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Chapter 1: Prologue

"Shit! I am damn late" said Meredith as she rushed into the attending's lounge. She changed her from her scrubs and changed into a plum dress and quickly applied Kohl and a lip-gloss. "

Mer jumped "aahhhh" and then sighed "Cristina you scared me" she huffed.

"Hey hey whites gotten into you and why are dressed like Barbie"Cristina said.

"I am going out with someone" she said and quickly packed her bag and shut the locker.

"With the mystery guy with whom you are always busy? When am I going to meet him?" Cristina questioned.

"I don't know when and stop interrogating me" she replied. She took one last glance at the mirror and said "bye Cris I gotta go see ya later" with that she rushed out leaving a very confused Cristina behind.

Meredith ran through the hospital pushing through the crowd when she finally reached outside and saw no one there she sighed and looked at her angrily "he is late again" she muttered. She waited for 15 minutes getting angrier each passing minute. "Stupid, Bastard I knew it he would be late dammit ".Finally a Porsche Cayenne came and stopped in front of her she quickly jumped in the shotgun seat.

"You know I hate you" she said angrily the guy next to her chuckled and said "I know you love me"

"Fuck you Derek Christopher Shepherd you made me wait 15 minutes in the damn rain" she glared.

"You know what will make you better" he said, "what" she gritted through her teeth.

"This" he leaned over and kissed her softly on the lips and all her anger vanished and she leaned over to kiss him deeply. They finally parted apart Derek glanced at his watch and said "lets go we are late" with that he left SGMW.

During the ride both of them were silent lost in their thoughts. Derek glanced over Meredith she was playing with her watched noticed she looked a little nervous and said "Mer stop doing that everything will be fine". "What if they don't like me Derek?" "Mer they will adore you and they are desperately waiting to meet you" "ok I believe you" and again everything fell into silence.

Derek finally reached the destination "We are here lets go". Meredith contemplated from moving outside "Come on Mer lets go" she took a deep breath and got outside the car. Derek took her hand started moving towards the place they were supposed to go. Meredith finally looked up and saw the big white house with a beautiful exterior in front of her now she was more scared than before." Come on Mer lets rip the band aid off".

With that he opened the door to the large house and called out "Guys we are here" no reply "Guys were are you come out" he looked towards Mer who was uneasy and ushered her in "Mer come inside" with that she took one last deep breath and stepped into the foyer.

All of a Sudden out of nowhere a huge bucket of cold water was poured on her she looked up in and saw a big empty bucket hanging above her.

Both of them looked at each other in horror and gasped.

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