Energon stained the floor, coloring it a pale, glowing blue. A violet mech watched as his colleague worked on the yellow Autobot, not making a sound. A moment later, Knockout turned around, dusting his servos.

"Soundwave," he said, addressing te violet Decepticon. "Do you want to help? I have to go buff my finish."

Beneath his visor, Soundwave smiled. He played back Knockout's own words. "Do you want to help?" Then he nodded. Knockout moved to let him pass. Soundwave did not look as the red mech left the med. bay. He charged his tentacles up with 750 volts of electricity, and shocked the scout. Bumblebee jerked once, and more Energon started pouring out from his mouth. Ah, the beauty of another's pain, the look of suffering. So...pleasant. He used his electricity-charged tentacles to remove the scout's remaining armor, shuddering in delight at the pained appearance on the bot's face.

Just then, Knockout entered. He looked on, pleased and surprised, as Soundwave used a buzzsaw to cut Bee's chassis, careful not to touch the spark, the bot's life. He also cut open an optic, took it out, for Knockout to study.

Just at that moment, Lord Megatron came in. Knockout quickly replaced Soundwave.