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The Present

Part III

Sendoh froze, shivering lightly. Those arms around him... It felt so good... So perfect... But... Koshino... Didn't he want to...

"Hiroaki..." He murmured again, disconcerted.

Koshino closed his eyes, tightened his embrace. Sendoh... His Sendoh felt bad, he knew it. Even his smile, his mask was... Forced, tonight. And he knew why. 'Cause of his own behaviour... 'Cause he was so nervous... He sighed.

"Akira, I..." He interrupted himself. He couldn't ! He couldn't say it...

"I know..." Sendoh murmured.

" ? "

"You want... To break up ? "

Koshino's eyes widened. What ? It was not what he had planned ! Definitely not ! So, Sendoh though...

"You know, the way you acted, it's easy to understand..."

"NO ! "

"Hiroaki ? " Sendoh said, surprised.

"You... Baka Sendoh ! "

" ? "

"Say... Something stupid like that again and... You will never have your present ! "

"Present ? "

Sendoh blinked. A present ? But... Suddenly, realization hit him. Koshino didn't want to... He still accept... No, want him to be his boyfriend ! He sighed with relief. Smiling lightly, he turned in Koshino's embrace, facing him.

"A present, you said ? "

Koshino blushed, hiding his face in sendoh's chest. He couldn't ! He couldn't meet HIS eyes, not NOW ! He tensed a second when he felt Sendoh's hand on his head, tenderly caressing his hair.

"You... I..."

Sendoh waited patiently. Whatever it was, it didn't matters now that he knew that he was not... Rejected. Koshino acted strangely 'cause of a present... How typical of him... He caressed Koshino's soft hair, his other arm encircling his waist, so slim and... Perfect. It felt so good to be accepted... Koshino didn' t reject him, as he always do... To have him in his arms...

"Akira..." Koshino hesitated. But he HAD to say it ! "I... You know, I can't say you directly what I feel for you... I... I'm sorry, I'm like this... I... I really can't, so..."

Koshino tensed a little again. Now, it was the moment ! Plucking up courage, he said in a hurry:

"So my present... It's me ! "

Sendoh froze, his eyes widening. Has he... Heard correctly ? Koshino... He couldn't mean... His Koshino-kun...

"Hiroaki ?! "

Blushing, Koshino raised his head, meeting Sendoh's eyes. So he had say it ! Finally... He had been able to say it... And Sendoh... In any other situation, he probably had burst in laughter, seeing his smiling self-confident boyfriend so... Astonished. But not now...

"I want you to... Make love with me."

"If it's a dream, I don't want to wake up ! "

"Akira ! "

Sendoh smiled. Koshino... He was so cute, with this shape of red on the cheeks... Adorable... His hand leave his shorter love's hair to caress those cheeks. So cute... The hand travelled on the angel's face to sop on his chin, lifting it gently as he bent over to meet...

Oh yes !... Koshino's lips were as soft as he had imagine them to be... Like silk... Sendoh's embrace tightened around his waist as he slowly licked the tender flesh of those sweet, marvellous lips...

"Ah... Akira..." Koshino murmured.

It felt so good... The instant he parted his lips to murmur those words, Sendoh's tongue was in his mouth, exploring it eagerly, touching, sucking every part of it. Koshino felt lost... Sendoh's arms around him, Sendoh's hands on his back, running all over his body... Sendoh's body pressed against him, Sendoh's mouth on his... Sendoh, Sendoh, Sendoh... Sendoh's odor, Sendoh's caresses, Sendoh's taste, strong but sweet... He felt like drunk as he tasted it, totally forgotten the world around him.

They finally parted, needing to breath. Sendoh smiled again. Koshino... He was so tempting, the eyes closed, his lovely face flushed with desire and bliss... His angel... His angel of Love. But now...

"AH ! "

Koshino's eyes widened. Sendoh... He shivered as his smiling boyfriend -lover- slid his hand under his shirt, removing it slowly as he caressed the wet skin... Sendoh's hands on his body... On his nipples... He moaned as the hands went lower, brushing against...

"Akira !..."


Sendoh's smile was a little different now... A sweet, tender smile... He kissed Koshino, unzipping his lovely angel's pants. He slip his hand in it and they heard a soft sound as the fabric slid against Koshino's legs, falling on the floor... So did the underwear some seconds after...

"Hiroaki... You're so beautiful..."

Koshino's blush was becoming more and more pronounced every second. He was... He was totally naked in front of Sendoh ! Oh God... Was his excitement visible ? Oh... Oh NO ! Koshino hurriedly tried to hide himself but it was to late... Sendoh kicked his hands away and Koshino shivered under his piercing gaze. It felt strange to be here with him... Of course, Sendoh had already see him naked. But it was in the showers. After practice. They were not alone... What if Sendoh disliked what he saw? What if he finally didn't want to... If... If...


Sendoh almost purred. Koshino... His Koshino... He was so beautiful ! And to see... THAT part of him... It was... Stimulating. To know that it was 'cause of him... He looked in Koshino's eyes. This one was so nervous... Like afraid of his reactions... Sendoh began to slowly undress himself...


Koshino gasped. Sendoh... Sendoh... He was so... So... He closed his eyes, trying to breath normally. So imposing... The large chest, the muscled stomach... His long, long legs... The muscular frame of his body... The clothes usually hidded it more than revealed it... An Apollo... And, between his legs... Koshino turned his eyes away, trying to avoid THIS particularly part of his lover. So he didn't see the teasing smile which played on Sendoh's lips. He didn't see him to kneel in front of him...

"Ah ! Akira ! "

Sendoh smirked, continuing his work. Aaaah ! Koshino... His shorter teammate shivered, almost falling in the process and he laid a hand to support him. He playfully slid his tongue on Koshino's length, before taking it in his mouth again. His hand went in Koshino's back to caress his ass... This short pretty ass of his... Soon, Koshino began to move his hips in rhythm.

"Hmmm... Akira... Akira... Ah ! Ah ! "

Koshino closed his eyes tight, moaning loudly. He wanted more ! More of Sendoh's hand on his body, of Sendoh's mouth around his sex, sucking and licking eagerly... More... More... More !

"Ah... Ah... Akira... Please, Akira... Ah ! " Koshino screamed.

Sendoh almost laughed. So THAT was his 'timid' angel ! His timid, serious... Sexy, adorable, desirable... Giving in Koshino's pleas, He gently bit his length before accepting to increase the peace.

"Akira... Akira... Akira..."

Koshino was repeating Sendoh's name again and again and again. Oh God ! It was so good... He felt lost, he wanted... He was about to...

"Ah ! "

He shouted suddenly, emptying himself in Sendoh's mouth. Sendoh gasped a little, he had been surprised to see how quick Koshino has... He smirked, swallowing Koshino's come with more than a little delight and looked at the flushed and beloved face. Koshino... He was yet in the throw of passion, the eyes closed, breathing quickly. It had been so good to heard his pants and moans... And he wanted to heard them again. Mixed with his own ones...


Koshino slowly opened his eyes. Sendoh ? He felt a light kiss on his lips and was about to speak when he suddenly realized that his foots were no more on the floor !

"Akira !? "

Sendoh laughed, cautiously caring his lover on the bed. There he stopped, openly admiring him and smile seeing the blush on Koshino's cheeks.

*THAT will never bore me ! *

Koshino was trembling lightly upon Sendoh's gaze. He knew what was coming next... He wanted it but couldn't help to feel nervous. Sendoh put a reassuring hand on his thigh...

"Hiroaki... If... If you didn't want..."

"No ! "


"No ! I mean... I... I want you to... To..."

Sendoh smiled. Koshino as passing the night blushing ! He was so cute... His eyes widened as he saw Koshino slowly opening his legs in a silent invitation. He raised his hand, licking his fingers sensuously before install himself between Koshino's legs.

"I love you, Hiroaki Koshino."

Koshino smiled, hearing him but couldn't help to tense when the hand brush against his entrance, and sighed when two wet fingers entered him. It felt... Strange. He tried to force himself to relax as Sendoh began to move his hand. So strange... A little uncomfortable, too... He began to felt aroused again, especially when His lover bent over to kiss his manhood...

"Ah... Akira... Now ! "

Removing his hand, Sendoh grab Koshino's legs to open them a little more. He couldn't wait more ! Placing himself at Koshino's entrance, he entered him in a quick but gentle movement.

"Aaah ! "

Sendoh wait a little, the time for Koshino to get use to the presence in him. Koshino bit his lips. It hurts... He knew it would hurt but... Not so much ! Sendoh seemed... So big ! He took some long lungful, trying to force his muscles to relax themselves.

"Hiro-kun..." Koshino asked, worried.

Sendoh felt relieved when he saw Koshino bright smile. It felt good... So good to be in him... To be wrapped in his warmth... But he couldn't bear Koshino's suffering. He couldn't bear to be responsible of it. He began to move in a back and forward motion, enjoying the feeling of the burning flesh around him... Oh yes... He moved a little to change his angle of entrance, observing his angel's smile... Yes !

"Ah ! "

Koshino moaned, his eyes wide open with surprise. It... Had felt incredible ! He began to move with Sendoh, meeting each trust with ardent desire, so Sendoh's cock could touch THIS spot with every move...

"Ohyesohyesohyesohyesohyes ! "

"Ah... Hiroaki... Hiroaki..."

Sendoh was closed... He quickened his pace, sliding his hand between their body to grab Koshino's length... Now there was nothing but the feeling of Koshino. Koshino's warmth as furiously pumped in his hot depths, Koshino's legs around his waist, Koshino's arms in his back, the nails tearing his flesh... But he didn't care as he lost himself in a whirl of pleasure and bliss, a part only noticing the same reaction in Koshino as he came in him, spilling his seed in the incredibly tight hole...

They stayed motionless some endless minutes, breathing deeply, releaved in the feeling of each other before Sendoh finally decided to move , removing himself from Koshino's body and grimacing as he streched his muscles, especially those of his shoulders...

"Ouch !..."

"Akira ? "

"Tschh..." Sendoh kissed Koshino lightly before adding with a wink "Think about retract your claws, kitty-cat... I didn't know I had such a savage being in my bed ! "

Koshino's eyes widened as he saw the blood on his fingers. Oh no ! Sendoh... How could he have... Sendoh ! But this one only smiled to him...

"I love you, Hiroaki Koshino."

"I love you, Akira Sendoh..."

In the night, in an almost deserted house, two boys finally joined themselves, body heart and soul, celebrating there love for the first time of their life...

End of part III

End of the fic

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