A/N: This fanfic is set somewhere near the beginning of Rose's travels with the Doctor. Possibly within the first few days or so.

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Rose stretched and yawned as she blearily opened her eyes. By sheer habit, she glanced at her bedside, only to belatedly remember that she didn't have a clock next to her bed. Rose laid back down and sighed.

There were no clocks anywhere in the TARDIS (well, save for the one on her mobile, which didn't really count as a proper clock).

She asked the Doctor about it once. He said, "We're in the Time Vortex! What do we need clocks for?"

It took awhile for her to understand what he meant by that. Time was meaningless in the TARDIS.

There were no days or nights here in the Time Vortex. No sunrises or sunsets. No hours or minutes or schedules to keep up with. She woke when she's fully rested and slept when she's tired. She ate when she's hungry, not when the clock struck twelve. If her mother wanted her home in ten minutes, she could wait one week and still be there in ten minutes.

One day, she might even be able to go an entire day without looking for a clock. But for now, she'd keep up with her silly human habits and check the time on her phone, even if it meant the sun was shining high up in the sky in Tokyo at 2 a.m. in the morning, according to her mobile.