To all my loyal fans: Forgive me for falling off the face of the earth and not updating my stories. I went back to school and had massive life-upheavals within the last four years. I'm in the process of trying to finish my associates in graphic design and get my name out there as a designer and an artist; trying to start my own comic series; learning how to make beautiful book covers, and trying to finish writing the books to fill them.

I also am suffering a massive case of burnout. I have a pretty tough case of C-PTSD, and while I'm in a much better place than I was, I still get flare-ups. I was working full-time in a place that constantly triggered my disorder, and going to school year-round without a break, trying to get my general courses out of the way and squeak that much closer to getting a degree to hopefully better my life. As a result, when I finally had enough of my education completed that I had to move to a different city in order to continue, the unending, crippling anxiety had me so physically weak and sick that I was suffering from chronic pain, and my stomach problems were so bad that I'd be puking up stomach acid whether I ate or not. I've moved away from that, but I've also moved away from my friends and support system, so I've had little energy or motivation to do much more than lay in bed and stare at the ceiling over this last summer, and this trainwreck of a semester. I'm finally starting to feel much better now, and I've adjusted my scheduling a bit to have a lighter workload, and hopefully, that will prove beneficial to getting more of my writing and creative work going and up off the ground.

That being said, I've set fanfiction aside to focus what remains of my energy to work on my own original stories and artwork. I currently don't have any of it published, and I am not ready to have anything formally published. However, I am considering putting some of my rough work up on Wattpad, to receive feedback and have fresh eyes to look it over to help find plot holes and any bardic Discordia I may be missing because I've been beating on these for a while through the burnout and writer's block, and then I'll do some pretty heavy revisions and expansion to get ready for publishing. High Fantasy is currently my main focus. I've started several, but have paused my work on them to finish my One Book to Rule Them All, which is to be my debut. (Seriously, I am stuck on everything else, and I have to finish this one that is so near and dear to my soul before I can be okay enough to write anything else, and it's running me through the mental/emotional wringer. Hopefully, that means it will carry some serious positive impact.)

My username on Wattpad is TheChangelingScribe, and I can be found across social media under several grammatical variations of that moniker, including Facebook, Instagram, DeviantArt, and Twitter. ("The Changeling Scribe" is my decided professional name.)

Again, I'm so sorry for leaving you guys without any word on whether or not I happened to still be breathing, and I appreciate your continued love and support after all of this time. I hope I can interact with you lovely humans on Wattpad or on social media.