Chapter 3: A New Home

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POV: 3rd Person

Hugh awoke, waking up from a dream. He had helped two women that were a Gardevoir and a Zoroark. He smiled at the thought of saving two ladies by risking his life. He sat up and, all of the sudden, a weak pain seemed washed over his chest. His eyes opened a bit wider.

The dream. It did happen. Recalling the events, the two dreams actually happened. He lay back down onto the bed, looked around and started thinking.

'Wait. How did I even get in a bed? Where am I? Why am I awake at night?' He thought, almost actually saying it out loud. Hugh looked around. It was almost pitch black. 'At least being a Luxray morph had a bit of benefits.' He was in a large wooden cabin, it seemed that he was in one of, most likely, many rooms. It had a simple design. There was the wide bed he was occupying at the moment, a drawer, a window, a wooden chair and table with a flower vase on top of the table. It was dark, a bit too dark to see any further.

Hugh felt tired, even though he had just woken up minutes ago. Maybe because the fact that he got shot in the chest and fainted. He might've still needed to heal. Waving out the useless thoughts away, Hugh went to sleep, ready to awake to the sunshine. For real this time.

A Few Hours Later...

Hugh awoke from the dream he just had, facing the shining rays of light coming through the window. He sighed. 'It was good, it's a shame I forget about dreams quite often' he thought, stretching his arms. He was about to stretch his legs too, until he felt some weight on them. He looked down and saw something that surprised him. It was her.

The Zoroark morph shifted in her sleep, which got Hugh nervous. Fortunately for him, she didn't show any more signs of waking up. Hugh chose to ignore the urge to stretch his legs which may wake up the comfortable Zoroark. Speaking of the Zoroark, where was the Gardevoir accompanying her? She wasn't here, so she must have been in another room. His theory of any other rooms, check. Hugh then decided to look around the room in his spot. It was much easier to see, because it had become day and he didn't have to squint as much as he would in the dark.

He didn't see many new things, apart from the fact that there was now a wardrobe and two doors near the corners of the room and the sleeping Zoroark, nothing had changed since the last time he saw it.

Hugh sighed and wanted to either find a way to pass time, or wake up the Zoroark. There was nothing to examine or look at, so he went to tap the sleeping Zoroark on the shoulder. He stopped suddenly because of the pain in his chest. Right. The bullet. He lifted his shirt. He was different than he remembered. He was a little skinnier, but he still couldn't see the ribs poking out like they used to. Right. Just look at the bullet.

There was a scar there, it was faint, but still pretty easy to see. The bullet was not there, of course. Although it still hurt a bit, it obviously wasn't as much as the time when he was shot. By the time he was finished, he could not hear the Zoroark's light snoring. Was she? Hugh whipped his head to the side.

The pokemorph was staring at him, a small blush on her cheeks. She then looked like she forgot to do something.

"Hold on, stay here." She told him before leaving. He wasn't going to move anyway. The bed was warm. It was an actual bed too! Not a tree or a 20-year-old mattress. That's good. Hugh patiently waited as the Zoroark went to get something. About a minute passed when she walked back with a few other new faces.

The Zoroark morph was obviously there, walking in. Followed by the Gardevoir, a Lucario, a Blaziken and an Absol morph. They were all happy that their guest was alive and well. All of them were females but one. He shook off the thought. After looking at all of them, Hugh shot a questioning look towards the Zoroark, who smiled in return. They were all, except the Gardevoir and Zoroark, normal pokemon.

"Girls, and guy, say hello to..." She said, expecting a response in return, but got no reply. Hugh was deep in thought. How many people are in here? How big is the house? Will any of them hurt me? Wait, guy and girls? Hugh shook his head, getting those thoughts away from his mind. Then, he looked back at the Zoroark, who looked like she was waiting for him. Everybody was waiting for him. All these stares made him uncomfortable. They seemed nice to him and weren't yelling at the abomination he was, which was a change that shocked him, even though he knew the fact that they themselves lived with two pokemorphs every day.

"Um, sorry?" Hugh managed to say, still shocked at the previous thoughts he had. The Zoroark grew a fake smile.

"Your name. Luxray." She said, in a restrained tone.

"S-Sorry, its Hugh." Hugh stuttered out. "Hugh, the Luxray morph." He said, not really knowing what to say to them.

"Well Hugh, let us introduce ourselves." The Blaziken said. Hugh sat on the side of the bed, hoping that his memory won't fail him now.

"My name is Robin." The Blaziken said with a smile, happy that he would have a non-female to talk to.

"My name is Aurora." The Lucario said, sticking close to Robin. Perhaps Robin and Aurora were in a relationship.

"I-I'm Elise, nice to meet you." The Gardevoir said quietly. Maybe she was the shy one of the four. Last but not least,

"Hey, I'm Rose." The Zoroark morph said confidently. "Thanks for saving me and Elise." She added.

"Saved you?" Robin had said, shooting a questioned look at Rose. Aurora stared at Elise, who was at the back of the group.

"How come you guys weren't notified of this?" Hugh questioned, curious as to why he wasn't mentioned by Rose and Elise.

"We couldn't ask Elise. She usually just quiet, but she has been trying not to talk for a few weeks. We tried to get her to talk quite a bit before giving up." Aurora explained, half way done, Hugh interrupted.

"A few weeks?" Hugh exclaimed in shock, he was in bed for a few weeks? "Exactly how many weeks was I out for?" He asked to everyone in the room.

"Two or three," Elise quickly stated. "Anyway, we also couldn't ask Rose about it since she was in her room for most of those weeks." Robin said, finishing off what Aurora had started. By the time Hugh heard the Zoroark's name, Rose was already blushing.

"What?" Hugh said, genuinely surprised at the fact that a stranger would look after him. Then again, he did save their lives, but that didn't stop the fact that he was a little shocked. He stared at the beet-red Zoroark, refusing to show her face and turning her head away from Hugh.

"Somebody likes him." One of the other three joked, trying to cheer up the Blaziken, which of course was the Lucario, Aurora.

"So, I'm in Rose's bed?" Hugh asked everybody. Everybody replied with a nod, even the shy Gardevoir and the Zoroark who had put distance between them and herself.

"Oh." Hugh said, "Well I guess that Rose will finally sleep in a bed." He told the Zoroark who had finally calmed down, blush gone.

"So, would you like to eat breakfast?" The Zoroark said, already knowing how hungry the Luxray morph would've been, especially with being unconscious for quite a while.

With a simple "Yes please," the group headed to the kitchen for some breakfast.

A few hours later...

"Well, it's time for me to go." Hugh said, "So the Zoroark over there can actually get some sleep." He pointed at the Zoroark, with an appreciative smile. "Thanks for everything you guys, I hope I can see you again, this time, not with a rifle bullet." He smiled and started to walk off. Walking backwards, Hugh got a good look at the house.

It was a large wooden house, with many rooms seen from the outside. On the front, it had the large door that Hugh had just walked through. Small windows were on the sides of the house and every room visible. It looked like a modern house had it been made out of bricks and with a simple design. The only difference was that the house in the middle of the forest was made out of wood.

With a sigh, Hugh started walking forwards slowly. Suddenly, he heard some footsteps behind him. Knowing who it already was,

"Yes Rose?" Hugh said, turning around. Hugh was right. His guessing skills were always impeccable.

"I just wanted to tell you something." She said, as she walked forward. She suddenly hugged Hugh with a tight squeeze.

"I'm pretty sure you are squeezing me, not telling me something, but I'll accept this." He said, hugging her back. "Be careful on the way back." He added, as he was sure that she would be leaving now.

"Where are you headed to?" Rose said, letting go of him. However, Hugh froze for a moment, still hugging Rose.

"Uhh, no idea." He said, starting to regain his senses. Instead of letting him go adventure the world, Rose said something that Hugh hadn't predicted.

"Would you, like to come live with us then?" She said, anxiously awaiting for his answer. In shock, Hugh couldn't believe why he had omitted that prediction. So much for his impeccable guessing skills. Moments passed and Hugh was still a little shocked, thinking. By now, Rose had given up on waiting. Her ears drooped down.

"I guess that was a n-" Rose said, starting to walk away. Rose was stopped by Hugh with a grab on a shoulder.

"Yes, I would stay with you, seeing that I don't have a place to live in." He said. Rose slowly turned back to Hugh, with an extremely visible, failed attempt to hide her joy. Her ears perked back up and she had a gleam in her eyes. Both hugging, the duo went back to her home. His home. His new home.

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