Brothers Until the End

Naruto and all related characters Masashi Kishimoto.

Naruto was stirred by the sound of his alarm clock going off. He grumbled, wanting to get just a little more sleep before his day began. The sound of it breaking when something struck it was heard, sending the room back into it's usual silence. The blond continued to sleep peacefully, sighing as he snuggled back into the sheets. A few hours later the sun shined into his apartment's windows, hitting him in the face as he slowly woke, stretching a bit and smacking his lips. He lazily looked over at the clock next to his refrigerator and saw that it was 10:00 in the morning. He looked over at his alarm clock and saw a kunai sticking out of it, then noticed a lump of sheets laying on the foldout couch across the room.

Naruto growled and got up, quickly throwing on his pants as he rushed to get ready. He stopped only momentarily and filled a cup of water, throwing the contents at the mass of sheets on the couch.

"GET UP MENMA WE GOTTA GO!" Naruto yelled as he struggled to get his pants zipped up and was currently looking for his shirt. The covers on the couch flew in all directions as a veritable clone of Naruto sprang up, the only difference in their appearance being a head full of shaggy black hair and darker, more well defined whisker marks.

"What the hell Naruto?!" Menma exclaimed as he sat up, wearing exactly what he wore the day before, a black tank-top and black pants, with a black clothed headband tied around his arm.

"YOU BROKE THE ALARM CLOCK! WE'RE FOUR HOURS LATE!" Naruto snapped as he finally managed to get dressed in his usual bright orange jumpsuit. Menma sighed as he raked a hand through his hair.

"So? I read about who our sensei is gonna be. He's always about this late anyway... Hell we could have breakfast and watch some TV and still be there before he gets there." The darker haired twin said as Naruto found it hard to argue, since Menma actually took the time to find out who their sensei would be ahead of time. Still though, he may have been a bit of a dim bulb in most instances of life, but he wasn't about to be accused of not taking his ninja career seriously. So after a few minutes of trying to roust Menma out of their apartment, the twins were on their way to the Academy.

Today was just another day in what Menma considered the ongoing example of contrast he and his brother had. Today's example? Naruto was a morning person and, Menma was not. While the twins were very similar in many aspects, they were markidly different in others. Naruto wasn't the smartest in the village, not stupid just slightly less than average in the smarts department if you asked anyone. Menma on the other hand, while still far from being a genius himself, was definitely the more intelligent of the two. Whereas Naruto had a boundless enthusiasm for being a ninja and made sure everyone knew it, Menma was more comfortable in letting his actions speak for him... Though this did not mean he wouldn't join his brother in boasting from time to time. But the most important thing they did share, was the kind of brotherly love that came from being the only ones there for each other.

"So Naruto? Menma? Care to tell us a bit about yourselves?" One Kakashi Hatake said as he nodded toward the brothers.

"Well, we like ramen..." Naruto began.

"Comparing and experimenting with different kinds of ramen..." Menma finished. The brothers both smiled as they looked at each other.

"AND WE'RE GONNA BE HOKAGE AND CO-HOKAGE!" They both shouted in unison, causing Kakashi, Sasuke Uchiha, and Sakura Haruno to collectively face palm.