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Chapter 1

Blood dripped from his blade in the light of the full moon. His mask, a Kitsune mask inscribed with seals, clung tightly to his face. Twin large black circles made it its face. His black cloak was slick with blood and carried the deep metallic stench of death repeated again and again. Tonight had been a long time.

A beam of thundering lighting lit the night blue and white as he jumped to the side, dodging the destructive Jutsu that had been sent towards him. His body was moving, acting, killing without him even being aware of it. Moments like this he became a machine. A harbinger of death. An earth Jutsu devoured the body before it hit the ground.

More blood.

The machine comes down, and his body moved again.

He was a machine. More blood.

He wasn't Uzumaki Naruto. He was a Kitsune. He was ANBU. He was death, and like this, he didn't have to think. And he likes it. Because he didn't have to feel guilty, to feel his failures. Too busy with killing. His blade flashed in the night and a head was separated from its body. A cry. A distorted shout of pain. He was gone in an instant.

He was Kitsune, and he will do anything to complete his mission.

He landed on the ground that had been painted with red. Everywhere was red. Body without head, hand or leg was on the ground. Unmoving. He slipped his blade on its place back as he starts to walks – ignoring the fleshed that he stepped on by as he was un-emotion – before he stopped and turned back to look at the corpse.

He made a few hand seals before he stops at the Tora seals and a brilliant flame engulfing half of the place, burning the entire corpse to ash. He used some Futon Jutsu afterwards to let the ash fly everywhere so that evidence can't be found by anybody. After satisfied with his works, he disappeared in a white orange flash in an instant.


The blood dripped off him in a fast, harsh flow. The water seared his skin and no matter how much of the rough, cleansing soap he used, the scent of blood wouldn't leave his body. He scrubbed furiously, he always did.

He hated the after mission regret … no, not regret. Shame. The shame that come after the mission that had been done when he was still Kitsune. When he was in a solo mission – he never had a group mission or rather he doesn't want – he becomes the mask. A mass murderer that fulfill his duty for Konoha. Naruto let a groaned when one of his wounded stung after the soap touch it. It was a wound injured by a blade but it was nothing, as he knows his best friend was healing it already.

"You should take more care of your own self, kit." The nine-tailed fox scolded.

'No promised and you know how I work, Kyuu. Don't worry, this wound is nothing.' Naruto silently replied back towards his tenant as he remembered that one time where he almost died on a solo mission.

It was just a simple assassination mission. Assassinate an in-famous gambler, rapist, drunk guy that feared by women. The mission was completed without any attack or disturbance at all. But, Naruto wasn't aware that someone had been following him, desiring the bounty on his head. He was ambushed by 4 rouge shinobi when he was on his way towards Konoha.

The four rouge shinobi was on the same level as Jounin and he can take them all at once. But one of them had a lucky shot when one of his Senbon that had a fatal poison sliced on his thigh. He was down in an instant and they immediately attacks him more viciously as Naruto just accepted it all since his body was numb. He was injured and wounded seriously but the Kyuubi save him from dying by taking control the body for a moment before killing all four rouge shinobi mercilessly.

After that, Naruto can't remember the rest of the memories as he was already unconscious with Kyuubi taking over.

"Rest for tonight kit for you has a long day await for you tomorrow…" Naruto grunted as he remembered what he had to do in the morning. Damn fox for remembering it to him. Just fuck it all! Naruto thought before he drifted into another dreamless sleep.


It was a peaceful morning with bird chirping everywhere. The smell of bakery can be smelled by the villagers and housewife can be seen already hang out a wet clothes. Shinobi run using the rooftop like they were chasing for some criminals. Yes, it was a peaceful morni…


Not a very peaceful morning. Naruto can be seen running while dodging all the shinobi in every ranking – Chuunin, Jounin and ANBU – before they can catch him. He was wearing a fishnet shirt with bandage on his left shoulder – hiding the ANBU tattoo – while the hideous orange jumpsuit was tied tightly using the sleeves around his waist. His face was painted with various color of paint.

The paint was used to paint the Hokage monument as the day's brilliant prank. Yes, even though he was an ANBU, he can't stop himself from not taking any chances to play pranks. He was laughing like a real kid should as he dodge, yet, another Jounin from catching him.

"Hahaha, catch me if you can! You all have a poor stealthily than me, ttebayo!" He exclaimed and it makes the shinobi to feel ashamed that they being outshined by an academy student (Not really an academy student).

Naruto was too into his world that he didn't appeared to realized that one Chuunin had succeed on appearing behind him. A hand was fast enough to pull the back of his fishnet as a dark intent can be felt by him. Only one person that can do that towards Naruto.

"Naruto! What are you doing during class?" It was one Umino Iruka who can catch up towards his most prankster student, Naruto. He was the only one who can catch him.

Even the Kyuubi was laughing after his kit had been found. It was hilarious!

'Yeah, yeah… Laugh all you want, Kyuu.' Naruto thought when he heard the fox was laughing at him.

Naruto was sitting on the chair at the back of the room, together with the lazy Nara Shikamaru who is dozing off and Akimichi Chouji who sit beside the Nara boy while munching on his snack. Iruka was up the front, telling them about the Genin examination that starts tomorrow.

'I probably should asked jiji about this?' Naruto thought as he tune off all the speech that Iruka gives. Probably the same speeches that had been told when he was still an academy student.

"You're practically an academy student right now too…" Kyuubi commented after he had heard the last thought.

'Oh shut up Kyuu… I mean a long time ago…' He can hear how Kyuubi laugh at him. He cut off the connection between them when the Kyuubi didn't show any sign to stop laughing at all. It amused him on how the Oh-so-almighty-Kyuubi no Yoko was actually a kind and cheerful fox – even though there's time when Kyuubi can be scarier also.


Naruto stood in front of the village leader as he waited for the old man to finished whatever document he had to sign in a fastest way that made him wonder. Naruto wonder if all the previous Hokage had been like that too. Fighting with the evil mountain of document that promised they can't be defeated. He sneered at the thought and shivers when he thinks that he was at the spot.

Finally, after finished signing the document, Sarutobi Hiruzen put the brush away while taking his pipe and lit it up. He sighed whilst at the same time looking at the peaceful villages that had been through three wars. He remembered the time when Konoha had made so many prodigies people.

Such as the Yondaime Hokage who had died protecting the villages from the rampages of Kyuubi no Yoko.

Orochimaru of the Sannin that had betrayed the villages and becomes S-class missing nin.

Hatake Kakashi the copy-nin that had throws away his emotion and becoming one of the deadly ex-captain of ANBU.

And last, Uchiha Itachi, the one who had massacred the Uchiha clan single handedly. Had put his younger brother, Uchiha Sasuke, on a genjutsu to watches and also at the same time tortured him on how he had killed each person. In the end, the younger had been so obsesses to kill his own brother that he didn't care whichever method he'll use.

Uchiha Itachi also had betrayed Naruto.

Hiruzen breathed in slowly before he eyed the young boy in front of him who's waiting for whatever he had to say.

"So, Naruto-kun, do enlighten me on how the last Uchiha clan heirs was?" Hiruzen asked and Naruto scoffed which make Hiruzen chuckles lightly.

"I hate his attitude. He thought that he's superior to anyone since everywhere he goes; everyone worshipped him like he was some kind of God or whatever. Gosh, please spare me. I just can't stand it! He didn't let me befriended him just because I was the dead-last! Once again, please spare me. I really want to befriend him. If just I can rid of his hatred towards his brother, maybe I can changes him. In some way maybe… But, his hatred was so deep that I can't do anything!" Naruto explains while at times flailing his hand like a child 5 years old, showing that he was frustrated before he scowled and afterwards become serious and flailing again.

Hiruzen was amused by the actions. He can't believe that this is Konoha's top deadly ANBU that worked under him. He didn't know how to reacts to this and decided just to laughed lightly that made the younger in front of him scowled and pouted like a child.

"I see that you really disappointed that you can't befriend this Sasuke boy." He commented.

"Of course I am. Because no matter how you look at it, he was like me in a way, and I don't want it." He replied, hands crossed in front of his chest. No matter what people think about Sasuke – that he will one day surpassed his brother and become stronger and will become the villages protector – for Naruto, Sasuke was another kid that had to suffered the cruelty and harsh way of life in such a young age.

"Ano sa, jiji. I have something to ask you about." Naruto said and the old man leaned forwards, ready to hear what it is Naruto want to ask. "Should I fail again this time?"

Hiruzen smiled gently. "It's your own decision Naruto-kun. But better don't fail since the Uchiha boy will surely pass with flying colors." Hiruzen replied and Naruto nodded his head before putting his hand on his chin, thinking.

"There's also the thing that I had tell you, jiji. Hmm… maybe I should fail and become the pawns." He said with Hiruzen still watching his every move. "No, no… I should pass and just let him stole it by himself and catches him." He thought more before come to a conclusion.

"I'll fail also this time. I want to trick the treachery and catch him this time." The old man just nodded his head when the younger had voiced his decision.

"Very well, I'll have Ibiki and Inoichi work on him once he got captured." Hiruzen said and Naruto gives a foxy grin before he salutes.

"Ja, I have something to learn more on seals. I'll meet you tomorrow, jiji!" Naruto said as he jumped through the windows make the old man to groan.

"Use the damn door…"

He grumbled under his breath before turning his head back towards the mountain of document that he had to finished that day also. He cursed whichever person that had sent this entire document to make his life like hell. He should have retired long ago and gave the works to the Yondaime. He sighed before starts to work on the document. He reads through the ridiculously complain of the villagers.

A tick grew on his forehead before he slammed his hand on the desk, surprising his personal guard ANBU, before he ripped off the documents and throw it through the windows, literally. The guards sweat-dropped upon seeing their leader acted like that. Hiruzen stood as he makes his way towards the door and leaves the documents untouched.

He wants to rest for the day and just go to the damn hell that documents!


A bell ring after the door being open and the owner looked at the visitor. When he sees who it is, he smiled.

"Naruto-kun, it's been a while you didn't come here!" The owner greets. Naruto smiled towards the owner.

"Yo Kitsuchi-san!" Naruto greets and the man called Kitsuchi nodded his head. Kitsuchi was a man who Naruto had come to know that the man didn't hate or despise him like the villagers. Kitsuchi knows the hardships of a Jinchuuriki. Naruto was happy after he knows about this. He always comes to his shop since Kitsuchi was the owner of a shop that sells weapon, seals, etc.

"So, what do you want this time, kiddo?" Naruto strolled around before stopped in front of Kitsuchi.

"I want some seals paper, ink, and brush also kunai, shuriken and senbons." Naruto said and Kitsuchi immediately take just as Naruto want before paying it up and a discount was gave to him.

"Come again some times, kiddo!" The man exclaimed and Naruto just smiled as he leaves the shop.


Tomorrow morning…

A certain blond was asleep in his bed in a small but cozy apartment lit by the sun glowing invigoratingly through his window. His limbs were sprawled out in every possible angle, and his sleep cap which was a toad perched lightly on his blond tresses. A small amount of snoring exited the young teen as he dreamed about things only visible to himself.

An annoying beeping suddenly sounded through the room, causing the teen to stir and slowly sit up with a yawn and a stretch.

"Morning already?" He questioned aloud before opening one eye and glancing at his alarm clock. It was indeed morning, and time to get up.

He slowly slid from his bed, stretching and stifling a yawn before he looked around at his spotless apartment. Blue eyes took in plain white walls, his simple bed, small table and chairs, tiny kitchenette, small living room and several bookcases, and two doors. One door led to the exterior of his home, while the other lead to his small white bathroom.

It was simple, it was small, it was clean and it was his.

He walked over to his window – while carefully not to stepped on his new seals that he had developed yesterday that scattered on the floor – and slid his pale curtains to the side before opening the window. A gentle breeze greeted him as as he took a deep breath. "Beautiful…" He muttered to himself as a genuine smile graced his lips.

"Indeed…" A deep voiced echoed through his mind.

'Good morning, Kyuu…' The teen, Naruto, silently greeted his friend.

"Morning, kit…" The fox said in return. "So, have any plan for today?" Kyuubi asked after a moment's of silence.

'Well, you know the plan for the academy test. I'll let myself flunk, for the third time. Though I hate to fail, I don't have much choice. I want to know what Mizuki will do. Not to mention, there's the villagers. What would they thought of if some dead-last and a demon past the test with flying colors? They'll surely think that I'm being control or whatsoever.' Naruto's knowledgeably explained while knowing full well he could easily ace the whole test. He just wants to tricks the people that look down upon him and liked to surprise them with it. He was called Konoha's number one loudmouth, knuckle-headed and unpredictable for nothing.

"Hmm… You really like to see the stupefied of those low human's faces, right? With your knowledge being so vast, not to mention the strength of an ANBU captain, you can simply make them down in mere second." Kyuubi exclaimed as Naruto just grinned at the exclamation from his friend.

'Aww, I didn't know you have a sweet-spot for me, Kyuu-chan!' Naruto exclaimed makes the fox to splutter with his words.

"D… don't be stupid, you fool! I just merely stated facts!" The fox said hurriedly make him stumble over the statement.

'Hahaha… you're too easy to teased, Kyuu!' Naruto chuckled as he made his way towards the kitchen to make some breakfast. 'But don't worry.' He exclaimed. 'Eventually, this mask will crumble away and I'll slowly reveal who they had been played with. I just have to wait until I pass the examination, again, and this mask will disappear forever.'

With the last part silently said, Naruto open the fridge and looked at it before decided to make some pancake and bacon. Surely his like over Ramen can't be beat by people but continuously eating it will do nothing better for his health. He had to maintain his body for he always had a mission and if he didn't have any healthy food, he can't do his mission not to mention the fox will surely ripped his head off.

He didn't want that to be literally.

"Kit, maybe after you pass this examination, you should reconsider changing your clothing." Kyuubi stated and Naruto think for a bit. He likes the orange color but just wearing a jumpsuit with all orange from head to toe maybe to outrageous.

'You're right. Maybe I should wear less orange…' He replied as he set his breakfast on the table before he starts eating it with milk.

After finished eating, he goes toward his closet and takes the orange jumpsuit and swears that today was the last day he'll wear it! He walked towards his bathroom where he showered and went through his daily rituals.

Looking at the mirrors for the last time, he takes the goggle on the desk and wears it around his neck. He didn't have any mood to wear it around his forehead today. He grabbed his keys and with a sigh Naruto stepped outdoors and locked his home behind him before stuffing his keys in his pocket and placing his idiot mask on. He turned and exited the apartment complex and tucked his hands into his pockets.

Naruto inwardly sighed as he walked at a leisurely pace down the streets of Konoha, facing the glares and disgusted whispers with his mask on full force. He knew what exactly what was being said about him for Kyuubi had enhanced his many senses thus granting his great hearing. Plus the words said were normal, the usual and profanities that he heard for all of his life. Yet he didn't let it faze him nor did it change his views on protecting the village forever.

The walked was long yet relaxing for the blonde as he zoned out on all the quiet verbal assaults and nasty looks, but soon enough he had arrived outside the ninja academy. He entered into the building and walked the halls in silence, knowing full well that he was the first of the students to arrive.

Naruto turning on heel, smirking like a cunning fox before he tore off in the direction of someone he knew. He had heard the footsteps approaching and the familiar scent that he knew too well belong to only one person that he thought as his father figure. He raced down the several halls and turned several corners before his father figure came into view.

"Iruka-sensei!" He exclaimed flamboyantly as he quickened his pace and tackle hugged his teacher.

"Ommmpphhfff!" The man released the air in him while he instinctively caught the orange blur that was Naruto. "What have I told you about running in the halls?" He questioned disapprovingly as he liked the rules being kept.

Naruto just sheepishly rubbed the back of his neck while muttering a 'sorry' towards the brown hair teacher.

"It's alright. Just don't run anymore." The man stated with a smile. "Ready for your test?" He questioned changing the subject.

"Yes! I'm so going to pass, ttebayo. I'll be the greatest ninja and be Hokage someday, ttebayo!" The blond cheered happily as he leapt into the air with his fist raised high.

The brown haired instructor merely smiled at the blond. "Well, I have to get going. Good luck on your exams." He stated before turning and walking off.

Twenty minutes later, Naruto and the other academy student can be found sitting at their chair with a deep frowned can be found on their faces. They are right now taking the writing examination and for Naruto, this is all too easy for him. If he had to do, he can finish it while closing his eyes only. It's all based on theory about throwing a kunai or shuriken towards their target while calculating if it'll reached towards their enemy or not and they have to do the math.


Naruto decided to answers some of the question and left some of it blank. He had decided that he'll failed at the examination so it'll be do nothing good if the dead-last suddenly aces all the writing examination.

After finishing the writing test, now they have to wait for their name being called to the next room to do the next examination which they have to do a Henge. Naruto watched several students being called and when Uchiha Sasuke's turned had end, with the Hitae-ate shining proudly on his forehead while posing his coolly pose, the girls starts to shrieks like a banshee.

'On this day, I'll surely died just by hearing their shrieks!' Naruto thought and his name finally being called.

"Wish me luck, kay Sakura-chan!" Naruto exclaimed excitedly as the turned up the volume of his happy idiot mask.

"Shove it Naruto-baka!" She said venomously, causing the blond to adorn a hurtful and downcast expression, while he inwardly sighed in utter annoyance.

'I swear one of these days I'll kill her just so her scratchy voice and annoying personality can't continuously give me brain searing migraines…' He paused. 'But then again, I'm not that kind of person who didn't have any heart.' He finished somberly while the other presence merely nodded in complete agreement.

Naruto walked towards the door to go to the next room and end all of this for the day that he didn't aware of some raven haired teen was watching his every move. He sighed before go inside the room where two teachers were seated at the front of the class. Mizuki and Iruka were obviously the examiners this time around.

Iruka inwardly smiled at the site of his dear student as the boy rushed excitedly into the room, an aura of pure excitement, energy and determination radiating off his body. "Alright Naruto, please perform a Bunshin no Jutsu for us." He instructed, silently hoping that this time Naruto would finally pass.

"Right, ttebayo!" Naruto exclaimed before he focused his chakra and flawlessly moved through his hand seals. "Bunshin no Jutsu!" He shouted and in a cloud of smoke appeared some doll like, poorly done clone, which lied on the floor, lifelessly. Naruto scrunched his face as he look at Iruka who twitched his eyebrows.

"What the hell was that, Naruto?" He demanded hotly, while Naruto just scratched the back of his neck sheepishly.

"Iruka…" Mizuki spoke up from his spot behind the test; his eyes looked directly towards Iruka. "Maybe we should pass him. After all he is trying very hard on it. At least he succeeds on made a clone. I think it's acceptable. Not to mention this is his third time trying. We should let him graduates with other students." He concluded, causing Naruto to become uncomfortable just by hearing his voice, not to mention to breathe at the same room.

"He's up to something. I can sense danger around him. He'll make his move later. Be careful, kit…" Kyuubi warned him and Naruto nodded his head absently. He watched Mizuki tried on persuading Iruka.

"Absolutely no. Naruto has failed in creating even one decent clone, while everyone else has made at least three clones. I'm sorry Naruto." Iruka said in a quieter tone, hoping that he'll understand what he had meant by it.

Naruto nodded his head before turned to leave the room. He ran outside the academy with all his might, heading towards his usual haunt, the swing. He sat the swing as he inwardly thinking of some strategies to make Mizuki give in. He was so into his thought that he didn't realize that time had flew by faster than he had thought. The student had all finished the test and now was being congratulated by their parents and how they were proud to have a child that'll become a Shinobi.

'But they didn't know the true examination. No matter how you see, they were all just a bunch of idiot kid that didn't know the true meaning of this test because they didn't bother to look underneath the underneath.' Naruto thought and Kyuubi scoffed.

"You're practically a kid also. Don't speak like you were any older than them just because you have more experience than them." Kyuubi said as Naruto just sigh hearing one of the Kyuubi's lecturer.

"He's the only one that didn't pass…" Naruto tensed when he heard a woman whispered towards her accompanies.

"Yeah! Isn't he the…" A taller woman began before the other women quickly shutting her from saying something forbidden.

"Shh! don't say it out loud. It's forbidden." She scolded and Naruto just zoned it out not wanting to hear the rest.

The Kyuubi remained silent since he understands what his vessel felt right now. If he can go out, he'll probably have scared the shit out of them already. He gives the time to sort out the feeling and let him alone for a while. Naruto tensed as he felt the coming of his teacher, Mizuki.

"Hey Naruto. Don't be upset with Iruka. He just believes you can do better. He's the same as you, you see! You two both orphans and he knew how you felt." Mizuki said and Naruto just looked at him with the innocent looking eyes while inwardly he was fuming. "Let me tell one secrets…"


After a quick briefing with the Hokage, Naruto had taken a fakes scrolls under the instructions of his leader and run towards the forest where he waited for the traitor to come and takes the fakes scroll. Naruto sit on the ground, waiting for the treacherous guy who had been deceiving the Hokage and Iruka. He was formulating some strategies inside of his head when suddenly a spiked of chakra is coming. He keep the grins to himself when he felt the chakra is belong to none other than…

Mizuki the traitor.

He pushes himself from the ground and brushing off the dust from his pants just as a barge of shuriken come towards him. Mizuki who was grinning maniacally was thinking that the demon brat will eventually die in his hand, cackling like a mad man. But, he was surprised when the demon brat just smiled at him and disappearing from there. Before he can react though, a hard kick was delivered to his back make him stumble to the ground and a dent was created from the impact.

Naruto land on the ground just as Mizuki stood up while wiping off the blood from the corner of his lips.

"Using an academy student as one of your pawn to get the forbidden scroll? That's really low of you. Can't you think of something more logically than using an academy student?" Naruto said with his killer intent leaked out a little. Mizuki shivers a bit but didn't show it as he braving his self to glare at Naruto.

"I knew it that you're just a demon!" He spat and take an explosive tag. "I'll kill you and take the forbidden scroll and then I'll give your body to Orochimaru-sama!" He laughs as he put the explosive tag on his body. Naruto widen his eyes. Not in surprised or scared that Mizuki wil died but annoyed. Annoyed because what he should tell the T&I head about bringing a dead body that couldn't be interrogate anymore.

"Naruto! Run!"


Iruka was unintentional when he heard the Hokage was talking about how Mizuki was a traitor and now in pursuit. He was shocked that he immediately run off towards where he thinks Mizuki will be. He was hot in his heels when he heard a yell.

"I knew it that you're just a demon!" Iruka flinched when he heard Mizuki mention about demon brat. "I'll kill you and take the forbidden scroll and then I'll give your body to Orochimaru-sama!" And a crazy laugh filled the air. When he got closer to the source of yelling, he was shocked to see Naruto was standing there, eyes wide open.

"Naruto! Run!" Naruto looked at him and he without thinking jumped to protect Naruto at all cost but he was milliseconds late when the tags lit up. But what surprised him the most was when Naruto run forwards and pull the explosive tags from Mizuki's body and throw it aside just as it explode in front of their eyes.


Naruto was of course surprised to see his Iruka sensei there but he must do something first before the tags explode. So, he does what he should do. He spring forwards just as the explosive tag lit up and in milliseconds before it explode, he rip it off and throw away from them. It explodes just right beside him since he didn't have enough time to run further from the explosive tag. He was thrown to a tree trunk and his back collide with it not too hard. While Mizuki was thrown into a tree, hardly that he immediately knocked out. Iruka was also thrown away towards the tree but didn't faint from it.

Naruto was defending his face and body with his hand up front in an 'X' positions so when he removes his hands from his face, his hand stings and he hissed a little. Naruto immediately run towards Iruka when he saw the older not too far from him, forgetting about his own injury.

"Iruka sensei!" Iruka looked up and smiled when he saw the younger but when he saw Naruto's hand, he immediately widen his eyes.

"Naruto, your hands!" He said when the younger kneel in front of him.

"I'm okay sensei. Rather than that, sensei, are you okay?" Naruto replied and asked and Iruka nodded his head, telling him that he just got scratches.

"Naruto, what are you doing here with Mizuki?" Naruto was contemplated at first but decided that he should tell him the truth while hiding about this being his mission to capture the traitor. He tells Iruka on how Mizuki used him to steal the forbidden scroll and to give him the scroll. Iruka was proud of Naruto when he saw the forbidden scroll still there (Iruka doesn't know that the scroll was a fake).

"Naruto, come here for a it?" Naruto tiled his head but following it. "Close your eyes." And he closed his eyes not anticipating that what Iruka will gives him will make him happy than ever. "You can open your eyes now, Naruto."

When Naruto open his eyes, he saw the smiling and proud faces Iruka.

"Congratulation, you are now one of Konoha's shinobi." Iruka exclaimed and Naruto who didn't anticipating it at all got teary and he lunge forward as he hugged the older, for the first time showing his child side without faking it at all.


Sarutobi Hiruzen who was watching the entire thing from his crystal ball together with Naruto's team just smiled at the scene where Naruto hugged Iruka. This is the first time for Naruto to show his child side and the older also know that Naruto didn't fake it rather it was real, pure from his heart.

"Go fetch the traitor and give him to Ibiki and Inoichi. Tell them to make the traitor to spill out everything." The ANBU salutes and they used shunshin to get there faster. Sarutobi sighed as he leaned his back on the chair thinking how Naruto's life will be now that he had got the leaf headband from Iruka.

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