"Soundwave," Lord Megatron (Megsy) growled. "Where's Knockout?"


Megsy sighed again. "If that mech insists on buffing his finish every few minutes, he's in for it from me."

"Hi, Megsy," I said, coming in. Megsy whirled around. "You!" he hissed, lunging at me, sword out. I dodged easily. "Not 'appy ta see meh, eh?"

His optics narrowed and he snarled, warming up his fusion cannon. I warmed up my null-rays. "Sure ya wanna challenge meh?"

A roar was my only reply.

I think I forgot to mention: I am called Cloudwing, and I am Sounders' sister. I also have tentacles, and I communicate by flashing words on my visor. I am also a Seeker and a triple-changer. (Knockout likes my finish)

Next I knew, Megsy had leapt into the air, aiming for my head. I swiftly sidestepped, and used the Sonic Blaster (a replica of the Resonance Blaster) to shoot him. Knockout applauded as he came in. "Welcome, pretty."

Ugh, Knocks!