Author's Notes: This fanfiction was removed by previously for "Not allowed: interactive, chat/script, real person, mst, and etc." This is a reupload of the same fic only I replaced every instance of the character "Keanu Reeves" with "Ted Theodore Logan". I decided to repost it to show that they rule violations that I did not commit. The only thing on their list I did do was using a real character and for that I'm "Sorry".

The Traitor

At 6 in the morning, Darth Vader and Ted Theodore Logan were on a beach together. The sun was not quite visible, and the world was engulfed by a shadowy and ominous twilight. Ted Theodore Logan was wearing only jean shorts and was looking pale as usual. He made serious eye contact with Vader.

"Darth Vader..." Ted Theodore Logan said in his most confused surfer voice, "I know that I was angry at you, but I do not know why!"

"Young Ted Theodore Logan," Vader responded speaking completely normally, not struggling for breath, "What did I ever do to you dog?"

"I don't know armslice," Ted Theodore Logan said with a chuckle, but a deep, almost choking sounding chuckle, "but what if you hit my girlfriend?"

"Never!" Vader interjected immediately, "I wouldn't trip like that Ted Theodore Logan."

"Not cool dude," Ted Theodore Logan began to fashion a gun out of the sand of the beach, "In due time muchacho."

Vader took a step back, "I don't understand."

"In due time muchacho," Ted Theodore Logan repeated, as he began to make a sand bullet.

Vader dropped to one knee, "Ted Theodore Logan, Neo, my boy, my dog, my senpai, I would never hit your girlfriend, I swear this to you. I vowed my loyalty to you 5 years ago and we've been tight ever since."

"Bang" Ted Theodore Logan shot Darth Vader.

Darth Vader slowly lurched forward, then collapsed into the sand, he gasped attempting his last words, "Ted Theodore Logan. My. Bro."

Ted Theodore Logan smiled as Vader's blood soaked the sand. It was an excellent morning. Most excellent.

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