Chapter 2: The Day She Dreaded

The next day came. Maria dreaded this afternoon. She hoped for that time of the day not to come soon enough.

But, it did.

She was is Liesl's room, waiting for Liesl to find one of her swimwears.

"Here it is!" Liesl exclaimed, getting the one-piece out of the closet. Maria insisted it to be a one-piece.

The one-piece was still exposing skin, though. It showed Maria's shoulders, collarbone, arms, and a little bit of cleavage, and it showed her legs. It was colored burgundy- and has no straps.

"Um...Liesl? Isn't there anything...less showy?" Maria said.

"This is my only one-piece, Fräulein. I'm sorry if you didn't like it-"

"No! No. It's really nice. I personally like the color. I'm just not in favor of showing too much skin. The swimsuit shows my shoulders without straps. It shows the whole part of my body above my chest, you see. I'm...conservative," Maria replied.

"Oh," Liesl replied.

"But, since I'm more not in favor of a two piece, I'll just go with that," Maria said and took the swimsuit from Liesl's hands.

She went to change in the bathroom.

"I have something to cover your shoulders and such, but you can't wear it in the water," Liesl added, holding out a lavender robe that has thin fabric.

Maria just looked at it.

"It's...the partner of that swimsuit," Liesl said, smiling.

"Oh, thank you Liesl!" Maria exclaimed.

Liesl chuckled. "Oh, alright, Fräulein. You can change now," Liesl said, then turned to find her two piece.

Maria turned to the bathroom and changed. It felt like her first night, only it was Liesl who helped her.

She went and changed. After she changed, she looked at herself in the mirror. It indeed showed off her bare skin.

But she had one thought. And it's not about conservatism.

What would the Captain think?

What in the world? Maria thought.

She got out and saw the lavender robe on the bed. She grabbed it and wore it.

Since it has a thin fabric, it still shows off her skin through the fabric.

It's better than showing my skin bare, Maria thought.

The robe reached a few centimeters under the back of her knee, and had long sleeves.

"You look wonderful, Fräulein Maria," Liesl said from her closet. She just found her two piece from the closet.

"My turn to change. Here," Liesl said and tossed her a towel. Maria just smiled at her.

"You can go first, I'll catch up. See you later," Liesl said before getting in the bathroom.

As Liesl closed the door, Maria shuddered. She was about to see the Captain. And she was like this.

She held on to her towel, slipped on her slippers and got out of the room.

Maria arrived at the lake. The Baroness and Max were at the table by the veranda.

Elsa shot a questioning look at Maria, and Max just sipped his wine while looking at her from top to bottom.

Maria noticed it and blushed.

"Why the seductive swimsuit, dear?" Elsa said.

Maria blushed harder.

"It's Liesl's. And we're going swimming," Maria muttered.

Elsa raised her eyebrow.

"I must go," Maria said, walking to the lake.

"She looks," Max said.

"Shut it, Max," Elsa replied, staring at a shy Maria walking to the lake.

As Maria walked to the open iron gate, she shuddered as she hung her towel on the gate and removed her lavender robe.

Georg watched as Maria removed her robe.

I need serious help, Georg thought to himself.

Maria dipped into the water, swimming to where the children were.

And unfortunately, she bumped into the Captain.

"Captain!" Maria exclaimed, backing away a bit.

"I see you're wearing Liesl's burgundy swimsuit," he commented.

Maria nodded, blushing as her eyes were suddenly drawn to his chest.

"You look beautiful," he said, smirking before swimming away.

Maria blushed harder.

"Fräulein Maria! You're here!" Friedrich said.

"Hello, Friedrich," Maria smiled. The other children came up to her as well.

"Fräulein Maria!"

Maria turned to see Liesl at the iron gate in a white two piece that covered her tummy that had some ruffles at the hem of the top and at the waist of the bottom. It had thin straps, and the bottom part showed a lot of legs.

Liesl went into the water and made her way to the others.

Soon enough, everyone was enjoying splashing around.

"You're it!" Louisa exclaimed while touching Friedrich's back. She giggled, swimming away trying not to be caught by Friedrich.

Maria was with the two little girls at the not-so-deep part pf the water in the lake, splashing around with them as well.

The kids were splashing around, swimming, chasing, it went on for an hour that felt like five minutes.

"Fräulein Maria! Could you come over?" Kurt called.

"I'm with Gretl and Marta!" she replied.

"I'll take care of that!" Liesl went over to her. Maria nodded and went to Kurt.

Again, her clumsiness found her and she slipped underwater and fell under the deep part of the water.

She knew how to swim, but as she said, clumsiness.

She desperately tried to reach the surface, but it seems that she's about to drown.

"Father! Fraulein Maria needs help!"

Oh God.

Soon she fell into unconsciousness.

The Captain arrived and brought her to the surface. He had to do what he had to do.

Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

He pushed on her chest and went to her mouth. He opened her mouth and his covered it, blowing air inside.

He did it multiple times. He was blowing air into her mouth, then he felt she was awake. He suddenly felt the urge to kiss her.

But he already was. He kissed her gently, slowly, and broke away. Maria saw him, and her eyes widened.



Maria sat up, huffing. She suddenly fainted.

The Captain carried her.

"Children, go to your rooms, bathe and change. I'll take care of your Fraulein," he said.

The children did as told. He walked into the house.

Elsa saw everything and eyed the two. max was just drinking his wine.

"Frau Schmidt! Frau Schmidt!" he called. Soon enough, Frau Schmidt arrived.

"Please bathe her and change her clothes for me," he said.

"What happened?" Frau Schmidt asked.

"She nearly drowned," he said.

The two adults with Maria in the Captain's arms went to the governess' room. The Captain placed her in the bathtub and left Frau Schmidt to do all the work. He went back to his room to bathe and change as well.

I hope Maria is alright.

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