Chapter 7 of Tris' Life After Initiaion

AN- This will be like a teaser for you guys. Its not really the next chapter but its something for you guys.

Recap of the last chapter.

Sometime during the movie I fell asleep and Tobias has to shake me awake and tells me what time it is. I stretch my muscles and get up to get ready to leave to my own apartment to go to bed. As I'm about to leave Tobias grabs my hand and I turn to look him in the face. He tilts my face and gives me a sweet kiss and wishes me a goodnight. I get to my apartment and get ready for bed with the idea of what is in-store for us tomorrow with our training in being a Dauntless leader.

Actual chapter teaser

As I lie in my bed I think of how my life is going so far. Which is kind of great. There is no war, I have a great boyfriend, I'm a leader of Dauntless which I never really thought about. In about 6 months we should have new recruits coming here or at least the walk through of what being a trainer would be like. I start to drift off into sleep.

I find myself in the training room with Tobias he has his knifes with him. I gulp when I see them and think back to the time where he was throwing them at me because I spoke out of term around Eric. Once Tobais sees me he smiles and walks up to me. I wrap my arms around his neck and stand on my tip toes and try to give him a kiss. But he stops me. So I pout.

"What's wrong Tobias?" I ask once I know he wont give me a kiss.

"It's time to go over the training schedual for the new Dauntless kids." he states rather seriously.

I sigh, "Of course. What do you have in mind?"

I see a glint in his eyes and freeze for a second. "I was thinking about the time you stood in front of the board and I threw knife at you."


"Yea. It can be a great show of self disapline and trust." he states while looking at me with a hopeful look.

I sigh and think about it for a bit. "I guess we could do it, I mean it does show alot of disapline to be able to hit where you want to. As well as trust from the other person. They trust you with their life not to harm them."

He pecks me on my forehead and smiles. I just sigh and think of what else we can do. I really dont want it to be like my time here. "We should bring some of the rules that you use to have Tobias. Where you could back out and it wasnt till the other person couldn't attack anymore." I state, and Tobias nods.

I think that now that we have gone over the basics we should be good. But why does he have the knife in his hand. So I ask, "Tobias if you just wanted to ask about the knife throwing why do you have your knifes in your hand?"

He smiles at me while staying, "I was hoping to help you and your posture on throwing knifes. Maybe we could switch it up and have you throw them at me and not the other way around."

I blink my eyes while looking at him with a stund expression. I would never have suggeseted that, I know I'm not as good as him. He must see the termoil in my face. "Its just a thought Tris we don't have to do it."

"No... I didn't mean to give you that thought. I just don't think I'm as good as you." I state honestly.

"That's why we have a dummy standing in front of the targget if you want to try." he states.

I look around the room and sure enough a dummy is standing in front of the target. I look at him for a second before agreeing. I start to get into possition to throw a knife and Tobias stops me. I look at him confused and he just chuckles. He places his hand on my stomach and lower back like he did during initiation. I blush at the memory. "Remember to keep tension here Tris," he says in a quiet vocie like last time.

I keep practicing throwing the knifes untill hes happy with my improvement. As we walk over to the table with the knife and guns, I see two water bottles and pick on up and start drinking. I finish almost half the bottle, I didn't even realize how thirsty I got. I look up and see Tobias tapping up his hands. I get an idea in my head and wait for the perfect chance to do it.

Tobias starts to walk to the punching bag and gets in postion to hit it. That's when I start my plan, when he least expects it I jump on his back. He lifts me off his back and pins me to the ground. As I hit the ground I release a breathe, "OOF!" Tobias just stares at me while he has me pinned, "What did you think you were getting out of jumping on my back?" I sigh, "Well not this for sure." He just shakes his head, "If you want to have a match fine by me." Tobias starts to get up and offers his hand to help me up. But I just ignore it and flip myself on my feet. We circle each other for a bit, I charge first but he easily dodges it. While he dodges my hit he grabs my arm and pins it behind my back. "You can do better then this Tris." He says while letting my arm go. I think about what to do next. I fake a punch to his right but then switch to sweeping my leg under his feet. Successfully tripping him and pinning him to the ground. I sit on his chest looking smug.

Tobias rakes his fingers through my hair that is framming my face. I bend down to give him a kiss and that's when he flips our postioins. "Don't celebrate to early Tris. Always remane in control even after you think you have won." Tobias reminds me. As soon as I concede becauase of my body starting to feel tired. That's when Tobias finally bends down and kisses me. While he's kissing me I wrap my arms around his neck.

Buzz Buzz Buzz Buzz Buuuuzzzzzz

I wake up to my alarm clock going off. I reach over and turn off my alarm. Once my alarm is turned off I sit up in bed and stretch. What an odd dream to have, well the more I think about it no its not. I guess I should start getting ready for my day.

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