pretty feminine buttocks of his victim before slamming inside her in one powerful thrust. Not to mention she wasn't in any way aroused the fact that she was virgin and scared multiplied her pain by hundreds and she cried out! The pain was immense it went through her whole body like a raiton jutsu! He didn't thrust more, he was enjoying her scream and now her silent wailing. But this wasn't enough! He had to break her, to destroy her! That's why he pulled out and turned her around before harshly pushing her down.

-You know, this is just my little fetish, I love crying women, I cannot get enough of their despair of your powerlessness, its just the best aphrodisiac in the World! - He explained as he was positioning himself in a crouch position in front of crying girl.

-I started talking to you only after I knew who you were, if you was at least half suspicious or smart for that matter, you would know that I was as bad as others the first time we met! You were just so desperate of your past celebrity status that you ignored everything else, stupid bitch! – He halfroared as he thrusted in her once again

This time pain was even worse, not just physical but emotional even more so. The dawning understanding the brief pictures of the first time she met him on the street and his fierce glare, she just couldn't take it, she wanted to die, she wanted to disappear. But Hiretsuna wouldn't have any of it, so he struck her hard in the face, breaking her lips, with a second more powerful punch he fractured her cheekbone. She screamed again and her crying resumed as delightful song for Hiretsuna and he started thrusting in and out of her, picking up pace. Just as he was about to cum, he picked up some shuffling and suddenly they heard scream outside of soundproofing seal:

-What the hell are you doing, Somebody help! – the scream was really loud and at least All on this street heard it. Hiretsuna was really mad that his fun was cut so short but even so he managed to pull out, put his pants on and say his last words:

-Im done with you, good riddance my sweet naïve kunoichi. – And he flung his kunai straight into her abdomen so her death won't be quick even in the last moment. After he shunshined away Anko's mind was in turmoil, the thoughts of why all of this was happening to her stopped bothering her months ago, but now she just wanted to die, there was nothing in this abyss worth living for, she just wanted out. She gave up. Anko didn't hear anyone coming close as she was close to losing consciousness her eyesight was fading away, but she managed to see dirty blond locks and otherworldly blue eyes.

Naruto was scared out of his life, wondering streets of Konoha he couldn't imagine in his wildest nightmares to come upon such a scene, he didn't understood fully what he saw, and it took him few minutes to pull himself together to make that stunt with screaming and rushing for help to pure girl. He wanted to ask her if she was alright but quickly he understood that this would the most cruel question he could utter, when he saw her broken visage and dead eyes. He could feel tears welling up and he took her hand, her beautiful and delicate fingers were lifeless, but he squeezed them hard and stared in her halfdead eyes, without any words he tried to convey hey his feelings, his compassion, his sorrow, and his halfassed understanding of what she went through, before coming up with things to say. He was just 7 years old orphan, without friends and relatives, but he came up with something genius, he said something divine:

-I will save you. – Oh, how Anko dreamed of hearing those words, those simple 4 words that meant for her more than Universe itself. Her first reaction was to lash out, to scream, why he didn't come earlier, before Orochimaru made her miserable, before Hiretsuna destroyed her, but she didn't have any strength to do so, and soon her eyesight faded, and the last thing she saw was brilliance of those blue eyes and while her consciousness was fading away she whispered one word: