What a Good Life Would Feel Like:

Chapter 7: Who are we, to you?

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POV: 3rd Person

Hugh opened his eyes. With a surprised expression on his face, he slowly realized that he was in a dream. Standing in a white space, the Luxray morph tried to think about what had happened.

First, he had gotten Rina some food he had cooked himself. She didn't eat any before he left. Right after he had reached the end of the corridor he had felt hungry. Then... Well… That was it. He hit the floor.

Confused, Hugh thought of why it happened and who would do that to him but he came up with no results. Still thinking, Hugh looked around the area. Upon closer inspection, he realized that he was in a square box. It was hard to see since there were no shadows but he could see the faint lines making up the edges of the room. The white box was actually pretty roomy, it had a large space, and it looked like it was growing larger. Unusual.

Too busy pondering, Hugh failed to notice that the white room he was in, now started extending in length while he himself was stationary. Not long after did he notice though, Hugh started running, not wanting to look back in fear of what was happening, and what would be chasing him. Regretfully, he did so, and saw the darkness following him, gradually gaining on him. Hugh never liked long passageways, but that wasn't what had scared him. There was something in it that frightened him more. A large hand floated within it. Not a Pokémon's, or a human's. It was a combination of both, a human's hand with Pokémon's fur. The hand itself was darkish-blue but the fur was white. (Think of a blackish Master Hand from Super Smash Bros.)

Hugh didn't have much time to gander at it as his pursuer creeped closer and closer towards him. Panicking, Hugh ran faster as he saw the hand move into a pointing position, ready to take a stab at him when he was close enough.

Slowly but surely, Hugh outran the hand though not by much. The expense for more distance between him and it, he was fatigued. As Hugh stumbled, he began to sway to the left and then to the right. He looked back to the hand right behind him. It was bigger than he thought. Moving backwards slightly, the hand thrusted forward at frightening speeds.


Jolting awake, Hugh saw that he was alright and back in the real world. Rina was crouched next to him with her hand next to his face, doing nothing but staring. Hugh shuddered at the creepy display but continued watching to see what she would do. However, it seemed that Rina had yet to register what happened as she went in for another stab.


Poked, just under his eye. Hugh gently took hold of her arm, and set it down. Hugh was now sitting, cross-legged, in front of Rina who was still in her crouched position. For some reason, Hugh felt weird with her being like this. She was staring at his stomach area, where his face had been previously. She continued to stare at it for a few moments, before looking up, seeing a friendly smile plastered on the Luxray morph's face. Without knowing, she smiled back, got up and started walking away.

Standing up, Hugh saw that Rina had stopped before looking backwards and running ahead, embarrassed at the recent event. Scratching the back of his head, Hugh spotted the unattended plate of food on the floor. Surprisingly, she had eaten out of it, as a small part of the meal had disappeared. Smiling, Hugh went back to the table to see Rose and Elise still there, poking at their little bit of fish left. Smiling, Hugh went to both of them and surprised them by placing his hands on both of their shoulders.

Both of them, scared, violently turned around to see Hugh smiling triumphantly as they stared at him with both angry and worried looks.

"What took you so long?" they both asked. Elise saying it worriedly and Rose demanding an answer.

"Well, uhh," he started, trailing off for a bit, "I couldn't find Rina for a while," he replied, a little happy with his answer. "But I got Rina to eat!" he continued, smiling. It seemed to not affect the two as their facial emotions remained unchanged. Actually confused, he decided to find a snack. His previously joyous face changing to a blank look, with a little tinge of sadness.

Nobody noticed as Hugh found what his new dinner would be and quickly changed back to his regular self. Being the person who disliked packaged foods due to the overuse of it by his parents, he grabbed two eggs and cracked both and setting it onto a hot frying pan, with oil already in it of course. Now cooking the eggs, he soon went to the food pantry and brought out a long stick of bread. Breaking a quarter off, he placed the stick back to where it originally was and went back to the frying egg, which was just about done. Bringing a plate out, the egg was swiftly placed onto it, and the quarter of the bread stick placed on the side. It wasn't a particularly good meal but it was enough for his stomach to last until the next day.

Satisfied, he set out on eating it. He noticed that the two girls were gone, most likely at the couch watching the television. Evidence of this being the two extra heads now accompanying the original two, who had been Aurora and Robin. On the television, there was a show, which was followed by another news report. Groaning, Hugh stood up and carried his small meal somewhere else where he could stay alone, his only recommended option being his bedroom. Upon closing the door, he could still hear the television through the door, talking about a 'special', missing 'boy', who had not been seen yet. That 'boy's' parents were 'extremely saddened' as the reporter said.

"Oh, how I miss that kid, I wish he could come back so he would coo- er, I mean to be able to love us like how we treated him," his mother had said, partly failing her speech and 'crying' like she had lost her 'child'. He was never her son anyway, so she lost nothing but a bundle of sticks and flesh and their instant chef. He never said that he hated it, he just didn't really like cooking for those particular people. Walking over to the bed, he thought about life once more, and how stressful it was to do so much. Hugh now sat on the bed, slumping on the wall. Will they know? Elise and Rose certainly know. Aurora could possibly know. Or he forgot that he could've told her. It didn't matter, as Aurora probably got the hint the first time she heard about it on the television. Now, only Rina and Robin would be left, but due to the most recent news report, it was now only Rina left to discover his past.

Sighing, Hugh lay down on the bed in a better position and began to think more deeply, placing his hands onto his stomach. After a while, Elise teleported into his room, he didn't hear it though. He was too focused on thinking about... His past experiences with depression. Most of the time it was probably severe depression, and what didn't help with that was his messy house and the amount of knives 'lost' in the house. He would've been a pretty good kid in heart, and all sorts of things like that, if his parents weren't trying to torture him, and make him their slave twenty-four seven. All the things he had done for them had only got him very few, and small, meals and punishments such as the whip beatings, things that made him feel like an animal.

Soon, Hugh started to think about suicidal thoughts for some reason. At one point, Elise had already seen enough.

"Hugh," she said calmly in an attempt to get his attention. Instead, it caused him to flinch a lot. Obviously surprised, the Luxray sat up quickly and saw her with a worried look on her face.


"What's happening? I'm feeling negative aura coming from you, and a lot of it too," she said, sitting on the bed, while Hugh was still processing what had happened. Soon, he came up with something to say.

"How did you know about this? Are you-" he started, assuming that Elise broke the promise they made previously.

"No, not at all. I'm not reading your mind or anything," she said in defense, then Hugh quickly tried to interrupt her.

"Then ho-"

"Don't you know your girlfriend enough?" she asked, pointing at herself and faking her disappointment, which the morph didn't know of. The Luxray felt bad and curled up on the bed, hiding his ashamed face from the Gardevoir who stared at him. She walked towards him and smiled hugging him which caused him to flinch, though not visibly. "Many psychic pokemon are capable of looking at the energies and auras of other pokemon. Or humans... Or both. To do this, the psychic pokemon must have a teacher who has already mastered aura. In this case, it was Aurora." Hugh nodded, still curled up in a ball but also listening. "So, back to my question," she said, letting go of him which made it possible for the boy to uncurl and sit up so he could listen intently to what she was going to say.

"What's with the negative aura?" Hugh hesitated for a moment, before replying.

"Just thinking of the past, the experiences with depression I had, which was most of my life, the only times not in depression was during the child years and when I came here," he explained. Elise understood the reason. He continued on, and without really realizing it, tilted his head down into a thinking position. "I was forced to do things basically twenty-four seven, with only limited amounts of food per day. The only times where I got free time was during the time I was supposed to be sleeping, both at night at the morning, and during the time I ran away go my transformed-attic room. They didn't last long though, I would have to receive punishment if I retreated to my room and if they had caught me sleeping late, or waking early. They would make the rest of the time, before and after sleep, work times instead," he finished, drawing a large sigh. He looked up at Elise, who had her look of concern on her face. Despite being able to read minds and do all the clever things psychics would be able to do, she still looked genuinely concerned. She then smiled, attempting to lift up his spirit and said,

"Then, we have lots to do to turn your bad life into a good one! And all of us will help, no matter what." Smiling, Hugh nodded then hugged her once again.

"Thanks, it's already good so far, thanks to you, Rose and everyone else here," he said, then planted a small kiss on her cheek to show his thanks to her once again. Smiling, Elise walked out of the room, already feeling the positive aura from the boy, and telling him;

"We should head to the others. I'm sure they've noticed that you and I have been gone for half an hour." Hugh stood up to follow her but he soon remembered about the meal he had created thirty minutes ago. He stared at it for a while, before picking the plate up and bringing it outside, letting smaller pokemon feast on it whenever they came. Coming back in with the plate, he placed the dish in the sink and walked to the place everybody was still in: the lounge room.

They were no longer watching anything, but playing some game, all with different controllers. Even Rina was there. Walking over, he saw that the game was called Super Smash Brothers for Wii U. Surprisingly, they were all actually playing. Not one left out. Soon, Rose lost all her stocks as Greninja, then saw Hugh watching. Inviting him down to the couches, she gave him a controller, one he knew as a game cube controller. Finding a place to sit, which was amazingly next to both Rose and Elise, each on one side, he decided to spectate Elise, who turned out to be playing as Yoshi. She was up against Robin and Aurora, both of them being Lucarios. Hitting them both off stage, she baited the counter, and while they were still in the air, meteor smashed both of them into the abyss that was waiting for them off stage. Groaning, they waited for the game to end. Then, Rina was last, as Lucina. The game lasted for a while, and both of them, were at 145% and almost gone. Suddenly, Rina had shield broken Elise. The game would be over in one hit, so Elise just gave up. Sharing a laugh with everyone, Rina had just only noticed that Hugh had been watching. This time, she waved at him. The Luxray waved back and they all started again, with Hugh included.

Deciding to play someone else, Hugh picked Lucas, which was apparently one of the DLC characters. So now, they played on a large map, and everybody started off. Hugh was trying to learn all the mechanics involved, some he had already learnt was teching and fast falling, as well as all the basics such as recovery options. Once Hugh felt confident, he decided to join in from the tiny corner of the screen. Quickly, he had meteor smashed almost everyone with his down air, as well as his back air which he loved very much. Hugh could already tell that the people around him were surprised, especially Robin.

The last three people remained, being obviously Hugh, Rose and Elise. The one in danger the most was Hugh, with his last stock on 97%. Whereas the other two, were on their second to last stock with 50%. He decided to give up to the two ladies who had saved him from his parents, as well as death in the wild. Slowly, he walked off the stage, and Lucas fell into the darkness. Well, it was made faster by Elise dunking him, making him plummet towards the bottom. Throwing his hands up, and letting go of the controller, he exclaimed;

"Woah Elise! No need to brutally murder me, I was giving up anyways." Elise only replied with a giggle, then continued to face off against Rose, the Greninja. After a while, both Rose and Elise decided to call it a draw, after somehow having 2 sudden death rounds in one match! Standing, stretching then yawning, Hugh told everyone;

"I really had a lot of fun, but I guess it's been a while since we got out," he started, looking at everyone, then out the window. "So… I'm gonna go take a walk outside. Anyone want to come?" he asked. Both Rose and Elise stood up, excited for the time they would get to spend some time with the Luxray. Robin was too busy practicing some SSB4, muttering some things, and had Aurora help him with the practice. Rina was nowhere to be seen, although they had just played one game.

Hugh ran to his room, planning on taking some things along with him such as a first aid kit. He didn't want anything to happen to his 'girls'. Ready, he saw Rose and Elise waiting near the door. They saw the first aid kit but chose to ignore it.

Stepping outside and breathing in the air, he began to walk alongside Rose and Elise who were already ahead. Catching up, he heard them talking about where they met him, and as soon as he came near, the voices hushed down into quiet whispers. After a while, Rose spoke up.

"Anyways," Rose began, turning around so she faced Hugh, "Why did you do it?" Seeing her face, a little serious, Hugh decided to answer truthfully.

"I felt that I wasn't important to the world and everything would go better if I disappeared. So I made you and Elise a priority, putting myself into danger," he started, lowering his head down a little to think. "I wouldn't want anyone to get hurt, especially when I do feel that I'm useless. I'd rather die trying to save someone than by my own hands. Unless it's the attacker of course, but I would feel happy for the last time if I do so, it would make me feel like there was a reason for living," he said, then looked up at the two girls. "So, I did it for you guys. At that time, I would've imagined that both of you would escape and leave me behind to either die or suffer in an attempt to stay alive. But you didn't run. You probably were unable to move because of shock. So I decided to at least hold him off. And that decision, led me to know both of you, which eventually changed my life and made me feel like I have a reason for being alive." Hugh smiled, seeing how meaningful it is. The girls grinned at his words, then continued on their way.

"So, what do you think of us?" Elise asked. Hugh paused for a bit before replying,

"Both of you… are the two most important people in my life. Both of you saved me. And so, I have to do as much as I can to enjoy and live this life. And to repay both of you, I must do as much as I can for you," he replied in a soft and calm tone that he himself did not know was possible for him to do. The group stopped moving, and instead started to become a little chat triangle. Elise was thinking, then suddenly looked like she remembered something.

"I guess that applies to us then," Elise proposed, "Since we got saved by you too."

"I guess we both have to do the same," Rose added, smiling. The trio shared a little laugh. Then, Rose asked the question again, altering the wording it.

"So, Hugh, except from the people who saved you, or anything like that, what do you really think of us? Who are we to you?" A second passed, and Hugh smiled.

"The two women I will always love, and the two I want to be with for the rest of my life," the Luxray pokemorph said, moving swiftly toward them and pulling them into a three-person-hug. The duo were shocked, looking at each other. It was a simple answer, but it meant much to them both.

Rose smiled then hugged him back, Elise following suit. It had lasted for a few minutes, before they broke apart. After that, Hugh noticed it was night, given that he was staring at a black, starry sky. He stared at its beauty for a moment, before returning back home with the other two who were a little ahead of him.

Back at the house...

Upon entering the house, the trio saw an improved Robin and Aurora, practicing their combos in a team with each other. Robin noticed, turned around, and said;

"Hey Hugh! Are you ready? To get THRASHED?" he asked, shouting the last word. Hugh didn't flinch as Robin expected, but only yawned on the spot.

"Sorry. I'm pretty tired here. Perhaps tomorrow?" the Luxray suggested, his face barely showing any emotion. Only showing signs of being tired. Really tired. Robin didn't notice though, and shouted even more.

"Alright, tomorrow, we'll settle this, once and for all!" he yelled, pointing at the poor boy who was wincing because of all the noise the other was making.

"Yeah, yeah," he waved, walking off towards his room, slowly opening and closing the door. Hugh went to the bathroom, and took a quick shower to wash all the sweat and the smell of the forest off of him. With just a blue shirt and black boxers, he flipped onto the bed, and began to think about the long day. Hands on the back of his head, he soon heard the door creak open. He held his head up, and saw both Elise's and Rose's head pop through the gap.

"Can we?" Elise started, before shrinking a bit. Rose decided to finish her sentence,

"Could we sleep with you?" she asked, before putting on an embarrassed face. Hugh smiled, then told them simply:

"Go ahead." Rose fully opened the door, revealing both of them in their sleeping clothes. They both walked to the bed and lay down on both sides of the bed, facing him. Unexpectedly, Hugh slid his arms underneath them and hugged them both, bringing them closer to him.

Slowly, Hugh felt his eyes become heavier, before he had fully closed them, letting him have one last ability before he really fell to the dream world. To think.

'I'm glad, that now, I have a good life,' he thought, 'I have a proper home, family, and now, I have two women who I love. I'm glad they don't fight.' Hugh could feel the two bodies next to him, both slightly breathing on him. The girls he loved, sleeping beside him. How his time here had been in a short time. How much fun they had, and how many times they had been together.

'Today was a big day. Let's hope that tomorrow could be something like this.' he thought. With that, the Luxray, finally fell asleep.

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"It ain't the end of the chapter..."

Sometime after...

Floating in a white space, Hugh had just remembered where he had seen this before. In his previous dream. Hugh decided to wander around, and maybe, possibly, find a way out instead of getting poked by a giant hand. So, he searched for every single thing that wasn't white, which he found out to be only, himself. Not even his shadow was present. Sighing, he fell onto his bottom, then lay flat on the white world. He only wished to see the ones he loved. He cursed quietly, seeing that those dream tricks in the movies and stuff like that, don't really work. What he didn't notice though, was that he was standing for some reason. Soon, he saw that, and he spun around, hoping to see anything that changed. Nothing had changed, but one thing. His wish in that world, became true. He saw Elise and Rose's lips break out into smiles, and they ran toward him. He ran as well, excited to see them again. He blinked, then suddenly hit something, hard.

Hugh stumbled back, and grunted, holding his nose in pain. His eyes shut tight to at least lessen the pain but it quickly went away instead. Now he was in a room he had not recognized before. He was in a black room, with the edges of said room, glowing and showing a bit of light. Nothing else happened, until the wall in front of him, suddenly turned into a large, projected screen.

There, he had seen that the girls were awake, so Hugh found out that the person who was being played in first person, was him. He continued watching.

The screen Hugh, walked outside his room, with the girls ahead of him. Everything seemed normal, Robin was once again playing Super Smash Bros on the Wii U with Aurora, both laughing. Everything was fine. Even though he could not hear anything but the faint humming sound in the background, everything was fine. Was it?

The screen Hugh continued on, talking to everyone but Rina who was once again nowhere to be seen. After a small speech, Dream Hugh heard a cheer, then saw the Screen Hugh began moving to the kitchen, where a whole fridge, was sorted with berries, meats, fruits and a few others. After searching for a while, both Rose and Elise came up, smiling, then saying a few words. Screen Hugh nodded, and reached toward the berries in the fridge, before something happened.

Wincing, Hugh covered his ears to get the loud noise of knocking, out. He looked at the Screen, still covering his ears. Finally hearing nothing, he let go of his left ear, and found out that the knocking had been hard to hear now. Hugh looked at Elise and Rose, who both looked confused, and worried.

Slowly, Hugh went towards the door, and yelled out something. Looking at the duo, and back at the door, he opened it to see a red figure in the door-ste...









Grunting a little, he saw that the sky was still dark, as if he had only slept for an hour. Hugh tried to recall what happened. The dream. It happened again.

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