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Chapter 1: Outbreak.

Ruby sat on her bunk bed, eyes fixed on the small T.V that Ozpin had had installed on the wall of their dorm, for their outstanding work in the events leading up to the breach, and the hordes of Grimm swarming the city. She didn't really think they deserved it, as they hadn't stopped the breach from occurring as they should of, but she also wasn't about to argue with the headmaster. The T.V was currently showing a news report, that Blake (Who was also in the room, on her own bed) had asked to see. Considering Ruby had had more then her fair share of screen-time, that had mostly consisted of the local kids channel, she had handed the remote over to Blake. The news had worried them both.

"The Schnee corporation is so far denying reports that the shooting of one of their scientists was their own work, however, there have been numerous eye witness statements that soldiers dressed in white armor, adorned with the Schnee logo, had been seen exiting the alleyway in which the shooting took place, armed with rifles. The Schnee Corporation also have provided no reasons as to why the body of the scientist, one Alex Mercer, has been taken. The only reason that was given was for "The safety of the city" Alex worked for the genetic research branch of the Schnee corp, and they have not given any reason why the city was in danger, if it ever was. More as we have it, on this controversial story"

Ruby and Blake looked at each other, both equally confused. Ruby was the first to break the silence.

"I didn't even know the Schnee Corp had a "genetic research" branch"

Blake answered her with: "Yeah, they do. But they've always been very secretive about what goes on in their labs. Definitely nothing good, that's for sure. Although whatever it is, if its enough to make Schnee shoot their own men..." Ruby and Blake traded glances.

"Still, its not absolutely certain Schnee shot him, right?"

"I guess..."

The next day

"In the news today, Schnee corporation Private military contractors, have set up a barricade, and sealed off several blocks surrounding the supposed place the shooting took place, denying entry to any and all that attempt to enter the area, even those who live there, on supposed safety grounds. We have a reporter, Cyril, on the ground, currently on location along with several members of the local police force. More from him, now"

The camera view switched to what appeared to be a handhold set, that was currently fixed on a Vale police officer, who was talking very animatedly to a man wearing full combat gear, and a gas mask, all of it in startling white. Printed on the front of his bulletproof vest was the Schnee logo, printed in black. The most noticeable thing about him (In the circumstances) was the large, fearsome assault rifle, that he carried with one hand as he waved the police off with the other.

"Thanks for the hand off Lisa, here I am, with the aforementioned officers of the law, who are currently having a rather heated discussion with the Schnee Private Military Contractors, who are attempting to refuse them entry"

The camera moved closer, bringing the two men's words into audible range.

"Goddammit, you can't refuse my men entry! This is a suburb of Vale, and we are the Vale police, we can't let you do this!"

The Contractor responded in a level voice, slightly muffled by his mask, but still understandable.

"I'm sorry sir, but you need to turn round, and return to your station, there is a serious security threat that we are uniquely equipped to deal with. Please, just leave this to us..." His sentence was cut off by garbled static from his radio, that was clipped to his vest. "Hold on sir...Viper Two-Two, is that you? How copy?"

"Sir, we are at the point of release, no signs of infection yet...Hold on sir, I see something moving, over"

"Copy Two-Two, move in to investigate, over"

The police officer seemed offended at being blanked.

"What are you people talking about? Point of release? Infection?"

The four girls traded looks. Up until then, they'd all sat quietly, riveted to the screen by the unfolding drama. But now, they were beginning to worry over the words being traded on screen.

"Look, I'm sorry sir, you need to turn aroun-" He was cut off by a loud, sudden and chilling sound from his radio. Gunshots. And a lot of them.

"Viper Two-Two? Viper Two-Two, how copy?"

"Sir, we are under attack from unknown hostiles, they appear to be infected with whatever it is Mercer was carrying, and...Oh, oh god, they got Jefferson! Oh god, the're ripping him apart!" The gunshots were joined by the sounds of screams. "We are moving Sir, we can't stay here, there's to many of them!" The sounds stopped, replaced by the pounding of several pairs of feet, and ragged breathing. There was a sudden, sharp intake of air.

"Viper Two-Two, Identify hostiles! Viper!"

"Oh god, they've blocked the exit...There's too many of them, fire! Fire open fire!" The gunshots returned, quickly joined, and then replaced by screams.

"Viper? Viper? How copy? Viper!"

The seeming commander of the PMC's pulled his radio from its clip, and shook it, as if that would somehow help his men. The screams stopped soon enough, replaced with crunches and tearing sounds, best left unexplored.

"What the hell...Viper!"

The police officer shook his head, before saying: "Look, whatever's in there, we need to go check it out!"

The PMC made a negative gesture with his hand, but before he could speak, one of his men shouted: "Look Sir! Civilians!"

The camera and the arguing men, all turned to see what the troop was talking about.

The focus of attention was a group of people, staggering down the road on the other side of the barricade On closer inspection, however, they realized, they weren't people any longer. They were all dressed in casual clothes, all ages, sizes, and races, both human and Faunas. And they were all horribly disfigured. They were covered in boils and open wounds, some were horrifically bloated, and some had shriveled to the point their bones showed at the joints. The police officer muttered:

"What are they?"

To which the PMC answered:

"The're what killed Viper. Everyone, open fire! And someone get rid of that camera!" All the troops turned, except one, who took a couple of steps towards the camera before a swipe of his hand sent the camera to the ground. It miraculously landed facing the soldiers, as they stepped up to the barricade and began to pour fire into the approaching mob. People began to break and fall, blood spraying, and then the camera was smashed, the video feed dissolving into static.

Yang was the first to speak. "What the hell did we just see?"

Blake answered her. "I'm not sure, but whatever it was, its serious. People were dying"

Ruby pitched in with: "Yeah! We should help!"

"As much as I wish to trust in the Schnee corporation, they may need help from Beacon. After all, we are some of the best trained fighters in the city" They all turned to look at Weiss. They were distracted, however, by the T.V suddenly crackling, before showing the visage of their headmaster, Ozpin.

"Team RWBY, come to my office please. Time is of the essence"