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This was a bad idea.

A very, very bad idea.

Blaine ducked behind the clothing rack, peering through the hangers at his suspicious boyfriend-

Wait, did the store music just change to Katy Perry?!- No, stay focused. hiding from Kurt.

Shaking his head, Blaine thought back to the moment when he had decided it was a good idea to go shopping. Without telling Kurt.

-Earlier that morning-

Blaine woke up to the sound of his phone. He groaned, pulling a pillow over his head, before finally reaching over and seeing that Kurt was calling. Instantly, Blaine's heart skipped a beat. He'd never get tired of waking up to this.

"Hey babe, good morning!" Blaine grinned into his phone.

"Hi Blaine, sorry did I wake you up?" Kurt asked innocently, knowing Blaine could hear the smirk in his voice.

"Not at all, I'm totally still asleep," Blaine responded, quickly dropping his voice to a zombie-like monotone, "and you have disturbed my deathlike slumber..."

Kurt laughed, shaking his head. "Well then wake up, because my dad gave me back my Navigator, which means... DRUMROLL PLEASE"

"I'll give you an eye roll," Blaine quipped.

Snorting, Kurt answered, "Nice try. But we are... GOING... SHOPPING YAY!" Kurt smiled happily, falling backwards onto his bed, but being careful not to muss his perfectly coiffed hair.

Blaine's stomach instantly dropped. Oh no. "Uhh... I don't know Kurt..." Thinking fast, he added, "OH right I totally just remembered but mymommademepromisetohelphercleanthehousetoday after that, ahem," his voice lowered to a suggestive whisper, "that mess we made a couple nights ago...? So I probably won't have enough time to shop with you today, sorry."

Kurt's grin faded a little, but he sighed in understanding. "Oh. That's okay, we can always go another time when you don't have to clean up our mess-wait what? Blaine Anderson, don't tell me you didn't clean that up when I left!"

Blaine chuckled at the scolding tone of Kurt's voice, then ran his hand through his curly hair. "So we'll go some other day, okay babe?" Hearing Kurt's affirmative reply, Blaine ended the call with an "I love you", then sank onto his bed with a loud release of air. He had to move fast. Quickly changing into a nondescript outfit, Blaine gelled his hair, then raced through the hallway. He grabbed his keys and his favorite pair of sunglasses before slipping out the door to his car.


After Blaine hung up, Kurt inspected his ceiling for awhile. What to do today instead...

Thankfully, Kurt's drifting thoughts were interrupted by the sound of Carole knocking on his door. "Kurt? Are you doing anything today? I've been wanting to go shopping for some clothes to wear to graduation but my car's in the shop. Would you mind dropping me off at the mall?"

Kurt's eyes flew open, and his pulse began to race. He could go shopping. "I'll do better than that!" he called back happily, "I'll go shopping with you!"

-Around an hour later-

After perusing through his favorite store for awhile, Blaine finally found the pair.

It's like the auras of sushi, beaches, and small animals that are nice all rolled into one.

It had taken him a little longer than usual to shop, mainly because he had to be cautious near the windows-he didn't want to risk any employees from the Gap seeing him.

Or from the other store he and Kurt had been banned from for using the dressing rooms in a way they weren't supposed to.

Blaine felt his face tug up into a smile at the memory. In a trance, he almost held the pants up to his face to inhale the scent, but decided against it. It was almost as if this pair of pants, this amazing pair of pants, had been made just for him. Blaine was positive it would be a perfect fit, but knew he had to make sure. Grabbing the hanger, he headed towards the dressing rooms.


"Ooh, these are absolutely perfect!" Carole beamed at Kurt. His eye for spotting the right outfits was almost scary, not to mention the speed at which he found them at. Glancing back at him, Carole noticed Kurt wincing at the Gap next door. She smiled knowingly, recalling the story of an embarrassing Valentine's day endeavor with the Warblers.

Shaking himself out of the Jeremiah disaster memory, Kurt turned to Carole. "Will you be okay if I just pop over to a store nearby? It's Blaine's favorite place to go to, and I feel bad that he couldn't come today, so I'd like to get him something."

Carole nodded as she paid the cashier. "I'll just head over to the food court. Text me if you need anything."

Kurt bounded over, ready to find the perfect pair of pants that he knew Blaine had been wanting to shop for.

He entered the store, surveying the rows of extremely colorful clothing. Suddenly, he froze in shock.

Now that. That. Would look all levels of hot on Blaine. When I gave Blaine those red pants he wore on his first day at McKinley, why wasn't that in stock? Urgh. Oh well.

Remembering to breath, Kurt leaned around a woman on her phone for the pants in Blaine's size. Smiling like a fool, he nearly skipped over to the dressing room, when something, someone, caught his eye. Was it the unmistakable flash of unflattering store lights on hair gel? Was it the yellow sunglasses? Was it that oh-so-familiar whiff of shampoo? He narrowed his eyes. Was that Blaine?


What do i do what do i do what do i do

On his way to the cashier at the front, Blaine had felt that presence enter the store. Kurt's presence. Without even turning around to check because he knew his instincts were right, Blaine tried to subtly edge away towards the darker section of the store. All the while, he prayed that Kurt was only passing through. No such luck. Now, hiding behind a clothes rack and peering at his boyfriend, he could barely stifle a laugh when Kurt picked out the exact same pair Blaine had been admiring in the mirror not too long ago. However, the look on Kurt's face changed abruptly, on his way to the dressing rooms, stopping any giggles.

It's okay, he hasn't seen you yet. Maybe he just saw a loose thread on the pants or something, right? Blaine thought nervously. Not until Kurt's eyes narrowed did Blaine finally realize. He was all kinds of screwed now. Kurt had definitely felt Blaine's presence.

Blaine had the courage to look up, just when Kurt finally saw his boyfriend's unforgettable hazel eyes. In surprisingly quick strides that shouldn't be physically possible in jeans that tight, Kurt rapidly advanced in Blaine's general direction. Gulping, Blaine stood up out of his hiding place, dreading the talking-to he was sure to get.

Finally, Kurt was in front of Blaine, hands on hips, head cocked, and giving him a look that said oh-you-are-in-so-much-trouble. "Blaine! What on earth are you doing here?! What happened to 'cleaning the house'?" Kurt whispered angrily.

"Kurt, Kurt wait, let me explain," trying and failing to ignore how adorable Kurt was when he was mad. In one breath, Blaine said, "okaysoididn'ttellyoubecauseididn'twanttogetbannedfrommyfavoritestore."

"Banned?" Kurt raised an eyebrow, "Why would shopping with me get you banned?"

Blushing, Blaine whispered, "Because you always try on amazing clothes, and..."


"Well, uh, you always look really, really, hot and I can't help myself-"

"Oh God Blaine is this about the dressing room thing again-"

Blaine rubbed his forehead. "Yes." Looking down, he tried to lighten the mood. "Hey but at least you know I have some sense of fashion right? After all, we both picked out the same pants."

Kurt rolled his eyes. "Naturally. However, I think you could probably use a little help in the undercover element of clothes." He wrinkled his nose. "Were you trying to get caught with an outfit like that?"

Blaine feigned a hurt look. "I was aiming for nondescript."

"You failed miserably sir."

"You mock me sir?"

"Yes," Kurt answered, laughing. "So how did those pants fit?"

"Like a dream," Blaine sighed, "too bad you won't see me in these until Monday..." he trailed off with a suggestive smirk.

"Why, Blaine Anderson, who ever said that?" Kurt replied, glancing around quickly before practically dragging him into the direction of the dressing rooms. "I hope you don't mind getting a repeat of the dressing room treatment again... Because I'm not the only one who looks hot in the clothes I choose."

By then, Blaine was too happy Kurt had forgiven him to worry about getting in trouble. Not to mention, the way Kurt's jeans perfectly hugged his hips was extremely distracting. Cocking his eyebrow, he quickly pulled Kurt into one of the dressing rooms, locking the door. Just as Blaine turned around, Kurt pressed their lips together. Right before Blaine passed into the mindless state he slipped into whenever he was with Kurt, his last fleeting thought was spent hoping no one would interrupt this time.

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