Jesus the New Spring Time

Disclaimer: I never wrote the Bible

Christian Message at the end of this poem.

The chirping of birds fills the air with their music

while the daffodils, tulips, and lilies, open their petals to greet the morning sun.

The bears come out of their caves to hunt,

while deer tend their newborn fawn.

Squirrels scurrying to and fro to find any nut they can store in their holes,

and rabbits nibble delightfully on grass and plants until they are full.

The baby robins sit in the nest waiting impatiently,

for their mother to return with a juicy worm in her beak.

How wonderful is season of spring when everything is new.

It is a season that makes one want to dance with joy,

but something even more wonderful happened over 2000 years ago.

Jesus rose from the dead on the glorious day to give us new life again;

freed from sin, freed from death, for he took our punishment for us,

to save us from the punishment we deserve.

He suffered and died nailed to a cross, and now he has risen again.

He brought joy to everyone he appeared to;

The apostles, disciples, Mary Magdalene and the other women,

and especially to his Blessed Mother a woman no other women can be compared to.

Alleluia! Praise his name! Our Lord has risen!

For, the dead of winter is gone and spring has arrived.

Authors Note: We are still capable of sinning and we must return to the Lord if we want to be forgiven.