Shelly Darlington gets kicked out of this mansion because she is 27 years old . She then spends the night in jail for just brushing her teeth in her car and then gets out the next day and finds this sorority and then one of the house mothers at another sorority told her to go to this sorority that might lose their house if they don't get 30 pledges. Which is the zeta house so she goes to the zeta house and becomes their new house mother. So then she is washing her car and this guy named Oliver Nelson who owns a retirement home and she goes over to him and she gets his flyer. She then tells the zeta girls about Oliver Nelson and she goes to take a shower and then they go to this club where the other sororities and fraternizes are mean and then let a pig in the zeta house with a shirt that's says zeta. shelly and Oliver go on their first date and Oliver leaves her then later on she goes on their second date with Oliver that didn't turn out either. she then leaves the zeta house to become miss November but then decided not to do that and Natalie says Marvin called the Zeta sisters. Then they go and try to get the zeta house back and they get the 30 pledges and a new girl named Ashley moves to the zeta house . Then Oliver comes to bring flowers to Shelly and they start dating again. Natalie dates Colby and Joanne dates Steve. The zeta sisters throw a party for Shelly and she says when her and Oliver kiss she says its like magic and he says it is like fireworks and the story with the glass slipper which is Cinderella. Then Oliver and shelly go to this fancy restaurant and they have dinner and Oliver tells Shelly to close her eyes and she does and Oliver goes over to her and tells her to open her eyes and he is down on one knee and he says Shelly Darlington will you marry me and I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you. She says yes and they go back to the zeta house and tell the zeta sisters that they are getting married. The zeta sisters congratulate them and they have the wedding a year later. Oliver gets chairs from the retirement home and a tent. Natalie is the maid of honor and Joanne and the other zeta sisters are the bridesmaids and harmony's daughter is the flower girl. the ring bearer is a kid from Harmony's daughter's class. Natalie and Joanne's boyfriend are best man and a groomsman and harmony's husband also is a groomsman and the other zeta sisters that have boyfriends are the other groomsman. Shelly's dad Ryan walks her down the aisle to Oliver and they exchange vows and rings and now married. Joanne and Steve get married sometime later like Natalie and Colby to . Then shelly has her and Oliver's baby girl lily Ana nelson. Joanne and Steve have twins Emma lily Andrews and Michael Nathan Andrews. Same time Shelly has her and Oliver's son Zack Andrew nelson. Natalie and Colby have triplets named Matthew , Elizabeth, and Olivia . All their kids get married and have kids the end.