Moony: Year 2

5 May, 1973

"I hate you, I hate you so much right now," Remus muttered under his breath. His hand clenched into fists as they walked down the dark hall way.

"Oh come on, this won't be that bad," James whispered back, the light from his wand barely lighting the darkened corridor.

"You could have told us you didn't have the cloak, I could have come up with a better way to disguise us or a better route so we don't get caught," Remus hissed back, eyes getting a dangerous golden hue.

James only shrugged, and peaked around the corner, concealing a small sigh of relief when he didn't spot any prefects or teachers patrolling the hall. He motioned for the three boys behind him to follow and they all headed around the bend. Stopping in front of the statue of the One-eyed Witch.

"How are you even planning on getting into Zonko's anyway? The door is locked and probably has alarms," Remus huffed, crossing his arms as he watched Sirius help Peter up into the hump of the statue. The blond boy disappearing fast.

"That is why we have you, Moons," Sirius grinned, pulling himself up and balancing by the opening. Arms reaching down so James could boost Remus up onto the back of the statue, both of them ignoring the angry red blush that was coating the werewolf's neck and ears.

Remus balanced on the opening, looking down at the stone slide that disappeared into nothingness.

"I can't believe I agreed to this," he groaned quietly to himself before letting himself slide down into the inky blackness of the tunnel below.

6 May, 1973

Climbing back up the tunnel, with pockets full of random objects, was probably the hardest thing that had ever could be. Candy was easier and slightly safer to do with then dung bombs and other objects that could easily blow up if there was the slightest touch.

Remus ended up being the one that had to sit at the entrance and take all the items before helping Peter up and then James and Sirius. All four of them grateful there wasn't anyone coming down the corridor at that time or they would have been caught.

Hurrying as fast as they dared, they started the journey back towards the Gryffindor dorms. Remus having won the debate on saving this prank for another date when he saw the time through the window in one of the Hogsmede buildings, two in the morning was pushing it for the tired werewolf.

Remus skidded to a stop just at one of the corners, his ears picking up footsteps before any of this friends. Glancing around the torch lit corridor he grabbed Peter's wrist and dragged him into an empty classroom trusting the other two to follow him.

The door closing just in time, but the noise would certainly have been heard by whomever was stalking the halls.

James' eyes darted around the dark classroom, already hurrying over to a closet behind where the teacher's desk would normally stand. Probably used for storage of books or other items the teacher would need to be used.

He grabbed Sirius' wrist, and Sirius grabbed Remus'; Remus still holding onto Peter as they rushed into the closet and closed the door. James taking out his wand and locking it just as they heard the door to the classroom open. Steady footfalls carefully walking around the desks.

"Know you're in here," Filch's voice echoed off the barren walls, sending shivers down the second year's spines. All four of them backing up from the door as quietly as they could, glancing around the pitch black closet they found themselves in.

"We're dead meat," Peter groaned, pulling at his hair. Blue eyes darting around the darkness trying to find a way out of being caught.

"Not if we just stay quiet and hope he doesn't come over here," Remus whispered back.

His hand stayed on Peter's wrist, hoping to calm the boy with the knowledge he wasn't alone in this. The werewolf's heart was pounding in his chest at the thought of being caught, while he helped with a lot of pranks he hadn't yet been caught in that part of his adventure. The most detentions that any of them had gotten was ten, and that was James. Sirius right behind him at eight.

Worst was they complained about the record being too low.

Remus' eyes darted around the dark room, having the best bet of finding a way to hide them with his slightly better vision. There had to be some way out of this, just some way.

The footsteps were getting closer as they all backed up further from the door, watching as a sliver of light from the lantern the caretaker was holding cut through the darkness through the cracks in the door. All four boys held their breath as their backs hit the wall.

Peter was shaking badly, Sirius had pushed himself to the front of them all looking ready to spring into attack. James was gnawing on the inside of his cheek, hands pressing into the stone of the wall. Their breathe hitching as they heard the door knob be tested and the jingling of keys as the man started to search for the right one.

James' hand pressed more on a brick, and suddenly the wall behind them vanished. James fell back with a shout, along with Remus who dragged Peter with him. Falling back, head first into a hidden passage Peter's hand had darted out and grabbed Sirius' robe for balance. The only outcome being sending the Black heir back with them.

The wall reappearing near their feet as they all laid there on the dirty stone floor; groaning and clutching their heads from the impact. Peter the only one safe as he landed on top of Remus much to add to the werewolf's pain.

"Peter…if you would be so kind to move," Remus groaned, barely moving. Taking in a grateful gasp of air when Peter moved off with a mumbled apology. James fumbling with his wand, as he cast lumos.

The passageway they found themselves in was dirty, dusty, and full of cobwebs that moved in an unseen draft. Remus shivered, pulling his jumper over his hands and hugging himself.

"Come on, no use turning back," James motioned, leading the way with his wand. Peter following James quickly, grabbing the back of his friend's shirt. Sirius walking forward, keeping Remus at a close distance as they silently trekked through the passage.

The walls were barren of anything but the stones of the castle, the passage narrow showing how it was between the walls. The draft probably coming from cracks between the masonry, their footsteps echoing in the passage.

It took what felt like an hours before the came to separation in paths, one having stairs going down gently the other having stairs that lead up. James peered into each passage as far as he dared, letting the wand light show him which way he should go but the dim brightness didn't give him much answers.

"We may have to split up," James frowned.

"Alright," Sirius nodded, taking out his wand and lighting it. The brightness of his glow illuminated the paths more. Grey eyes looking at them both before he seemed to come to a decision.

"Me and Moony with go left, you go right with Peter," Sirius motioned to the downward path first before motioning to the upward path for the other two Gryffindors.

James nodded, glancing at the other two to make sure they were on board with the plan. Remus and Peter nodded, both glancing warily at their respective path ways.

"If one of us finds a way out, we'll send one back to the tower with the supplies we have on us and the other will come back to find the other group," James decided.

They both nodded again and the two groups split, taking their respective paths with their respective partners.

Sirius and Remus walked carefully down the slow decline, Sirius constantly observing the surroundings with the light from his wand. Making sure to glance at the werewolf every so often to see how the teen was holding up.

The passage seemed to be getting narrower, more crooked, and steep as they walked. Remus had been glancing back at the way they came when it happened, Sirius cried out and the light around him went out. Startled, Remus hurried to where he last saw the Black heir but his foot slipped on something he felt himself falling.

Falling much farther then what should be normal for a passage he had been walking on. His stomach hit a something making his groan from the force of the impact, too weak to stop the rolling that landed him on the dirt floor.

Remus groaned, searching around weakly for the wand he still had in his pocket; amazed it hadn't broken yet.

"Lumos," he muttered and looked around with the new light source, finding Sirius laying right next to him.

"Sirius!" Remus got up, still holding his wand tightly and rolled the boy over. Relieved when he got a cough and a groan in response.


"Shush, don't talk…we have fallen into a pitfall or something," Remus looked up from where he assumed he fell. Standing slowly and holding his wand light up to find the top of the ledge. It wasn't that high up, the range of the light easily finding the stone.

Remus didn't even glance back as Sirius stood up, the boy brushing off his clothes and staring up at the ledge.

"Don't think I could lift you up to there," he mumbled, "Wouldn't be high enough."

Remus frowned, a fall enough to hurt or stun but not kill. He kept his arm raised for a few more seconds before bringing it back to a normal height so he could observe the wall that made up the fall. Observing it carefully, and more so the stone ledge he had landed on.

"Seems this was once a slide, guess it eroded," He mumbled. The stone wall had a few crevices and places for holding.

"Sirius, you got your wand right?"


"Light it, I am going to see if I can climb the wall."

Remus put out his wand light and pocketed the object just as Sirius lit his. Rolling up the jumped sleeves Remus moved over to the wall and grabbed hold of a few stones pulling himself up and finding a spot for his feet. He searched for a good hand hold before continuing his upward journey; nearing the middle point when the stone under his foot loosened and sent him off balance.

The wand light from below going out just as he landed on top of Sirius, the boy obviously had been trying to catch him but the weight and the fall had been sent the boy off balance.

Both of them groaning, wincing when Remus lit his wand and rolled off Sirius.


"Least you tried," Sirius shrugged, looking up at the wall before stopping and staring at Remus' scarred arm.

The werewolf caught the stair, and followed the line of sight to a mark on his skin. The boy quickly moving to cover it up but Sirius' hand closed over it.

"What is that?"

Black's voice was low and dangerous, eyes narrowed as he yanked Remus' arm closer to his person. Lighting his own wand so he could see the mark he had spotted.

The mark was not a werewolf scar, too smooth and set to be that. It looked blistered and a little swollen from the lack of care that is obviously needed, and was shaped in the way of a carefully carved 'S' that showed whomever owned the most likely sliver object came from or knew someone in high places.

Remus whined in a dog like manner when Sirius' fingers brushed over the make, trying his best to pull his arm away.

"It's nothing, just let go."

Sirius' grip only tightened, stormy grey eyes looking up at the boy in front of him.

"Who did this to you?"

Remus shook his head, biting his lip and looking away. Trying to break free of the hold the wizard had on his arm, yelping when the hold only tightened and a finger pressed onto the burn make sending a shock of pain over him.

"Who. Did this. Remus?"

"Sirius please…"


The shout echoed off the barren walls of the little area they were trapped in and send shivers of fears down the werewolf's spine. The famed Black madness had let itself shown in Sirius as the boy's grip tightened impossibly and popped one of the formed blisters sending a rush of pain over Remus.

"…B-Bart…Schmidt…I-I punched him…o-on my birthday…a-and he…"

Remus didn't want to move his wrist, knowing once the pressure left there would be more pain. Brown eyes locked onto a dark corner by what had once been a slide, cursing himself for not hiding the injury better.

"I thought the secrets were over Remus. Why didn't you tell us? We could have helped you; this is infected now Remus. It could get much worse if nobody tends to it."

Sirius shook the boney wrist for emphasis, only stopping when he saw the pained expression on Remus' face in the dim wand light.

"Look at me, Lupin."

Remus didn't raise his head, fighting back tears. Whether they were from pain of the hurt he was feeling his gut for getting caught he couldn't say at the moment.

"I said, look at me!"

Sirius' voice raised and Remus raised his head fast, scared for the wrath that may be inflicted on him if he didn't listen. Tears slowly leaking down his scarred cheeks and he fought to keep his eyes on Sirius Black.

"You should have told us. Told us as soon as it happened, Remus. We are your friends, and your safety is important to us."


"Shut up, no talking. No excuses, I want you to get this through your head."

Sirius' grip on the wrist was loosening, as he looked at the tear stained boy in front of him. The storm of anger inside him being fought back into the box that it had come out of.

"You don't deserve this kind of treatment. You deserve to be helped, and cared for. I know you can certainly take care of yourself, Remus, but not when your version of caring is hurting yourself. When something like this happens you tell someone, get someone to heal the wound no ignore it.

"He is hurting you, Moony," Sirius huffed, breaking the eye contact, "And I don't want you to get more scars especially from a no good Slytherin."

Sirius stared at the angry red burn on Remus' wrist, anger flaring up inside him again but not directed at the werewolf that donned the burn but to the student that put it there. It took all of the little will power that Sirius had to keep from crushing Remus' wrist and making it worse.

The Gryffindor just slowly letting go, ignoring the gunk that had come out of the burn, and ripped some cloth off his robe. Tying it tightly around his friend's wrist.

"When we get out of here, we will sneak some ointment from Madam's stores. Don't have to tell her about this and we can heal it," Sirius said it out loud but he didn't seem to be telling Remus the decision. More reassuring himself that this was an easily fixed problem to his breakable friend.

Silence hung in the air around them as Sirius stared at the arm and Remus stared at the ground. The thought that they may be stuck in there forever still on their minds. Wingardium Leviosa seeming a little too difficult to try in the dark and with no idea where to head after that.

Sirius closed his eyes for what he could have sworn was a second before he heard footfalls, the sound jolting him from his 'eye rest'. The situation hadn't changed much, they were still trapped down there and the room was still dark. Only difference was the werewolf's head that was resting in his lap and he was leaning against the war away.

"Sirius? Remus?"

The voice whispered from above them, and Sirius almost jumped up.

"James! Over here, mate!"

The footsteps hurried and James' head illuminated in wand light appeared at the edge of the ledge. The glasses wearing wizard smiling a relieved grin.

"Need some help?"

"Yeah," Sirius jostled Remus awake, and stood up. Moving over to where he was right by the ledge's edge, "Think you can reach Remus if I lift him up to you?"

"What about you?" James asked.

"Levitate me up, you both will be up there so one can have the light so you don't crack my head on the ceiling.

James nodded, "Alright, let's try this."

Remus didn't protest when Sirius grabbed him and shakily lifted him up so he could grab James' hand. The werewolf constantly apologizing as he stood on Sirius' shoulders and after James got him fully up. Getting Sirius out of the pit had been easier with Remus holding the light and James levitating the wizard out.

"Come on, exit is this way," James motioned.

"Where does it lead to?" Sirius asked, trotting to keep up with his best friend though the path was so narrow and crooked he had to keep falling back.

"Fifth floor, very close to the prefects' bath."

"Huh," Sirius laughed, the walk to the exit not taking as long as they thought it would. The windows lining the corridor showing the first rays of sunrise over the forbidden forest. James started to walk toward the quickest route to Gryffindor tower stopping when he heard, hurried retreating footsteps.

"Sirius, where are you going?" James hissed, moving to stand next to Remus.

"Got to grab something, see you later." With that Sirius turned the corner and ran off, without another word. James only sighed, and threw an arm around Remus' shoulders.

"Come on, Moony, let's go sleep."

Remus nodded, letting himself be led. Glancing back time to time at where he had last seen Sirius and at the picture that had covered the passage so well. In the part of his mind that he was a little thrilled to have found a passage that led from one part of the castle to another instead of somewhere outside it, on the other side of that small part of his thinking. Filch probably would find it soon, and that would be the end of it. Not like they were being discrete about it.

Most of his mind was focused on what kind of wrath Sirius would inflict on Bart, and how much he had disappointed his friend for not trusting him with that less then 'werewolf sized'.

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