Chapter 5: Realizations

She needs help. Moreover, she needs to return to the abbey and seek help from the Reverend Mother.

Because now, she's not so sure if she will still continue being a nun.

And if she wants to go visit the abbey, she needs to ask the Captain.

Of all people.

She's not sure of what she really feels. At first, she thought it was just weird stuff going on inside her. Now, it may be possible to like him.

What could've made him feel that way?

They're first meeting wasn't that nice.

And he didn't like what she'd done on the first night and when he came back.

Then suddenly his heart softened after he heard his children sing.

Then came the "knight in shining armor" incidents.

Why was she questioning his feelings?

She should question hers.

What made her feel that way about him?

It took enough courage to go to the Captain's study and ask to go visit the abbey.

She took a deep breath before knocking.

"Captain?" she muttered.

"Maria?" he replied. The door then opened, revealing a slightly frazzled Captain, with his hair left a bit messy.

His eyes were gleaming with happiness and hope, with a small smile on his face.

He coughed a bit, regaining his composure and running his hand through his hair.

"What do you need?" he said gently.

"I...would like to ask if I could go visit the...abbey," Maria said.

With that, the Captain's look came from happy to shocked.

"You're coming back?" he said.

"No. I just wanted to take a visit. Visit the sisters, the Reverend Mother, the other postulants, just a visit. Nothing to worry about," she said calmly with a smile.

The Captain was glad to see that smile again.

"Oh. Okay then. What time will you return?" he asked, rubbing the back of his neck.

"Maybe some time in the afternoon," she replied.

"Okay. You may go," he said with a smile before returning to his study.

As he closed the door, he smiled to himself. Things should get better.

Maria let out the breath she was holding, and proceeded to go to the Abbey.

As she arrived at the abbey gate, she rang the bell.

A sister came to answer the gate.


"Sister Sophia!" Maria exclaimed. Sister Sophia opened the gate and gave a hug.

"The abbey was very quiet while you were gone," Sister Sophia said as she broke away.

Maria just giggled.

"What made you return?" she asked.

"I just wanted to speak with the Reverend Mother," Maria explained.

"Right timing. She's in her study. I'll bring you there," Sister Sophia said.

Soon enough, they arrived the door to the Reverend Mother's study.

"Stay here," the sister said. Maria nodded as the sister went in.

A few moments later, Sister Sophia came out.

"You may come in. I'll see you around, Maria," Sister Sophia said as she smiled and gave the young soon-to-be-ex-postulant a hug.

Maria entered the Reverend Mother's study, and quickly knelt and kissed her hand before sitting down.

"What made you wish to speak with me?" the elderly nun said.

Maria gulped.

"I...wanted to ask for advice," Maria said.

"What kind of advice?" the Reverend Mother said.

"Advice on what I feel," Maria muttered.

"And what do you feel, my child?" she said.

"That I...might love," Maria blurted out.

They stood in a moment of silence.

"With whom?"

"The Captain."

They stood in another moment of silence.

"And do you feel that it is right?" the elder nun said.

"I...don't know. I get frightened of my feelings towards him. I feel like I'm betraying God," Maria muttered.

The Reverend Mother smiled.

"My dear, you aren't betraying God, you're simply now following His will," the Reverend Mother said.

"His will?" Maria replied.

"He didn't bring you there just to take care of seven children. He may have brought you there to find the life you were born to live," the Reverend Mother said.

Maria just stared at the elderly nun. The Reverend Mother stood up and held Maria's hands.

"And I'm happy that you finally found your life," the Reverend Mother said.

"So...this means I wouldn't become a nun anymore," Maria said.

"Nun or not, Maria, God and I will always be here for you," the Reverend Mother said, and pulled the younger girl into a hug.

"Thank you, Reverend Mother," Maria said.

"Your welcome my child," the elderly nun said.

Maria returned to the villa with a nervous feeling.

Will she still avoid him?

Or will she admit to him that she loves him?

Her nervous self won, because she chose to avoid him for a while.

She was still scared.

She arrived the von Trapp estate and entered the villa. She saw the Captain and looked down quickly and made her way into her room.

The rest of the day went on like that. The Captain was disappointed. He was already ready.

Elsa's back in Vienna, and he was already planning to buy a ring for her.

He thought things will be alright after they talked in the study, but she was still avoiding him.

When she sees him she'll turn around and walk away. She doesn't act cold, she seems tense. But she ignores him. She knows he's there but she acts like he wsn't.

What happened in the abbey?

The captain was determined to tell her now. She saw her at the grand hall.

"Maria!" he called. Maria looked at his direction and quickly walked to the veranda.

"Maria! Wait!" he said. He quickly ran to were she was.

"Maria!" he continued.

They arrived at a deserted veranda.

"Maria I know you're avoiding me," he said. With that, Maria came to a halt.

"Why?" he continued. Maria just stayed silent. She had her back on the Captain.

"Is this after I said that I liked you?" he said. No answer.

"Look, I know stealing a kiss is wrong but that doesn't mean just that." Still no answer.

"I did that because I really, really really, love you," he blurted.

Maria was surprised. The Captain saw her shoulders move.

"What's wrong if a knight who is willing to save his princess is eager to win her heart?"

Maria was more surprised. My dream.

The Captain took a step forward.

She was still not speaking.

He looked down.

"It's okay if you don't love me. I just wanted to tell that to you," he muttered.

He turned to walk back into the villa.


He stopped and turned around.

" you too."

He walked slowly towards her.

Maria turned around and gave a weak smile.

He went to her and kissed her.

Just like in her dream, she willingly wrapped her arms around his neck, wilingly kissed him back, and willingly gave her heart.

Because not only did he save her from danger.

He saved her life.


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