-Chapter 4 – Art of the Mind-

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- Story Starts -

Jiraya was having a good time in yet another brothel, somewhere in Fire Country, girls were friendly and understanding, not that beautiful, as he would liked it, but not many can be even considered one if you know Tsunade! So imagine his surprise, when some anbu agent crashed his party and gave him envelope with Hokage signature. Apparently he was summoned immediately to come to Konoha. That was real downer, though Kyuubi was mentioned and that meant he didn't have any choice.

Coming back to Konoha after years of travels was weird, he had so many memories of his home, a lot of those bad ones too, so he kept his reminiscing for later and went straight to Hokage Tower. As it turned out his sensei were already waiting for him, with dark look and occasional puff of his pipe.

"Good, your patient is waiting for you in other room, let's go." – Without any greetings Hokage said.

As they entered said room, there Jiraya saw young boy peacefully sleeping on a bed, which looked more like surgical table than anything else. He instantly recognized Minato's son, newest jinchuuriki of Kyuubi, Uzumaki Naruto.

"So what happened?" – Hermit had to ask why he was summoned at some point.

"Young Naruto here, started hearing whispers, malevolent ones at that, I'm sure you can make a guess of their source." – replied Hiruzen.

"Kyuubi…" – With a hiss Jiraya let out wind from his throat as his worst suspicions came true.

"So it started effecting him, but why so soon?"

"That's your job to figure it out, also I need you to stop them." – After saying his piece Hiruzen left seal master to his work.


Few hours later Jiraya barged into Hokage's office and with just a glare sent some official out.

"Well, nothing unexpected happened, seal works as designed, and a little bit of demon's chakra kept seeping into Naruto's body, so when it reached appropriate amount Bijuu began influencing him." – Was Jiraya's short report.

"Did you place additional seals to hinder that influence?" – Hiruzen calmly asked.

"That's just it, if I try to, I will seal his potential as jinchuuriki!" – answered Jiraya a little too loudly.

Third calmly restuffed his pipe with tobacco and started lightening it up. After few moments of contemplating smoke as it risen to ceiling, he said:

"Then we have no choice, and will have to deal with his influence old-fashioned way."

"Which is it? Kill him? Reseal demon?" – Hermit asked irritably.

"No, emotional conditioning and hypnosis. So he can ignore any attempt Kyuubi may do to influence him." – was calm reply.

"You're going to give him over to that psychopath Danzo?" – Jiraya yelled in outrage.

"No, even though I don't understand why are you so outraged, my old teammate showed excellent results with his conditioning program…" – and before his favorite student interrupts him he continued:

"Mitokado would be perfect for the job, he knows all Danzo's techniques and is much more humane, which may prove to be essential in this instance." – finished Hiruzen.

Toad sage stopped himself to think over, his teacher's words, and couldn't fault his reasoning.

"I want to be able to monitor his progress and be here for him at least few times a year." – His tone was hard, as not to allow any protest.

And Third smiled knowingly as if he baited him to do just that!

"Of course, otherwise you wouldn't make much of a Godfather now, would you?!" – Sage stiffened from that job and seeing his sensei devious smile told him went there himself, and now couldn't refuse his own plea.

"As you command, Hokage-sama." – said Jiraya while bowing, to show his appreciation towards yet another lesson his teacher bestowed upon him.


When Naruto woke up he wasn't in his home, and the room he was in, somehow made him uneasy, he frantically looked around and saw shadow move a few seconds later Hokage himself was standing instead of that shadow, even though he saw shinobies do that all the time, today it unnerved him greatly. He was waiting for Third to say something with rapid attention his heart going bam-bam in his chest.

"Good morning Naruto, you don't have to worry, everything is fine, we just look you over to be sure you are alright." – His favorite person in the world said kindly with an understanding smile on his face.

Naruto let out air he didn't know he was holding and hesitantly smiled back.

"Ok, Ji-ji what did you find?" – was his first question.

"First of all you have to understand that nothing endangers your health Naruto, but we did find source of those whispers – it was malevolent chakra Hiretsuna injected you with, probably with some kind of genjutsu when you ran trying to help poor Anko-chan." – Hiruzen stopped to take a puff from his pipe and then went on:

"On another note, he somehow placed a seal on you, we don't know when he did it, or maybe that chakra did that itself, but now we cannot separate you from it."

"So you are saying you cannot fix this? You cannot cure me?" – Naruto was tearing up just thinking about what his life gonna be with that voice whispering nonstop…

"Calm down Naruto-kun, you still can fight it, and stop it messing with your head! ". Though Naruto looked unconvinced.

"Come in Mitokado." – As Hokage asked this, old man with glasses walked in and smiled at Naruto.

"This Naruto-kun is your future sensei and my old teammate, he will teach you how to stop those whispers messing with your head, you will also have another great sensei helping you out, though he is a bit too shy to introduce himself right now."

Unknown to Naruto that bit forced Hermit to show himself.

"Hi pipsqueak!" – Our young jinchuuriki didn't know how to react that extravagant man, his getup was so 'inyourface' and if you consider his genuine smile it made a big first impression.

"Hello…" – uncertain greeting was the best he could muster at that moment.

"I am number one pupil of this geezer here, best seal master in Fire Country and great toad sage Jiraya!" – was his prompt introduction.

"Khm, and Im Homura Mitokado your future sensei in the art of the mind." – Now introduced his second teacher.

Naruto didn't know what to say to all of this, so he went for polite response:

"Im Uzumaki Naruto and will be happy to be your care teachers." – He bowed politely while sitting on his bed.

"So, now what?" – Uzumaki decided to ask.

"Now Naruto-kun your new training will begin." – Was Hokage's short reply.


In the small room, with dimmed light, without any furniture Naruto sited on the cool floor listening attentively to his new teacher, Mitokado-sensei.

"Mind, Naruto-kun is the greatest tool in shinobi's arsenal, it ain't any techniques be they flashy or otherwise discreet or even your body, no, it is your mind!" – lectured old shinobi.

"And training your mind should be your number one priority at any given time."

This prompted a question from young shinobi:

"How can you train your mind?"

"That's an excellent question, how indeed?! Well first of all you have to understand that it isn't as one-dimensional as your body, it consists of many things: emotions, knowledge, intuition, consciousness, unconsciousness and the soul. To master one's mind you have to master everything except for soul, as this is something humans shouldn't ever delve in."

"Okay, so how do you train your mind?"

"There are numbers of ways, but the most effective one is to do this step by step, and we will start with emotions." – Homura took a moment to get his thoughts in order and continued:

"Emotions, Naruto, are dangerous thing for shinobi, for any warrior to have, so the easiest way to go about it is to cut them off or suppress them. But this method has its downfalls as emotionless shinobi is cannot go far though he is much more efficient in low tier ninjas such as genins and chuunins.

You see, shinobi has to have emotions to instill great drive for improvement oneself to become really strong, but to become great he has to control his emotions, and that's what we will try to do."

"Now, to control emotions you have to understand where they come from, which action or inaction cause you happiness or sadness, or any emotion for that matter, only knowing cause will you be able to understand your own reaction, and then you can prepare in advance for anything and keep your cool."

"So here is first question: 'what you felt when you saw crying Mitarashi Anko being violated?' and think carefully before you answer, I need only truth." – The question caught Naruto completely unprepared and if reliving said episode of his life wasn't bad enough, he heard them again:

"Mī śarīraṁ nā jailu undi, kānī mī ātma nā bahumati…"

Sharply intaking air in his lungs he tried to calm himself down, but before he could answer Mitokado said:

"Don't ignore those whispers Naruto-kun, listen to them and understand them, reply to them, don't fear them, as things we fear has the most control of us than anything else in this World! CONTROL THEM!"

Closing his eyes, Naruto kept whispering: 'swat, sowat, sowhat, so what, SO WHAT?!' and it really helped, he could gather his thoughts and finally answer his teacher's question:

"I was overwhelmed by sadness and that feeling you get when you look at beaten up kitty?"

"That's pity Naruto, it comes from compassion for all living things, we can associate ourselves with"

"Yes, pity, and…" – he was hesitant to say more, but his teacher was smiling encouragingly

"And fear… Oh God, I was so afraid, what if he did something like that to me?!" – he franticly asked, fear yet again consuming him whole.

"Good, now we know what you felt, and can distinguish where those feelings came from:

First of all pity came from compassion and its truly a good trait to have, for any human being, though there times when shinobi has to subdue his compassion to do things right, like for example killing Hiretsuna, do you agree with this Naruto-kun?" – His teacher inquired.

"Yes" – Was short and certain reply.

"Second feeling of sadness and probably loneliness you didn't mention, this comes from your compassion yet again, cause you understood on some level what that girl was feeling.

Third the most important and deadly feeling is Fear, now this you felt mainly because you didn't understand what was happening, why it made another human being so miserable and finally because you couldn't not only prevent it from happening but also most likely stop it even if you tried, the fact that you overcame your fear and moved forward tells me that you have it in you to control all your emotions, as fear the most difficult to master, but Naruto-kun, you have to remember that fear isn't always a bad thing, this is an emotion that kept more shinobi alive than anything else put together! Its good to fear, but it is bad when fear prevents you from doing what you must!"

That revelation didn't sit well with Naruto as he assumed his sensei was faulting him on taking so long with interfering and he started fidgeting trying to collect proper response, his teacher caught on it and tried to reassure him:

"Don't worry Naruto-kun, you did great, especially for kid your age, no one will dare to say otherwise. But now we have to make it so you may prevent things like those from happening!"

And Naruto's eyes were lit with such a great enthusiasm that Mitokado couldn't help himself, he smiled.


Jiraya was nervous, and as minutes went by he became even more so, because soon his godson and latest pupil will come in, though he understood why he has teach him nothing of shinobi arts and concentrate on the so called art of the mind, it still wasn't his expertise, even though he was pretty flaunt in it as was every S class shinobi for that matter. So while his teacher old teammate was teaching him about emotions his job would be to increase his knowledge and Jiraya knew a lot, Tsunade was unquestionable top in medicine and Orochimaru in shinobi arts of genjutsu and jutsu, but he knew the most out of all Sannin concerning world affairs.

"Knock-knock, can I come in Jiraya-sensei" – Was asked quietly outside his door.

"Come in Naruto, my boy, for I will show you the World!" – was his enthusiastic and somewhat dramatic greeting.

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