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Welsh Countryside, Near Crickhollow
27 February, 1964

It was a late night on February twenty-seventh, the clock on the wall reading about ten and it filled the home it was in with a faint ticking.

A howl sounded from outside the young boy's window waking the three year old from his light sleep. The full moon peaked through his curtains and let a silvery shadow pool on to his desk and onto his wood floors.

The darkness and silence of the night hit him after; the howl seeming like just a dream. Carefully the small boy slipped out of bed and made his way over to the window.

His forest brown eyes looked up at the sky, the moon's light seeming to try and block out most of the stars that covered the vast darkness that was the sky above. A few shone bright, still twinkling on and shining down at the little cottage he stayed sometime with his parents when his dad had off work; right near the woods.

Movement below caught his eye and he looked toward the darkness that was the woods. A flash of something glowing showed in the dark shadows of the trees.

He had always been a curious child, finding he had magic ability to his father's delight at the age of two when he had made a cookie fly off the counter from where they were cooling. The fact that there was something out in the woods around the house, and if it was his lost cat he was going to get her.

He slipped on his little shoes and put a jacket over his blue pajamas and crept out of the room silently. His eyes scanning the darkness of the home anxiously, as if one step could trigger his parents to come and snatch him back to bed.

When nothing happened he buttoned up the jacket and went down the stairs silently, doing his best to avoid the objects that were blocking his path. The full moon's light helping him see much better then he normally would be able to.

His small hand grabbed the handle of the back door and he pulled it open with some difficulty seeing as the door knob was always a little sticky without his mother or father's help.

A light breeze blew over the field that his family's cottage sat; the moon giving everything an unearthly glow as the boy made his way out of the house; the door closing behind him with none of the difficulty that it had before.

"Silver?" He whispered, looking around the best he could not daring to go near the tree line just yet. Something deep in his gut was telling him to turn and run. He hugged himself tightly and bravely took a step toward a section of the forest he heard movement.


It all happened quickly yellow eyes had appeared in the darkness and he felt a sick feeling of fear creeping up on him. When the howl came from that spot he was snapped from his frozen fear and sprinted back to the house as fast as he small legs could carry him.

A large beast broke through the tree line and started chasing after him; the creature's fur a silver brown and eyes screaming for blood as much as its growling snout was. It was larger and faster then it's prey and easily leaped onto the human child.

The child cried out in alarm when he hit the ground and was pinned under a massive paw; he cried out in pain seconds later when his struggling got him a slash to the face coming close to his eyes. He cried and withered feeling the blood begin to seep from the wound a fiery hot pain escaping his shoulder seconds later.

The beast that had caught him had sunken its teeth into its food; starting at the shoulder, it claws trying to gain something from the small meal it had captured.

His screams must have woken his parents, but he couldn't really tell. The pain was getting to his head and the blood that he could feel running from his shoulder was making his head spin.


He could have sworn he heard his mother cry out in fear, and his father make the back door explode seconds after. The beast removing its attention on the small feeble meal to the hearty form of his father.

Last thing Remus Lupin remembered before the world went dark was his father drawing the beast away and his mother rushing towards him and getting him safe in her arms.

Saint Mungo's Hospital
London, England

The first thing the small three year old was aware of was the muttered conversation near him, the voices coming into his small ears seconds later as his mother and father a third voice wasn't really able to be recognized.

His small head hurt, and so did everywhere else. He couldn't recall why just yet, and he was sure he was going to regret why sooner than he would like to.

He caught the sound of his mother crying; he could just imagine it in his mind. Her long tawny curls falling to hide her face as she cried into his father's shoulder. The man would have a tight lipped look, his floppy brown hair in a neater arrangement.

The words flowed in next, and they made the small boy's blood turn cold.

"…I am sorry to say but there is not best we can do is ask you to sign the papers and do what is best for him." Said the third party.

"You cannot expect me to sign away my child to be euthanize liked some animal! There has to be, he cannot be turned into…into one of those things. He is too young, not even four yet," his father's voice wavered from its usual strength.

The third person only sighed, "We are sorry but Lycanthropy has no cure, it is still in the research faze and with the war brewing we can's do anything but-"

"Don't tell me what you can and cannot do, I will put as much as I can into research. My son will not, cannot, be stuck as a werewolf forever and I will not take his life away!"

His father's voice rattled in Remus's head as he opened his eyes to stare at the white ceiling of the hospital. Lycanthropy; he had heard that term used a few times when his father was explaining his work to his mother.

He had even asked about it once; his father had said it meant werewolf, and a werewolf was a horrible monster that bit people because they liked the taste of them and turned them into what they were. It had just seemed like a fairy tale to scare him then; now he was living it.

The thoughts brought tears to the boy's eyes as he tried to stay silent and listen to the rest of the conversation.

"We can keep him here for the first moon or so, if you are sure about this route for him, this is just to make sure nothing happens as he is the youngest we have seen yet. Best you can do from him is keep him away from the world, make sure every full moon there is a secure place you can put him, and please get him offically registered as a cub as soon as you can."

Remus moved his head to look over at his family, his father nodding his head but he could see he was not happy about the lack of help these people were giving him.

"I would also suggest, Mr. Lupin, that you both make sure you know as much about the transformation as possible. I have seen a few in my time, they are painful and straining…I am sorry to say but your son may die before he even reaches the end of his thirties at his age at most his forties."

He saw his mother lift her head and look at the person whom he was assuming was the healer, she whispered something before the healer ushered them over to him.

Remus couldn't hide the tears, or the pain he was in, or fear. As soon as he saw his mother he started to cry; not even caring about the pain on his face or shoulder as she swept him into her arms.

"It will be alright, baby, Mummy's got you. We won't let anyone hurt you and won't let you hurt anyone, I promise. I-I promise."

Her voice wavered as she petted the soft strands of brown that was her son's hair as he cried. Her baby was so scared, and would be in pain for so many nights; she wasn't a witch she was just a retired insurance agent and a muggle according to the world her husband lived in.

But she was a mother, and she was in pain just seeing her child like this.

"I will look for any way to help you Remus, trust me…I will…"

She looked up at her husband as he said those words, his graze locking onto her's.

"I will," he repeated.

The family sat in the hospital room in silence, the only thing breaking it were the young boy's sobs and his mother's humming to try and calm him down.

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