I do not own the rights to any of the characters that appear in my little story. Now I do not claim I can tell a story nearly as well as J.K. Rowling (if I could I'd be a millionaire). The best I can do is all I can offer. I hope that you will be entertained.

It was a dark and stormy night. Evil filled the night air, making even the bravest of men think twice about venturing forth into its depths. Vile magic brewed up this billowing banshee of a storm. Only one man (if you can call him such) could have conjured up such a treacherous thing. His name you ask? Surely you know that "He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Name" would kill me on the spot if I risked uttering his you-know-what. If that happened, then this story would only be this paragraph in length.

Think about it!

Right! Where was I? Dark, stormy, yes, the purpose of this storm was to hide what would happen next. The rain crashed down on the homes of Privet Drive the hardest, and in particular upon the home of the Dursleys. Inside this house was cold, dark, dank, and pure misery. It was something that I could not possibly describe in words that the human mind might comprehend. Needless to say, everyone in the household shivered, too cold to move, too cold to even notice that someone had just entered, trespassing, if you will, on their premises. Not quite human, not even really made of flesh and blood was this intruder. He made his way up the stairs and slithered his way into the master bedroom where Mr. and Mrs. Dursley were trying (rather unsuccessfully) to get some sleep. A figure now took shape as it loomed over the bed.

"You," it hissed, "Caretakers of Harry Potter!"

Both Dursleys shot upright as if they had been prodded by the devil's own pitchfork. They looked upon the dark figure at the foot of their bed. Two bright green eyes stared back at them, narrowing, and seemingly piercing into the Dursley's very souls.

" do you want?" Mr. Dursley's voice wavered.

"I wish to rid myself of that annoying little brat who has ruined my plans time after time until now I am almost a laughing-stock!"

The Dursleys thought that it would be very hard indeed to think of this demon as a laughing stock. They simply nodded as this thing continued its tirade.

"But tonight, all that will change. It must change, for every year that passes makes Harry Potter more powerful. If he is not checked, soon he will surpass even my power. Tonight he will be checked.

The cloudy figure stopped and looked upon the Dursleys. It was focusing its attention upon them; this made them even more uncomfortable, if that were possible.

"I have placed a very special curse upon young Mr. Potter. When he wakes in the morning I want you to utter the following:"

"Femulato Mugulatem." The figure's voice grew low and malevolent, with a sinister sibilance more terrifying than even its demonic visage.

The vile evil creature thingy pressed forward. "Say it as many times as is necessary, and Harry Potter will change into a Muggle just like the two of you."

Vernon Dursley's jaw remained open unable to move despite repeated attempts. Petunia Dursley did regain enough of her composure to speak up.

"Are you trying to tell us that Harry won't be a wizard anymore if we say this chant for you?"

"Yessssssss", hissed the vile, evil, creature, thingy.

"Why not do it yourself? Why us? We're not magical", Vernon Dursley finally piped in.

"It must be muggle!" shouted the creature, which almost caused The Dursleys to have a heart attack. The creature quickly regained its composure and continued.

"It must be done by non-magic people such as you for the curse to work properly. If I performed the curse myself, it could be undone by others of my kind. However, if you do this for me; the boy that I know you hate shall become a non-magic girl of no relation to you. It will become permanent so that no witch or wizard will be able to break the spell. After it is done, you may do with the girl what you wish. Throw her out on the streets, or perhaps even make her your servant girl".

The cloudlike creature began to move away but turned to face the Dursleys once more.

"Oh, I should mention that if you refuse me I shall be forced to kill you. I should also mention that I was the one who killed Harry's parents. Oh, and not to put too fine a point on it, but they had a much better chance against me than you two do. No pressure, just food for thought".

And with that, the cloud disappeared, leaving a pair of bright green eyes behind. They seemed to be smiling them as they faded into nothingness.

The Dursleys just sat there for the longest time not knowing what to do. It certainly wasn't a nightmare because they both The Dursleys were awake and had experienced the same thing, so it certainly wasn't a nightmare (however much they may have wished that it had been). No, the Dursleys would get no sleep that night.

While that was happening, poor Harry was deep in sleep, but it was a terrible sort of sleep; the kind where you know that it's a dream, but can't seem to ever wake up no matter what you might do. While the dreams were indeed strange, they all seemed to have one common theme. Oh they started out normal, but at some point it would just go plain wonky. For example, one dream had Harry in the kitchen cooking breakfast as usual for the Dursleys when all of a sudden his chest started feeling sort of weird. He looked down and saw his chest starting to swell and balloon in size until he had a nice pair of breasts to be looking at. Harry was so shocked at what he just saw that he almost dropped Dudley's plate on the floor.

"What the?!" Harry exclaimed.

"Hey! Watch it! That's my breakfast, silly girl!" Dudley bellowed.

Harry was about to reply when he suddenly felt his rear expand. As it did so his pants changed into a short frilly little skirt. Then, Harry's hair sprang down to his shoulders. He became shorter, delicate, and more feminine by the moment until at last Harry looked and acted like the cutest little French maid you ever had the pleasure of seeing.

"Ooooh! I am soooo very sorry. It will never happen again", said Harry in a soft sexy voice.

On and on it went with Harry somehow changing into a girl in each vision, but that really wasn't the nightmare part of it. No, every girl he turned into was a Muggle. That was far more terrifying to Harry: Not to be able to practice magic. No Ron, no Hermione, No Hogwarts! Then there was one dream in which he was at the train station and saw Ron and Hermione about to enter the secret passage to Platform Nine and Three-quarters. He ran to them

"Ron! Hermione! Wait for me!" Harry said in a rather high-pitched voice.

They both turned to look at who called out to them.

"Yes, can we help you, miss?" Ron asked.

And before Harry could reply his body started to change, his hair flowed into blonde curly hair, then came a rather ample bosom, which jiggled with every movement.

"Oh, no! You have to help me! Hermione, do a counterspell!" Harry pleaded as his hips widened.

"Come on Hermione, we're going to be late," grumbled Ron.

They both ignored Harry who had just finished changing into an adorable girl who looked and sounded as if she was from Southern California.

"Like, wait for me!"

Harry ran full steam into the pillar marking platforms 9 and 10. Unfortunately, the secret passage was now blocked to her; only those who had magic within them could enter. Harry was now a blonde Muggle girl sitting on her rear and rubbing her head while people gathered around her. Amongst the babbling of the crowd Harry began to hear a familiar sound. Faint at first but it gradually grew stronger as it made the nightmare go away. The sound that Harry was hearing was his owl, Hedwig, who had managed to finally wake her master from slumber.

"Yes Hedwig. I'm awake now. Please give me a moment", yawned Harry as he slowly stretched

Upon hearing her master's voice Hedwig suddenly started flapping her wings wildly and rattling her cage as if she were half crazed.

"Okay, I'll let you out; just calm down, or you'll get us both into trouble."

Hedwig settled down, but it was clear to Harry that she was troubled about something. He picked up the cage and walked over to the window in his room and opened it as well as the cage. As soon as this was done, Hedwig shot out from cage and out the window. So fast did Hedwig fly, that she could no longer be seen in the nearby sky. Let me say at this point that the dear, snowy white owl wasn't in a great need to find a restroom. No, she sensed powerful, evil, and even diabolical magic poised to strike her young master. She knew that she had little time to waste as she tried to find someone who could help.

"Wow, I've never seen her fly so fast"

"Harry! Come down here at once!"

"I think Hedwig had the right idea", mumbled Harry.

Harry made his way downstairs to see a very tired Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia, Harry stood before them waiting for whatever punishment they decided they were going to give him today. Just then however Dudley came bounding down the stairs.

"What's going on? Where's my breakfast!" Dudley bellowed.

"In a moment son, just as soon as we deal with Harry." Uncle Vernon said menacingly.

Usually Dudley would be screaming bloody murder about delaying his destiny with breakfast, but this was punishment for his favorite ugh... well let's just say he rather enjoys seeing Harry get into trouble. It's what he lives for (that is) next to eating everything in sight.

"Well, get on with it then." Aunt Petunia prodded her husband.

Uncle Vernon looked rather pale as if he were going to get very sick, finally though he turned to face Harry. "Oh well, here goes then, Femalotto Mundanium!"

Harry Looked at his Uncle for a moment and then scratched his head. "That sounded like a magic spell," Harry thought to himself. "But that can't be right, can it? Surely Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia know they aren't able to cast spells."

"Idiot! Can't you remember anything!" Aunt Petunia shouted, "It's pronounced Femulato Mugulatem!"

The words crashed upon Harry like a raging lightning storm. The whole house itself shuddered and the air grew as thick as soup. Harry doubled over in the most horrible pain he had ever experienced. Screaming in shear agony, the young boy's cries were enough to put a banshee to shame. Not that he could notice, but Harry's body was starting to change as he writhed on the floor. He became shorter; bones, muscles, and joints crackled, popped, and squished this way and that. His body was being shifted like clay, settling down only after a bit. You could see that subtle changes had been done. His body was rounder, softer, and more feminine. Harry lay on the floor trying desperately to gulp in air.

"Again! Do it again, mum!" shouted Dudley in joyful glee.

" ," gasped Harry weakly.

"I'll stop when you're finished changing", sneered Aunt Petunia.

"Don't you think the boy has suffered enough?" Asked Uncle Vernon.

Aunt Petunia turned to her husband while pointing her finger at Harry. "You heard that thing last night. If we don't do what it says we'll end up dead. You don't want that, do you!?"

"No dear", said Uncle Vernon meekly.

"Besides he can't stay half-finished like that. He would be an even bigger freak than he was before." Aunt Petunia rationalized.

"I suppose your right, but what if we end up killing him?"

"Don't be silly, if the first one didn't kill him, then the next two or three won't. Now stand back."


Just then a brilliant flash of light flooded the room. In the next moment, the room had filled to the brim with Weasleys. All of them had their wands out and each of those glowed in various colors.

"Just what is going on here?" demanded Mr. Weasley as he pointed his wand dangerously close to Uncle Vernon's face.

"It's not how it looks." said Uncle Vernon as he slowly backed away from the wand pointed at him.

"Harry!" shouted Ron as he rushed to his friend.

Mrs. Weasley rushed over as well to what could be done. She looked down in horror to see poor Harry shivering and shaking. He was sweat- drenched and on the threshold of death's door. She quickly turned to George and Fred.

"Take your brother home now."

They obeyed their mum because they knew the tone of her voice when she was royally pissed off, and (I'll tell you this in all honesty) she sounded ten times worse than that, and felt at least a hundred times worse than even that. None of this however mattered in the least. No, not one bit because she had to see that Harry was rushed off to receive emergency care as soon as possible; she teleported herself and Harry in that very instant. That left Mr. Weasley alone with the Dursleys, a fact that made The Dursleys somewhat nervous to say the least.

"You have some explaining to do and it better be good. You do not want to experience what our prison system is like firsthand" Mr. Weasley said as he narrowed his eyes.

"Now see here..."

"No! Do not tempt me, Mr. Dursley!" Mr Weasley's eyes flashed with anger, fiercer than ever before. This rare display of powerful, negative emotion in a seemingly otherwise calm man made the Dursleys even more nervous than they had been before.

"You will come with me, you will comply, and you will receive due process."

With that said, the Dursleys disappeared with Mr. Weasley, leaving #4 Privet drive ever so lonely.

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