So I don't remember who it was, but someone requested an add on to this story, so I complied...and added a plot twist :D Hope you enjoy!

You ran a hand through your hair as a man sat down next to you. You didn't notice his presence until he spoke up, "Feeling alright?"

You turned to look at him slowly. Your head felt heavy and you felt like you were going to be sick. The only noise that came out of your mouth was a groan from the back of your throat. He chuckled lightly and ran a hand up and down your back. Your body automatically leaned into his embrace, the action soothing and stopping the dizziness.

"Come on, why don't I take you home?" he offered, already extending an open arm for you. You didn't hesitate to lazily lock arms with him as he helped you up. Your head rested against the man's solid bicep as he led you out of the tavern. And despite how much your heart wrenched at the idea, you spared one last glance at Shay.

He didn't even notice you leaving. With another man to boot.

The door swung open in front of you and you were outside before you could dwell anymore on what happened last night. The stranger led you away from the tavern slowly, making sure you could keep up with him.

The two of you walked in silence; pedestrians passed by with blurs for faces and mumbles for voices as you tried to keep your legs from giving out. You passed by an old church and some vaguely familiar buildings before a red flag rose in your head.

The Morrigan was the other way.

"Wait," you slurred, trying to stop. He jerked you along. You sloppily tried to pull away. "We're going the wrong way," you whined, tugging at his arm as hard as you could.

He looked over his shoulder at you with a feral look, an evil glint in his eye. You then spotted the insignia on his earring. Assassin.

The Assassin jerked you towards him, hand coming over your mouth as you tried to scream and pull away. "Shhhh!" he chuckled. You could smell the alcohol on him. "We're going to have some fun!"

Your mental state was quickly sobering up as the adrenaline kicked in. Your elbow collided with the Assassin's ribs as hard as it could and he briefly loosened his grip around you. "Shay-!" His hand clamped over your mouth but you pulled it away to scream again. "SHAY!" The Assassin growled and grabbed you again, one hand clenching your neck in a vice as he began to drag you down the alley way. You kicked and squirmed as much as you could. Your lungs began to burn in a matter of seconds as the air depleted inside.

So this was the end; being murdered by the Assassins.

And Shay wouldn't find out until it was too late.

Looking back, you had just wished you were never jealous; that you walked over to him and sat down on his lap, pushed those sluts away, commanded his attention on you.

But that would never happen now.

Your eyes began to close now…


"Here he comes!"

"Get HIM!"

Your eyes shot open as more Assassins descended around you, facing a black figure running full force towards you. A smoke bomb went off and he disappeared. Shay!

"SHAY!" you screamed aloud again.

"We got 'em now, boys!" the Assassin restraining you yelled, mostly in your ear. Your blood began to boil now. Your elbow collided with his ribs in the same spot as before, and you could've sworn that you heard a distinct CRACK following this. He yelped and let go of you. You ran away from the group of Assassins.

"Get her!" Your ears were now roaring with pounding blood. You could barely breathe as the gas from the smoke bomb stung your eyes and lungs, but somehow you were still running. Swords were clashing in the next incident, followed by blood flying and bodies falling. Explosions and yells swam through your ears; the dark clouds blinded you. You felt an arm wrap around your waist and swiftly scoop you up into a pair of strong arms covered by a worn leather coat. The person carrying you hastily ran out of the alley way and sharply turned a corner where a convenient hay bale was laying in a deserted cart. The person jumped in, still holding you close to them.

Your lungs burned as the air came and left in heavy gasps and coughing fits. Tears ran down the sides of your face as you lay in the hay, staring at the straw above and around you. Looking to your side, you saw Shay rip away his gas mask, breathing just as heavily as you were. He turned to look at you. The worry and fright clouded his eyes and made yours water up and sting again.

"Hey," he huffed out, chest rising and falling just as fast and hard as yours. The tears gush out of your eyes as you try to keep yourself from sobbing. He grabs your arm and jerks you towards him in one swift movement. You don't try to resist as he cuts off the sob that almost left your mouth with his. His kisses are forceful and desperate, almost as if you two were going to be ripped apart at any moment with his hands running up your sides and your fingers running through his hair, gripping the collar of his coat. The kisses are anything but attractive as teeth gnaw and clash and scrape against each other.

He pulls away first and rests his forehead against yours. Your noses brush against each other and you breathe in each other's air. You felt pleasantly light headed as he held you and your eyes kept watering. "I'm sorry, Shay," you choke out. Your voice was hoarse and forming words sparked small fires at the back of your throat. The words however kept flooding out. "So sorry. I'm so sorry…"

"I…" he huffed. His hand came up and brushed away the vagrant strands from your face, hand cupping it. You leaned into his touch upon instinct. "I came as soon as I could. Those women...they used to be my informants for around town...they…" Shay shook his head and pressed his forehead back to yours. He closed his eyes in pain and sighed. "I'm so sorry."

You cupped his face with both hands. You smiled at him, just happy to see him as more tears brimmed in your eyes. Your name fell off of his lips in a breathless manner; he stared at you with widened eyes. You leaned and kissed him firmly just when he was about to speak up again. Shay pulled you towards him with a content groan and wrapped his arms around you, pressing you flush against his body. After that, you never had any more doubts as to what you meant to him. He always brought you home no matter what.