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Naruto the Absolute Zero Phenex
Chapter 1
The Golden Hero

"ONII-CHAN!" cried out a young girl around the age of six as she ran toward a handsome young man with crimson hair.

"Hello to you as well Rias-tan" the red haired man replied picking up the young girl.

"Onii-chan can you tell me a story please?" young Rias asked her older brother.

"Hai but what story do you want this time Rias-tan?" the red hair man said sitting down with his sister.

"Hai, I want to hear about the Golden Hero!" Rias relied.

"Ah but I've told you that one many times before" little Rias's brother said looking at her

"B-but it's my favorite story Sirzech-nii-sama" little Rias relied with teary eyes

"Why do you like it so much Rias-tan" Sirzech asked his sister

"Because the hero never gave up even at the end and one day I'll fine someone just like him and together we will beat you and nee-chan in a rating game" the little girl relied with a big smile

"Ha-ha well i look forward to that day my sweet little sister" Sirzech replied patting her head "now on with the story" he then said getting out a red book

"Once there was a hero born into the mighty Phenex clan but unlike his father and mother his flames did not burn hot instead it burned cold. Colder than any wind and said fire was a shining golden colour."

"He was said to hold almost unlimited magic, comparable only to the Ouroboros Dragon God. At a young age he exceled at all things, mastering fire, wind, earth and even water magic, devils everywhere called him the second coming of the Cold Phenex a title not given since the first Phenex head.

Later on in life the hero would go on to make friends with a crimson knight, a magical girl and a mysterious young boy who could make anything. The four of them became great friends often found playing in the woods not far from their home. But, one day, when the four friends where out playing they ran into their first fallen angel and worse, a squad of them. Shocked and scared, the four friends tried to run back home only to be chased cornered to just the edge of the forest. When all hope was lost the four thought they were going die, the hero stood up and started to attack the black feathered angels to buy his friends some time to escape. The three children ran as fast as they could toward the house to try and get help. By the time they finally got some help they find a sight they would never forget. The scene of their friend with wings of golden flame standing in the middle of all the beaten up fallen angels along with their leader who had a severe, black burn on his back, but what really shocked them was what he said next.

"Leave I do not wish to hurt you anymore" the young hero said. It was well know the boy sought peace between the three races.

Years later he would take on the role of leading the rebel army in the civil war only to fall to one he loved. In his final moments his body started to shine in a golden light before the whole forest he was betrayed was turn into a huge block of ice taking out the old Satan base that was nearby and thanks to his final sacrifice we were able to win the war and bring peace to the underworld. Legends say if you are about to betray someone who loves you then the golden hero's ghost will haunt you and that you would know it by the chill the would constantly go down your spine.

"Zzz..." came the sound of a snoring,tiny Rias who has fallen asleep after hearing her favorite story.

"Huh, she most of really liked my story" the red haired man said to himself "Grayfia."

"Yes Sirzech-sama?" came the voice of the maid known as Grayfia.

"Can you take Rias to bed please?" asked the now named Sirzechs.

"Hai master" relied Grayfia as she lifted the young girl up and took her to her room.

"Thank you Naruto, for giving us a future. I hope you have found peace wherever your spirit is" Sirzechs whispered, gazing out of a window that looked out at the Underworld's infamous Ice Forest. The same forest his best friend and brother all but in blood died in.

{In the middle of said ice forest}

In the coldest place of the forest was a large boulder of ice that was slowly starting to shine a bright silver colour inside the ice cube was a young man around the age of 18 with golden blond hair and three marks on both of his cheeks he was wearing a golden battle armour with the Phenex clan mark on it back. No one has ever seen this part of the forest since it was so cold anyone who stand even a foot inside it was killed by the absolutely freezing winds but what was really shocking was the golden sword sticking out of the blond's chest. Were there anyone to actually witness this event they would see the sword seemingly vibrating while releasing an ever increasing amount of light. Eventually, at the point the light would be nearly blinding in intensity, the sword burst into a shower of golden sand that hovered a moment before flying into the imprisoned man's chest. A single moment would pass before a small invisible pulse would be released seemingly causing to simultaneous actions. A long crack to appear on the ice and for the man eyes to shoot open with an intense glowing golden colour

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