The Daily Prophet broke the news that young Harry Potter had been attacked. He is in a coma suffering from a rare curse. The boy is in critical condition as medical and magical experts race to find some sort of cure. Little hope remains that Harry Potter will recover from this devastating curse. Well wishers have sent owls to the hospital leaving cards, candy, and flowers. People are once again frightened by what has happened and fear to go out in public. Parents are keeping a closer watch on their children, trying to ensure that no harm may come to them.

Dumbledore finished looking at the paper and looked down upon Harry who lay in his bed tossing and turning. His fever had not waned, but his strength was another matter; his body was weakening ever so slowly since his attack two weeks ago. One thing seemed certain; the boy's body was burning itself out. Clearly, the curse was supposed to turn him into a Muggle girl, but it had gone horribly wrong. Somehow the boy managed to hold on to his magical abilities. The constant battle of refusing to give up his birthright has left him near to death. Dumbledore placed a hand on Harry's shoulder and spoke some words of healing. Harry calmed down a bit but was still in excruciating pain. Dumbledore knew that this was beyond the power of witchcraft and wizardry to cure.

He looked up and prayed, "Hear me powers of light. Spare this young one. Give what power and grace to help heal body, mind, and soul."

Elsewhere a hearing was taking place to determine the fate of the Dursley family. Despite the piling evidence against them, questions still remained. Judge Wilder did not wish to sentence the Muggles to Azkaban. It would surely be a death sentence. He could not simply let them go either; no, he had to make them understand what they did was wrong.

Judge Wilder spoke to the three sternly, "It is now clear that by creating such a negative family environment, you succeeded in allowing all of the magical charms and barriers to be weakened. In addition, by submitting to the will of 'He Who Shall Not Be Named' you have - in essence - invited that vile creature to enter past those weakened defenses. Much like when one invites a vampire into their household. The protective barrier is removed and you are at its mercy."

"We had no idea. We're not magic folk," said Mr. Dursley.

Judge Wilder struck his mallet. " indicates you have been approached on many occasions to inform you of the danger you and your family faced. You refused to read any letters sent to you, and any attempts to meet with you in person have resulted in you calling the police. No sir, you have had your chance to learn that witches and wizards are just as much a part of this world as you are."

The moment had come. What shall become of The Dursley family? Everyone's eyes were upon the bench.

Judge Wilder sighed, "Ignorance, prejudice, and fear for those things you do not understand are the reasons you stand before me. I could throw you in prison and you might be able to survive long enough to serve your time, but would end up becoming something far worse than you are now"

Judge Wilder pointed his wand at Mr. and Mrs. Dursley. "My judgment is for you two to live and interact with magical folk."

As Judge Wilder spoke, both Mr. and Mrs. Dursley started to shrink, becoming smaller with each passing second. In mere moments they turned into children, a little boy and girl perhaps four, perhaps five years perhaps four, perhaps five years of age. Their clothes rearranged as well to fit the two toddlers. Mrs. Dursley started to cry and Mr. Dursley was red in the face with anger.

"You two will be placed with separate families for six months. You will report weekly with a social worker and you will be evaluated on your progress. The more you learn and at least tolerate our world the shorter your sentence will be. You will return to normal once you have proven you can become a happy, healthy family. If you resist, well, there are harsher things that can be done."

Judge Wilder motioned that he was done with the toddlers and they were taken away. He then turned to Dudley, who had hoped that he might have been overlooked somehow.

"You are nothing but a great big bully who gets everything he wants. Your parents have indulged your every whim. It is time you were made to understand that those who are weaker than you have every right to exist as you do."

Judge Wilder flicked his wand at Dudley who slowly shrank in height. He was loosing weight as well. At first Dudley did not mind the changes until he noticed that none of the fat from his chest seemed to go away. He looked down at his chest and saw female, yes female breasts forming. They were sensitive to touch, which he did with his small delicate hands. Changes in his body continued until a pretty girl emerged.

"You will learn what being an orphan is all about young lady. For the time being, you have no parents and will be raised in an orphanage. You will attend a state run school for girls. Learn just how lucky you were in your former life and you may yet have it back."

"Nooooo! Change me back! I'll be good from now on," pleaded Dudley.

"I am counting on you being a good girl from now on, Darla."

Darla was then escorted out of the room, and straight to her new life. Judge Wilder sat back in his chair and wondered if these people will ever become a family again.

Ah so much for the Dursleys, on to other people and places. Let us focus for a moment on Ronald Weasley. I do not have to tell you that the young wizard had sunk in to a deep depression since Harry had been attacked. Friends and family tried to console him but nothing they could say would make him feel any better. In an effort to help cheer him up, Hermione showed up. She suggested going out to the carnival that was taking place just outside of town.

"What makes you think that will cheer me up?" asked Ron.

"I don't know. I just figured you could use some fresh air, and clear your mind a bit."

"I'm fine Hermione..I will be fine right here."

"Just listen to yourself. You sound like some sort of zombie. You need to take your mind off of things, even if it is only a short while. You're tearing yourself apart," said Hermione as she put her hand on Ron's shoulder, "Harry is my friend too, you know. It's tearing me up inside knowing that all we can do is simply wait. I just thought it would be."

Ron interrupted Hermione, "I'll go with you, but I won't like it."

So Hermione led Ron to the carnival hoping to lighten his spirit. It proved to be an uphill battle. They would visit various tents where performers enchanted audiences, but Ron would just sit there and sulk. He was determined not do anything but sulk. It was beginning to make Hermione about as depressed as Ron. She looked at the people all around trying to think of something that might bring Ron out of his current state of mind. She was about to give up on the whole thing when Ron suddenly turned to the left and entered a nearby tent.

"Hey wait up!" shouted Hermione.

This sudden initiative on Ron's part had been a welcome change from constantly dragging him this way and that. Hermione was curious as to what had caught his eye. She followed Ron into the tent. Once inside she could see all sorts of magical items, potions, medallions, and charms. She spotted Ron over by a chess set.

"Nice looking chess set," Hermione said not really meaning it.

"It's not just a chess set. This is a limited edition based on "The Lord of the Rings," Ron said as if it were some sacred work of art.

They looked at the chess pieces as they milled about on the board. Aragorn was The White King, and Galadriel his Queen. The hobbits were of course the pawns. The other side had Sauron as The Black King and Shelob as his Queen. The board itself had an overlay of the map of Middle Earth; it could be seen through the black and white squares. Ron continued to marvel over the fine detail of the board as the shop owner entered the room.

"Ah, Ron and Hermione so very good to see you," said the elderly man.

"How do you know our names?" asked Ron.

"Easy, he has recognition spell placed on the tent," replied Hermione rather smugly.

"Very impressive young one, I see Hogwarts still produces a high caliber of students."

The elderly man noticed Ron examining the chess set.

"I see that you have discovered my new chess set. I am afraid that it is not for sale. You see I love to play chess but never get a chance to. In America everyone loves to play computer games, like Unreal Tournament. I was hoping my trip to England would drum up a few players who would like to play me in a real game."

"Go on Ron. Play him; I bet you could beat him," urged Hermione.

"I don't know."

"I'll tell you what my young wizard. If you play me and win you may have any item in my shop with the exception of my chess set," the elderly man quickly added.

"And if I lose?" asked Ron.

"Nothing, It would be enough for me if I could play someone who might be a challenge. Considering the fact your eyes have been glued to my chess board, I'd say that you have played the game on more than one occasion."

"That's an understatement," snorted Hermione.

Ron gave Hermione a dirty look while the elderly man smiled on.

"So do we have a deal?"

Ron grinned and replied, "Let's play us some Wizard's Chess!"

Hermione smiled at Ron. "I think I'll have a look around the carnival while you two go at it.'

"Aren't you going to stay and see me win?" Ron asked sounding shocked.

"After having experienced wizard's chess first hand, I prefer to avoid it whenever possible."

Ron simply shrugged. "Your loss."

"I'll be back in about an hour or so," she told him

While Ron and Hermione were having fun at the carnival, their friend Harry was even closer to death. Deep within his subconscious raged a battle. Darkness and shadows twisted his being to bring forth writhing misery and pain. There was crackling lightning stabbing every part of his body. Harry was stretched thin across vast distances in every direction. He felt himself tearing apart becoming nothing; nothing except pain which dominated his life. Then when all hope seemed to fade and it looked like Harry Potter would cease to exist, something happened. A light began to shine forth, taking away the pain and darkness with it. it was beauty beyond splendor to behold, but all Harry could think of at that moment was the fact a peaceful rest he had not felt in quite some time. The light soon bathed the young wizard in its purity and serenity. The raging storm within him calmed down.

"Harry Potter," an enchanting voice called out.

Harry looked around to see who had called out his name. He saw perhaps the most beautiful woman he had ever seen in his life. Tall and slender she was, and wearing a long flowing robe that shimmered in all the colors of the rainbow. She looked upon Harry and smiled.

" .you?" Harry stammered.

"Please do not fear me for I am the mother of all things great and small. I come to you now to give you my blessings."

"Are you some sort of goddess come here to help me?"

"I am The Goddess, and yes I am here to help you choose your new path."

"My what?"

The Goddess smiled. "Everyone has a series of life-altering decisions they must make within a lifetime. You, Harry Potter, are at such a turning point. I give you three choices, and it will be up to you to decide what your destiny shall be. Do you understand?"

"Yes, I suppose so."

"Very well, your first choice is to allow me to create a balance within you and remove the curse that has been placed upon you. This can be done but only at the cost of your manhood. You would merge your soul with me and join my sisterhood. This would allow you to retain your magical powers and also be blessed with the powers of "The High Priestess of Avalon."

Harry thought to himself for a moment about what it might be like to become female. It couldn't be all that bad, after all Hermione doesn't seem to mind being one. Still, he didn't like the idea of becoming the head of some sort of religious order.

"I see you need time to think. That is good; most males immediately turn down such an offer. They seem to think that becoming a woman is somehow beneath them."

"What, may I ask, are the other choices?"

"Your second choice is for you to simply accept the curse and to become a normal little girl. You would have no special powers of any kind."

Harry frowned at the notion. "No, I think not. What about the third choice?"

The Goddess looked sad for the first time. "I am afraid your third choice is to pass on and to join your parents. Your body is beyond the point of witchcraft and wizardry to heal. Your flame was about to go out when I heard a prayer on your behalf. I was moved by your purity of heart and courage in the face of overwhelming odds. You are a special person, Harry Potter, which is why I have stopped death from claiming its prize. So here now are your choices; I must ask that you make your decision quickly for the laws of nature can not be held back."

Harry knew he had but one choice he could make.

"The first choice seems to be the right path. I do not know how I will feel about being a girl, but at least I will still be able to be with my friends. That is of course if you will allow me to be with them."

"What troubles you, little one?" asked the Goddess who was genuinely concerned.

"You said I would become a high priestess; does that mean I have to leave my friends to head up some sort of church or something?"

The Goddess laughed. "No little one, you will not have to leave your friends. Avalon has long slept past many an age, and my temples no longer have worshipers in them. Even in your magical world the island is considered nothing but a legend."

"You mean it doesn't exist?"

"I did not say that; it does exist to those who have been blessed by me. Should you decide to join with me you could but wish it and you would be on my island. Remember that should you ever be in deadly peril."

Harry smiled at The Goddess. "I think I am ready then to join with you."

"Very well, Harry Potter, you have made a wise choice indeed. Prepare for your new life and be happy with your new destiny."

At this point The Goddess moved toward Harry and became one with his very soul. The moment this happened both body and soul changed. Feelings of joy and love raced through replacing the pain and suffering he had been experiencing. Harry felt content as waves of shimmering light changed his body. Hips became wider, breasts swelled, and hair grew into a long curly chestnut brown. Within moments an adorable young lady was what Harry Potter had become. She lay sleeping in her bed peacefully with a smile on her cute little face. She was now and beyond any doubt a female and more powerful than any witch or wizard for the power of The Goddess was within her.

Meanwhile, Ron had just finished his glorious victory over the elderly man. He was allowed to choose any item that he might fancy; he chose a lovely necklace inside a glass case. The elderly man handed him the necklace while pointing to the label on the case.

"Now remember to read the instructions before using this," warned the elderly man.

"Yeah, sure no problems," replied Ron.

As he left the tent, he looked down at his prize; it would make a nice present for mum he thought to himself. He then had another thought. He had a sudden urge to take it out of the case and have a better look at it.

"What about that warning? The old man did say to read the instructions didn't he?" He asked the thin air.

"Well I'm just going to have a look at it. I'm not actually going to use the bloody thing," Ron said answering his own question.

Finally in agreement with himself, he decided he would open the case. As he did so a pink mist hissed out, coming in contact with Ron's face. He coughed a bit.

"Well that was unexpected," Ron said as he made sure he was alright. Everything seemed fine as far as he could tell.

He then returned his attention on his treasure. He held it up to the light; oh it was simply gorgeous to look at. While he was admiring the necklace certain changes were happening to Ron's body. He became shorter as he ran his delicate hands over the encrusted jewelry. His center of gravity changed and he had to shift his stance, but he did not notice. Nor did he notice other things like his long flowing red hair, ample bosom, shapely legs, and cute round rear. No, he - now she - just kept admiring the necklace totally unaware that anything was wrong. Her clothes changed as well to reflect her new gender. Her pants became a tight black miniskirt, while her shirt changed in to a lacy blouse, boxers turned into frilly panties, socks became pantyhose, shoes became pumps, and finally her undershirt captured her soft fleshy globes on her chest to form a silky bra.

"I wonder where Hermione is?" Ron asked in a soft sexy voice.

Oh well thought Ron, maybe I can get in another game of chess. She spun around to where the tent had been but there was no sign of it now.

"That's funny, it was here a minute ago," Ron said to no one in particular.

It was then that she saw Hermione making her way over. Ron could hardly wait to tell her all about her victory.

"Hermione! Over here!"

Hermione looked at the red haired girl trying to figure out where she knew her from. She must know her because she obviously knew who she was.

"I'm sorry, you do seem familiar to me but I just can't seem to place your name," Hermione said polity.

"What do you mean? It's me Ron!" huffed Ron.

Hermione stared for a moment. "Ron?"

"Yes, Ron Weasley."

"You do know that you've turned into a girl, don't you?"

"I have?"

Ron looked down upon herself and gasped at what she saw. She grabbed her big soft perfect breasts in her delicate hands and squeezed. Oh, that felt delicious.she thought to herself as she let out an involuntary moan of pleasure.

"Ron! You mustn't touch yourself in public like that," Hermione scolded.

Ron reluctantly released her soft new toys and began to blush with embarrassment. Hermione just shook her head thinking that only Ron could get himself in a mess like this in such a short time.

"Tell me everything from the beginning," Hermione said gritting her teeth.

Ron began by giving a most detailed report about her victory in her chess match. Hermione tried to stop this by saying that was not important, but Ron simply ignored her and went on in painstaking detail about every single solitary move that was made. Finally at some great length she mentioned the necklace and the warning the elderly man gave about reading the instructions.

Hermione focused as if coming out of a trance. "Instructions? What instructions?"

Ron handed her the case with the label on it. It read that it would enhance a woman's beauty once she opened the case. Reading further it had in very fine print a warning about causing a change in one's gender should a male open the case and that..

"Holy cricket!" exclaimed Hermione.

Ron looked a bit more nervous just then. "What does it say?"

"This says your gender change cannot be reversed by magic spells, potions, and or charms of any type. You may revert back to normal after three months providing that you remain celibate within such time specified."

"Celibate," repeated Ron.

"It means you can't have sex," explained Hermione.

"I know what it means!" shouted Ron giving her a dirty look.

"Good, then you can explain everything that has happened to your parents. I'm sure they will just love having a new daughter. It's a shame that Ginny isn't older then perhaps you could share some of her clothes."

Ron was about to reply when Pig (Ron's owl) came swooping in from out of nowhere. It spun around in circles trying to find Ron, but it was a bit confused. He knew his master should be here.

"Pig! Over here! Now!" shouted Ron.

The owl obeyed immediately recognizing his master's personality if not his master's new form. Ron took the parchment from his owl and began to read it.

"This is great news!" Ron said giggling like a schoolgirl. She then jumped for joy which caused her breasts to bounce wildly.

"What is it?" asked Hermione who was dying of curiosity.

"Harry's awake and he's made a full recovery!"

Hermione jumped for joy as well and the two danced about. They hugged each other for a moment or two then suddenly separated. Each one's face blushed red.

"Ah..," said Ron.

"Right.I guess we had better get to the hospital and check in on Harry," Hermione said to her shoes.

"Yeah, that's what I was about to say," Ron said blushing even more than she had before.

Yes that's right dear readers, Harry has come back at last. A spontaneous celebration had erupted after a complete examination was done by all the experts who had written him off. Now they had to admit she, yes she, had indeed made a full recovery. No explanation could be made other than it was simply a miracle. It was like Christmas morning with smiles, cheers, and good will all around.

The nurses all got together and chipped in to buy Harry new clothes to wear before she made her d├ębut. They bought her a pretty yellow dress with a low neckline to show off her cleavage, a satin corset, silky smooth panties, lace stockings, and silver slippers were added for good measure.

Harry's eyes popped at what she saw before her. "This is really lovely, but I..don't deserve I don't."

"Oh, isn't she the cutest thing," said one nurse.

"So unselfish," said another nurse.

"I wish she were my daughter!" cried still another nurse.

Harry was helpless before the throng of nurses as they proceeded to give her first a bubble bath, followed by a manicure with nails neatly polished, then shampoo, rinse, dry, and a styling of her hair. She thought they might be done until they brought in more make-up, then she felt like a trapped animal.

"Do I really need all that make up, couldn't I just go out there as I am?" pleaded Harry.

"Oh no miss, a young lady such as yourself should always look her best."

Harry winced at being referred to as a young lady, but like it or not that's exactly what she was now. At least she had her friends and would continue to go to Hogwarts. That gave her comfort as they applied the make- up. After finishing with that, the time had come for them to dress her.

"I think I can manage to dress myself," Harry told the nurses.

They all started laughing out loud which made Harry blush with embarrassment.

"I'd like to see that."

"She can't be serious."

One of the nurses spoke to Harry. "I know being a boy and all you wouldn't know about such things as corsets, so let me give you a crash course. A proper corset has laces in the back of it that make it impossible for the woman wearing it to tie it up by herself," the nurse lectured.

"You could get by using a magical, self-adjusting corset, but those never fit right and are simply impossible to train," added another nurse.

"But why would a woman wish to wear such a thing then?" asked Harry who frowned at the silly-looking contraption.

That brought on another series of laughter from the nurses.

"You, my dear, have a figure most girls would envy and most boys your age would drool over. A corset like this one will enhance your figure to the point you could end up with any man you want," the nurse said with a wink.

"But I don't want a man," replied Harry meekly.

"Ah, well it could probably get you just about any woman you want as well, I suppose," replied the nurse.

That comment brought the nurses to near hysterics, which only made Harry blush beet-red with embarrassment once more. The laughter soon died down and they gathered around Harry.

"We apologize to you, miss. We were only having some good-natured ribbing. You make a very pretty young lady, and we all wish nothing but the best for you in your new life."

Harry looked at each of the nurses and saw they were being most sincere. She knew that they meant no harm, and was not angry with them. They were pointing out many things she would now have to face. She smiled and thanked them as they continued to dress her. When the nurses finished tying the corset onto Holly it did indeed add to her hourglass figure quite nicely. Despite this though, the constricting contraption would be taken off and never to be worn again Holly thought to herself. Yes, as soon as she could manage to get to The Burrows she would fling it in the fire place. This thought gave her great comfort as one of the nurses handed her a mirror. She nearly dropped it when she saw what she looked like.

"Oh my, I really am a girl," Harry said as she blushed yet again.

"And a darn pretty one at that miss," cheered a nurse.

"Should we let your visitors in to see you now, miss?" asked another nurse.

Harry put down the mirror and looked at the nurses. She simply nodded as she braced herself for what might happen next.

Suddenly she heard in the distance. "Ronald Weasley! How could you be so stupid! Just wait until your father sees you!"

Harry snickered to herself. It sounded like Ron was in trouble yet again. Judging by how mad his mother sounded, he must have outdone himself this time. She found comfort in the thought that her best friend would never change. He would always be good old Ron.

The doors swung open with Mrs. Weasley dragging some poor redheaded girl by the ear. Harry wondered whether she was another Weasley she had not met before. As she pondered this, more people stepped into the room. There was Hermione, Professor Dumbledore, and Hagrid. When they realized the beautiful girl in front of them was indeed Harry, they all stood silent for a moment. Mrs. Weasley even let go of the ear she was holding on to, and the girl it belonged to finally looked up at Harry.

"Is that really you, Harry?" asked the red haired girl.

"Yes it is" Harry replied wondering who the girl was.

"Wicked" she said after a moment.


"Yeah it's me, so what do you think?" she said twirling around.

Harry smiled. "You know you didn't have to turn into a girl just because I became one."

"Ron got into a game of wizard's chess and won a magic necklace; then, the idiot used the silly thing without bothering to read the instructions," chided Hermione.

Harry tried not to giggle. "Yep, sounds like something you would do Ron. I'm glad to see you haven't changed a at least mentally anyway."

"It wasn't my fault. Hermione isn't telling it right," huffed Ron.

"No, it's never your fault, if I had a copper coin for every time I've heard that our family would be rich indeed," chided Mrs. Weasley but not too harshly this time.

Hagrid had lumbered forward to face Harry. He shuffled his feet a moment trying to work up the courage to say something. Harry couldn't resist and just had to hug the giant. He gently returned the hug and patted Harry on the back .

"Blimmey, Harry, you gave us all a real scare there for a moment."

"I'm glad you came to visit me, Hagrid."

"What? And not see you dressed up fancy like a fairytale princess," Hagrid said, grinning.

Harry gave him a look then punched the giant in the arm. She couldn't pretend being angry long, and burst out giggling. The both hugged again before separating. Professor Dumbledore was next to approach Harry.

He smiled at her. "I see that you are adjusting quite well."

"Well I don't know about that, but I am trying to do my best."

"That is all any of us can do. You are a very special person Miss Potter, but I sense you have become much more than you appear to be."

Harry's eyes flashed for a moment. It can't be, how could he know that she had been contacted by The Goddess. It was a ? She suddenly had a sinking feeling that The Goddess had been for real.

"Yes I believe it will be an extraordinary year at Hogwarts. Come, Hagrid, there is much to be done,"

"Right, see you three girls when you get to Hogwarts then," Hagrid said as he waved his massive hand.

As Dumbledore and Hagrid left, Mrs. Weasley came forward to give Harry a hug.

"Oh, you poor sweet dearie, you must."

"Bloody hell!"

Mrs. Weasley spun around looking mighty pissed. "Ronald Weasley! Watch your language young. !"

Ron blushed as she stood holding a mirror in her hand.

" 's just .I look good!" Ron said as she went back to looking at herself in the mirror.

Everyone had to laugh including Mrs. Weasley in spite of herself. She always had a hard time staying mad at Ron and this time was no exception.

"So girls, have you decided what sort of names you'll have? I mean we can't keep calling you Harry and Ron now can we?" Hermione said grinning.

"I suppose I should like the name Haley or perhaps even Holly," said Harry thoughtfully.

"Holly Potter, oh that does sound sweet," said Mrs. Weasley.

"Yes I like the sound to it as well; it suits you somehow," agreed Hermione.

Holly nodded her head making her new name her very own from that moment on. With that settled they turned to face Ron who looked somewhat nervous. She was trying to think of a good name, but nothing seemed quite as attractive as Holly's name. Why couldn't she come up with a neat name like that?

"Well?" urged Hermione.

"Give me a moment."

"What about Rhonda?"



"I don't think so."

"Perhaps The Sorting Hat might be able to pick out a name for you," chided Holly.

"Very funny, Harr.I mean Holly," grumbled Ron.

"I know, how about Becky? That would have been your name had you been born a girl," Mrs. Weasley asked Ron.

"Becky Weasley," Hermione said slowly.

"It doesn't sound too bad," said Holly nodding.

"I better than the last couple of names that's for sure," Becky sighed.

"Ahem," Hermione cleared her throat, "Nice to meet you, Holly Potter and Becky Weasley," She said as she curtsied.

Becky wanted to say something but knew she better not. Instead she simply followed Holly's example as they both curtsied in response.

"How sweet, you know, Becky, maybe getting turned into a girl is just the thing you needed. It might just knock some manners in that head of yours," Mrs. Weasley said smiling at her new daughter.

Becky nearly fell back on her cute rear when she heard that last remark. Holly and Hermione caught her though, and they both giggled at the priceless expression that was on their friend's face.

"Alright girls, settle down. Now Holly dear, I will make the arrangements to have you released from the hospital. After that you are welcome to stay with us until school begins. Hermione, you are welcome as well of course," said Mrs. Weasley.

"Where's everyone going to sleep?" asked Becky.

"Oh you three can share a room together, and Fred and George can share another room."

"But we'd be sleeping in the same room with Hermione," argued Becky.

"What's your point, Becky dear? All three of us are girls now," Holly pointed out.

"I for one wouldn't mind in the least. We could have a pajama party. I never been to one of those," Hermione giggled.

It was settled, the three girls would end up sleeping in the same room that night. The hospital staff helped to move all of Holly's cards, letters, and personal items out of the Hospital and to The Burrows. While this was being done the three girls made their way to the front lobby to meet up with Mrs. Weasley. Holly was noticing the way she was walking. She had developed a pronounced wiggle in how she was walking and tried unsuccessfully to stop it. In contrast Becky seemed to enjoy wiggling what she had. It seemed natural, and why not; no one minded in the least especially any males who happened to cross their path. As they made their way they were confronted by a reporter and photographer from The Daily Prophet.

"Please, ladies, can you tell us if you know anything about Harry Potter? The Hospital said that he would be released but we have not seen a sign of him."

"Harry Potter was my name, but I now go by Holly."

The photographer noticed the scar that Holly still had on her forehead and pointed it out to the reporter. His eyes grew wide.

"Ah, so it's true what they say. You have turned into a girl. It must be a personal tragedy. Could you please let our readers share your agony?"

Holly stood there looking at the reporter as if he were some alien from another planet. She didn't know whether to be amused by his comments or be angry by them.

"What is supposed to be tragic about becoming a girl, might I ask? As far as I can tell, there does not seem to be anything a boy can do that's any better than what a girl can do."

"Couldn't have said it better myself, Holly," huffed Hermione.

"Yeah, what they said," agreed Becky.

"I'm sorry ladies, I meant no offense. This is my first big assignment and I'm a little nervous," said the reporter who was indeed sweating.

"Apology accepted. Now what was your question again?" asked Holly who enjoyed putting the reporter in his place.

"Umm..Ahhh." The reporter tried desperately to think of a question that would save his job.

"Well? We do not have all day, kind sir," Holly said smiling. Hey this was sort of fun making this man squirm she thought to herself.

"I have one miss. May I take your picture so this won't be a total waste of time? I get paid by the picture, and no offense but looking the way you do, I'm thinking front page exclusive," said the photographer.

"No offense taken. You may take your picture," Holly replied as she curtsied.

Holly moved into position, and then began to motion toward Becky and Hermione. They both looked at there friend with just a bit of apprehension.

"Oh, come on you two, join the fun," Holly turned to the photographer, "Is it alright if my friends are in the picture as well?"

"Don't see why not," replied the photographer.

All three girls moved closer together, and began to pose for the shot. Holly looked over at Becky, who looked extremely nervous.

"Hey, smile for the camera Becky; it's not everyday you get to have your picture in the paper", Holly urged her fiend.

Becky's shyness vanished, but not because of what Holly had said. No, she was upset that Hermione was giggling at her.

"That does it! You want me to show off for the camera do you?" Becky asked menacingly.

Before anyone could react Becky struck a pose standing back to back with Holly, holding up her thumb, smiling, and winking at the camera as if she had done this kind of thing her entire life. Holly also face the camera trying to look like she would not burst out laughing, while Hermione continued to giggle even louder.

The photographer took their picture; he then turned to look at the reporter and began to shake his head.

"Don't worry, kid. You can always go back to being a copy boy. Not everyone is cut out to be a reporter."

Holly waved goodbye and she and her friends started to leave. They caught the last bit of the conversation as they walked off.

"No interview?"

"Oh I wouldn't say that. I think I can come up with something based on what she told us. Yes, I think I'm going to like replacing you."

Upon arriving at The Burrows, the rest of the Weasleys were brought up to speed as to what had happened. Mr. Weasley just shook his head first looking at Holly then at Becky and would repeat the process several times during the conversation. Fred and George looked at Becky and tried very hard not to laugh at her, but she could tell they wanted to do just that. They both quickly forgot about tormenting their new sister and began drooling over Holly instead. This made Holly feel rather strange, her body was suddenly all warm and tingly. She tried to focus on something else and noticed Ginny, sulking in a nearby corner of the room.

"What's the matter, Ginny?" asked Holly.

Ginny refused to say anything and just continued to sulk.

"She's just put out cause you're a girl now, Holly," explained Fred.

"Yeah she still had a wee bit of a crush on you," added George.

"Oh! What do you know!" cried Ginny as she ran out of the room, up the stairs, and straight into her room.

"See what we mean," said Fred and George at the same time.

Nightfall came swiftly and it was time for bed. The proposed pajama party would have to wait until Holly was back to her full strength. She needed her rest, as they all did, for tomorrow would be filled with shopping. The usual school supplies were needed of course, but Holly and Becky would need more than that. The school uniform for witches required both to wear skirts, bras, panties, and all the rest of the things schoolgirls needed. Yes the next day would be a busy one.

Holly slept peacefully the entire night and was up early the next morning. She crept to where she had some of the things that the nurses had provided for her. These were an extra set of clothes for her to wear, which was something she was going to need for the busy day that was ahead of her. She took the clothes and went off to the bathroom so as to not disturb anyone.

She looked at the bra she held in her hand with a bit of confusion. How do girls manage to put this silly thing on she wondered to herself. She put her arms through the straps and tried to put the clasps together from the back but just could not get her arms back that far.

"This can't be as difficult as that stupid corset I wore yesterday", muttered Holly in frustration.

The corset had taken forever and a day to get on, and she had to be tied up from the back by someone else. Oh and getting the bloody thing off took far too long as her lungs yearned for air as she took in deep gulps of it. Holly didn't like the idea of having to ask other girls to help her get dressed every single morning! No, there has to be a trick to it. Trick! Yes! Of course, thought Holly as she suddenly smiled to herself.

"Perhaps if I used Magic", Holly said to herself.

"You don't need to use magic; you're just doing it wrong is all."

Holly turned to see Ginny standing there looking at her.

"If it isn't too much of an imposition could you show me how this contraption works", Holly said sheepishly, "I don't want embarrass myself in front of the others."

Ginny looked a bit hesitant but then moved toward Holly. "You need to remove your straps."

She helped Holly remove the straps then she moved the back of the bra to Holly's front. She then put the clasps together and then turned the bra around so that it was facing the front once more.

"Now you can put your arms through your straps. Mum showed me how to do this not to long ago, though I don't think I'll ever have as much as you or my new sister", Ginny said somewhat enviously.

"I sure you'll fill in nicely when the time comes', Holly said smiling.

Ginny looked a bit sad just then as she faced Holly. "Why do you have to be a girl? Why can't you go back to being Harry?"

"I did not plan for this to happen to me, Ginny. There are things that will happen in which you will have no control over. The thing you have to remember is I am still me inside this body. I will."

Becky interrupted Holly while barging in unannounced.

"Ahhh, I had to sleep on my bloody back all night long because of these oversensitive beauties", Becky said as she held up her bountiful bosom, "I don't think I'm ever going to be able to sleep on my stomach again."

Ginny looked at Becky for a moment and at Holly, then she sped off down the hallway. Holly gave Becky a dirty look.

"What? We're all girls right? It's not like she hasn't got a pair of her maybe not as big as."

"It's alright Becky; just put something on before George and Fred see you walking around like that."

"Huh?" Becky said as she looked down at her bare chest, "Oh, I suppose that would be the proper thing to do wouldn't it."

Holly simply shook hear head as she helped get Becky a bra to wear.

"How do you put on one of these things on then?" Becky said as she eyed the article of clothing suspiciously.

"I believe I know how."

And Holly proceeded to show Becky what she had learned from Ginny. Before long they along with everyone else was fully dressed and had breakfast.

Holly Potter's picture was on the front page of The Daily Prophet. People read all about her recovery. Most were happy to see that "The Boy Who Lived" became "The Girl Who Survived". Not everyone was pleased however to see Potter alive and well. Lucius Malfoy still had a grudge against Potter for tricking him into releasing his house elf. He snarled at the picture and crumpled up the paper.

"Will the world never be rid of you, Potter? Mark my words, Potter will pay for what he, she, or it has done to me," Lucius told his son.

As soon as his father left the room Draco retrieved the newspaper that was thrown away. He did not share his father's opinion that this was bad news concerning Potter. No indeed, this year he'll see Potter humiliated in ways never before imagined. Maybe he might even make little Miss Potter cry and stomp her foot in public like the girlie girl he has become. Yes, that would be fun he thought as he straightened out the paper. He just had to see what Holly Potter looked like, and he soon found out.

"No! It can't be!" Draco Malfoy screamed.

He stood transfixed looking at every detail of the photo. Potter was his enemy, arch-nemesis, everything he hated and despised. At that moment however, Draco felt something other than hatred for Potter. The beauty and grace he saw before him; it was just too much for him to comprehend. All thoughts of humiliating Potter crumbled and fell to ruin.

"I must have you, and I will not be denied. I care not if you were once Harry Potter. To me you shall always be my sweet lovely Holly," Draco proclaimed to the photo, and then he went on to kiss it. The picture of Holly tried desperately to leave saying something about having a headache.

End of part two.

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