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Prologue: A Different Hero

Link ran to the Temple of Time. Panting as he looked over his shoulder to make sure he wasn't being followed, he ran to its massive entrance and heaved to push the door open.

"Look! That podium over there!" A fairy rushed over and examined it. "There are three hollows, and an inscription!"

Link nodded at Navi, his guide and companion for many a day now, as he examined the Hylian script.

'Ye who owns 3 Spiritual Stones
'Stand with the Ocarina of Time
'And play the Song of Time'

Link re-read it in his mind and nodded before taking a step back and putting the Ocarina of Time entrusted to him by Princess Zelda to his lips. The song he had learned in her dream message upon receiving it still rang clearly through his mind. The melody echoed throughout the sacred hall, and three lights, green, red and blue, formed from Link's chest and materialized into the Spiritual Stones.

They circled above his head for a moment before they took their place on the altar and the massive Triforce symbol set above the stone door behind the podium glimmered a bright golden color before the door rumbled and slid open, the doors sliding into the walls.

Wasting no time, Link rushed into the next room with Navi close by. Under a solitary light, at the top of a small staircase, a long sword was set in a stone that had the Triforce symbol etched into it.

Navi rushed forward, "Link, isn't that…?!" After she got a closer look, she hovered around it, "It's that legendary blade… The Master Sword!"

Link nodded. He knew what he had to do. The blade that was meant to vanquish evil. By collecting the stones, he should have proven his worth to wield it. He stepped up the stairs almost reverently, and he had to step onto the stone pedestal housing the blade to properly grip the hilt. He took a deep breath and pulled.


Link looked down. The sword was still firmly in place. Maybe he hadn't put enough effort into it. He firmly rooted his feet to the stone and pulled with all his might.

Not even a single sign of budging.

Link pulled even harder, trying to make the Master Sword come out of its stone sheath. The Great Deku Tree, practically his father, had died to give Link a chance for this! He had to take up the sword!

Soon, it became too much for his twelve-year-old body, his grip broke and he fell back, barely managing to catch himself before falling all the way down the stairs leading to the pedestal. He pulled himself back to his feet and looked at the sword, panting from the effort of trying to pull it out.

"Why…?" He panted. Why wouldn't the sword move for him?! How was he supposed to stop the forces of evil now?

You don't.

Link straightened up in an instant, his instincts trying to pinpoint where the voice had come from.

It was our best choice, but it seems you're not meant to inherit the title, "Hero of Time…"

Link was about to ask Navi if she was hearing that too, but the Song of Time rang out amidst the small chamber. Link looked around as the sound of clocks ticking surrounded him, and then all went dark.

In an ethereal realm, four women stood, looking down at an image of the now empty chamber of the Master Sword. One of them, the silver-haired but youthful Goddess of Time shook her head regretfully.

"I was so certain that he was the one to take up the Master Sword."

A blue-haired goddess tilted her head thoughtfully, "If it's not meant to be him, then whom…?"

"Maybe if somebody could've been a little more specific with their description." A red-haired goddess said.

The Goddess of Time crossed her arms, "I'm just a deity, unlike you three 'Golden Goddesses.' I sent what I saw to the descendant of Hylia. We're just lucky that I can allow us another chance."

Resting her chin on her hand, the green-haired goddess chimed in for the first time. "Who else could it be? There are plenty of 'green-clad' people in Kokiri Forest, but any of my children of the forest will die if they leave their sanctuary… Any ideas, Nayru?"

"I'm not sure, Farore… Perhaps we're looking in the wrong places…?"

As the two of them tried to find a way out, something they hadn't accounted for, the red-haired goddess spoke up, "Maybe this world has nobody that can be the Hero of Time."

The other three goddesses looked at her in shock, Farore started, "Din-!"

Din threw her hands up, "What? It's a possibility. That Link kid was our best bet since he took the Great Deku Tree's quest and wore green and gathered the Spiritual Stones, and he wasn't it. Who else could there be?"

Nayru glanced at the image of the Master Sword pensively. "It certainly is a possibility… Then we'll have to look elsewhere."

Din raised an eyebrow, "Excuse me?"

"Exactly what it sounds like. If this world has no one worthy to wield the Master Sword, we'll have to search other worlds," Nayru clarified. "We three goddesses created this world. I'm sure we can manage the feat of looking to other worlds if we combine our powers. Let's pray to Hylia that we find the right one. Goddess of Time, we'll be counting on you to bring whomever we find to our world."

The Goddess of Time nodded, and the three Golden Goddesses joined hands, closing their eyes as they concentrated their power. Their hair started glowing in their own colors before they opened their eyes. The glow faded from their hair and transferred to their eyes, the rest of their bodies being bathed in a golden aura. The Goddess of Time focused on trying to link with their sight so she could pull whoever they saw into their realm.

Seeing through the Goddess' eyes proved tricky. She saw plenty of green, but none of it centered around a person. The future was never the Goddess of Time's best area; she had only gotten a vague picture of the hero meant to save Hyrule. She knew he was definitely Hylian, or appearing so, at least, and that he was wearing green clothes.

Soon, something seemed to catch the Golden Goddess' eyes. A green-clad person next to a red-clad one. They seemed to be traveling across a land, defeating many enemies along the way.

"The tall one," Farore intoned, her voice seeming to echo with her power, "Could he be the one?"

Din's voice was strained, "He'd better be. We've consumed most of our power to locate him."

Nayru narrowed her glowing blue eyes, "Goddess of Time! Find a period where he is alone and then bring him over! We'll sustain the portal until you do, but hurry!"

An image of the scene that the Goddesses saw became visible above the image of the Master Sword, which changed to show Kokiri Forest. The Goddess of Time nodded and went in the center of the Goddess' and reached her hands through the portal.

Using her own powers, she went further back in time than the scene she saw, searching for a time when the green-clad man was all alone.

Luigi sat in his favorite chair in his home, letting out a sigh. Mario hadn't returned his calls in over a week. He was probably on another adventure, leaving Luigi to just sit around without much to do.

Heaving another sigh at being left alone, he looked up to the sky, "I wanna be a great plumber like my brother, Mario." More like, he wanted to be a great man, but he'd never get over his embarrassment if Mario happened upon his wish at Star Hill.

Getting up, Luigi was about to call it a night and lay down with his favorite book before going to sleep, but his clock chimed. He looked and saw that it read ten o' clock. Funny, he could've sworn it was twenty till…

Then, to his horror, the clock's hands started moving on their own, speeding along until it stopped at eleven o' clock. He rubbed his eyes and shook his head, then looked at the clock again. Still eleven.

He laughed nervously. Maybe he's been zoning out and the time just got away from him. Then his eyes widened as the clock's minute hand started jumping past ten minutes by the second.

He started stepping away, "Then again, maybe I should get some sleep, and I can take the clock into the shop tomorrow. Heh heh… Yeah, that'sagoodidea!" He turned and started speed walking to his room. Right as he was about to reach the doorway, the clock chimed again, signifying midnight. Luigi turned and looked around the foyer nervously. Then he slapped his face, trying to clear the anxiety.

"Alright, Luigi, get a hold of yourself. Nothing spooky's happening; it's just a broken clock. Get some shut-eye, you can take it to the shop in the morning. Right, nothing haaaaaappening…" Right as he was about to turn, he saw that the sky outside his window was pitch black, as if it were really midnight.

Luigi shook a bit, "Okay, now I'm spooked."

He nearly jumped out of his skin when a hand was placed on his shoulder from the doorway behind him. He screamed as he was pulled backwards, and then he blacked out.

Luigi's head was muddled. He felt like he couldn't move a muscle. Dimly, he registered that there was the smell of grass where he was. He felt something prod his side and grumbled slightly.

"I think he's still alive…" A tiny voice whispered. "Poke him again to be sure."

He felt the same object poke him in the face, and he opened one eye, but everything was hazy, so he closed it again. A different voice spoke to him, "Helloooo? Mister?"

The object poked him in the face again, and he gave a half-hearted wave, trying to clear it out as he strained and pushed himself to a sitting position. From there he rubbed his eyes and said, "I'm up, I'm up… What are you doing here?"

"This is my secret special place. What are you doing here, mister? Are you lost? You shouldn't fall asleep out here; you'll turn into a Stalfos."

Luigi shook his head in confusion. Many of those words didn't make sense to him. Hadn't he just fainted in his home? He opened his eyes and saw the grass he was sitting on. Already, he was beginning to panic. He looked around and saw trees everywhere, a large tree stump in front of an even larger building, which appeared to be a temple of some sort. He turned and saw a twelve-year-old girl with green hair and green clothes looking curiously at him and holding a stick. Behind her was a good-sized labyrinth. Hovering next to her was a glowing ball of light with fairy wings.

Luigi could only stammer, "Wh-where am I…?"

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