"Yeah, what?" the shaman asked, opening the door. Outside stood Howard and Vince. Howard started:

"Well, you see Naboo, there's this party that we're going to, and, well…" Vince explained:

"He wants to know if you have any more of that sexy juice." Naboo rolled his eyes.

"Honestly. I haven't got any, but Bollo can make you some, can't you Bollo?" There was a grunt from the other room "I suppose you want some too, Vince?" Vince grinned, nodding.

"Cheers, Naboo, you're a diamond!" As he and Howard walked off, Naboo called:

"That ok, Bollo? And d'you mind doing a coffee as well?"

"Ok, Naboo. Milk?"

"Na, but two sugars." Bollo did the coffee, brought it out, and then took down Naboo's book of recipes. The potion was on the first page. Pretty simple ingredients, all the standard health and safety warnings that come with love potions. Bollo shrugged off the warnings and began to mix.

A few hours later, it was getting dark as Naboo handed Vince and Howard their potions. They both downed the whole thing in a couple of gulps.

"Well?" asked Howard, nervously smoothing down his hair.

"We can't tell," Naboo told them, "only women can."