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Chapter 1

A jagged scream slashed the silent fabric of the night.

The girl sat up suddenly, dazed, as if her mind had been rocketed back from some far away place. She clutched the covers around her.

It was so dark. For a moment she thought she had forgotten to open her eyes. But her eyes were so wide, straining. The velvet curtain of night shrouded her as if she was blind.

The scream came again, ripping through the darkness.

Fear's cold knife edge streaked down the girl's spine. Her heart pounded. She wanted to run, but she could not see- and she was paralyzed with fear. Her mind reeled, trying to grasp onto something- anything- to steady itself.

Then another scream tore through the darkness and everything became suddenly, horrifyingly clear.

The person who is screaming is me

I don't know who I am.

Please let me know if you want me to continue.