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Moony: Year 2

14 June, 1973

Remus was shaking as he packed up the last of his things into his trunk, the results of his exams laying on his bed. He had turned in what electives he wanted the week earlier to make sure McGonagall got them and understood the courses he wished to take. A part of him internally groaning about giving up one just so he wouldn't be over booked, and being convinced to take Care of Magical Creatures.

A year of dealing with animals that will probably hate him, joy.

Clumsy fingers got the latch on the trunk done as a shout of excitement floated through the open tower window. Remus looking up and slowly walking toward the glass, looking down at the summer day he was missing.

Tomorrow night was the full moon, tonight was the feast. He was missing the End-of-Term feast over the issue of his health, the thought made him frown. Internally cursing his problem making him go home early instead of enjoying the last day of school with his friends.

He threw the ragged stuff dog into his other open trunk and sighed, laying back on the bed. He didn't want to go home, not yet at least. This year seemed to be a roller coaster that went way too fast for him to keep up with every detail that blurred by.

A knock on the door made him raise his head, confusion spreading over his face. Slowly he got up and opened it, a small kind smile replacing the look of aching pain he had been carrying since Tuesday.

"Hello Ms. Evans, and what do I owe this pleasure?" He teased, grimacing when she pushed him with a teasing smirk on her face.

She looked good, out of her school robes. The medium length hair put into two twin-ponytails, green shirt and jeans making her look more relaxed then the scrambling student she had been before the exams.

"Shut it, can't a girl visit her best friend when he is hiding in his room?"

Lily pushed her way in, a frown appearing on her face seeing the bags already packed, and Remus looking ready to leave.

"You are leaving today?"

Remus shifted awkwardly, closing the door slowly, "Yeah…I…my mum…"

Lily shook her head, "Remus…I know that is a lie."

Remus' eyes looked up at her with a little bit of alarm, had James told her? Peter sometimes lets things slip when he is nervous, or maybe Sirius-

Lily's placed her hands on his shoulders, "Calm down, Remus. Look at me; right in the eyes, just look at me."

Remus did as she was told, taking slow steady breaths to calm his racing heart. Her hand moving up to gently trace the scar on right cheek.

"I've known since the middle of first year, and I don't care. You are doing something that seemed impossible for all but you. You are still Remus Lupin, and I still…I still like you."

Her freckled cheeks dusted into a blush as she moved her hand away, a shy smile appearing on her face as she stepped back.

"You don't care?"

Lily shrugged, stepping back from him, "Not really, you are still Remus Lupin biggest dork I have ever known, my supposed boyfriend, and master of terrible lies."

Remus snorted, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly, "They weren't that bad."

"No? I think I remember you saying one month that you couldn't study with me because you said someone had a dragon to save and you had to help."

Remus crossed his arms, relaxing as she kept teasing him like there was nothing different between them, "And how do you know that wasn't true? It was a secret mission after all."

Lily snorted, sitting on his bed, "Yeah right, where did you even get the dragon, hm?"

"Yee of little faith, I cannot give all my secrets."

Remus laughed and Lily joined in, the quiet of the boy's dorm filling with their merriment. The laughter slowly dying into giggling and shy glances at each other.

"So," Remus said after a little while, staring at a loose thread on his worn jeans, "You like me huh?"

Lily's face went red fast, "Didn't think you picked up on that…and I don't mean like like…just like. Kind of, like, if you were interested I may go on a date with you and it would be fun and all."

Lily trailed off, staring at the stone floor a silence filling the space between them. Remus' cheeks were painted a light pink as he tried to figure out the words he wanted to say.

"Sorry, if that was awkward just…" Lily rambled, making a wild gesture with her hands to emphasize the words she couldn't figure out. Chuckling weakly at herself, "Just me and you are you and-"

Remus leaned over and kissed her on the cheek, face still dusted pink with embarrassment, "I am honored you like me, Ms. Evans and if you wish to go on an outing I will not hesitate to agree."

Lily's face almost matched the shade of her hair as she quickly moved to hide behind her fringe; a little giggle escaping her.


"Really, really."

"Well that is just cute, about time you two got together," James laughed as he watched them scramble to sit on the opposite corners of the bed. Both of their faces going red as they stared at the ground or a wall.

The messy haired wizard continued grinning as he plopped down between them and threw his arms over their shoulders pulling them close to him. "My little Moony and Evans, together at last. I am so happy, now we can put those rude things you said to me behind us."

"In your dreams, Potter, and we are not dating…" Lily pushed his arm off her and stood up, fixing her hair. She turned her gaze fully to Remus and smiled, "I'll write to you this summer, do write back a little more than last year."

"Alright, have a good summer," Remus smiled shyly back, watching her go. The arm around his shoulders tightening as James pulled him closer till he was almost on his lap and pressing hard against his side.


"I am just so proud," James sniffles, fake tears in his eyes. "My little werewolf is growing up so fast."

Remus rolled his eyes and pushed James hard enough to the boy to let go and almost tumble off the bed. The moon being close gave him a little more strength then he normally had. James only laughed, balancing himself and hopping up.

"Girls aside, I request you come with me."

"Why? I think sleeping sounds nicer before I have to go home and transform into a killer beast-OW!"

James knocked the werewolf on the head with his glasses, a frown on his face as he slipped them back on. Hazel eyes locked on the werewolf that was rubbing his head and glaring up at him.

"No talking like that about yourself, and I can't tell you till you get up and follow me. You don't get picked up will four so we have three hours. I am going to make those hours worthwhile."

His hand locked around the werewolf's wrist and he dragged him up and out of the dormitory.

The warm summer air hit Remus fast as they walked out of the cool air of the castle; the young teen having to squint and blink to get his eyes to adjust to the new light. James didn't stop dragging him, not even to adjust his eyes. The stupid glasses having got a charm on them to slowly tint into sunglasses.

Remus got his vision back just as James got him to the lake, a picnic blanket spread out with Peter sitting on it in his swim trunks struggling a little to open a bottle.

"Need some help Pete?" James laughed, letting go of Remus' wrist and walking over to help the boy with the bottle. Opening it after a few minutes of struggling.

"Thanks, James."

Remus just stared, the heat of the sun starting to make the jumper he was wearing feel sweltering. His eyes taking in the sight of two out of three of his friends near the lake.

"What is all this?"

"Isn't it obvious?" Sirius' voice came from behind the werewolf, making the teen jump and whip around. Sirius was dripping wet in a t-shirt he had borrowed from James and shorts he stole from Peter; the yellow of the shirt and the grey of the shorts making him a little hard to look at. The whole look of him clashed with the bright apparel with the dark hair that was staring to grow a little longer then it had been first year, and the red on his usually pale cheeks from the beginning of sunburn.

"You can't be at the feast so we brought the feast to you, least our version of it. So more junk food less actual food," Sirius shrugged, gently leading Remus over to the small feast his friends had got.

"Why though?"

"We want to spend the last day with you, even if you are feeling too ill to eat and enjoy life, since the train gets back to the station too late it is kind of unfair that that is the only reason you are missing the best feast of the year," James rolled his eyes, like it was the most obvious thing in the world. His hand reaching up and dragging the boy down to sit next to him.

"I would think the Halloween feast is the best, with the candy and all but…" Peter shrugged, drinking the content of the bottle and grinning. His skin tanner from being out in the sun making his freckles stand our more.

Sirius plopped down next to Peter, and brought out everything in the basket. Most of it being candy and bottle of butter beer that could easily be identified to be taken from the Three Broomsticks in Hogsmede.

James reached in and pulled out a box of Bertie Botts Every Flavored Bean, opening it clumsily and almost spilling the beans all over the ground around himself. Remus smiling at them all and pulling off the jumper to fight back at the heat.

"Whoa, look at that Moony does wear something other than his uniform and jumpers," Sirius teased, poking Remus' arm.

"Shut it," Remus swatted at him, "Least I have sense; those shorts do not go with that shirt."

Sirius clutched put a hand over his heart with a wounded look on his face, "I cannot believe you just insulted me that way. I didn't even get to pick this outfit, I will have you know. If I was wearing something of mine I would be dying of heat stroke right now."

Remus smiled at him kindly, a twinkle of mischief in his eyes. He didn't come back with a retort as James interrupt with a loud exclamation and furiously whipping at his tongue.

"Ack-! Get if off! Why is this a flavor!?"

"What did you get?" Peter asked as he took the box of beans before it could be abused, looking at the multicolored candies with distrust.

"I don't know but….ug." James shuddered, guzzling down some butter beer in an attempt to get the taste out of his mouth.

Remus pressed a hand to his mouth to hold back the laughter but Sirius broke him when the boy started cracking up laughing. Both of them falling to the ground from where they sat and laughing.

"The look on your face!" Sirius roared, clutching his stomach.

Remus snorting and laughing loudly as he tried to keep it hidden, nodding along in agreement to what Sirius was saying. His bones hurt, and head ached but he was happy. The sound of Peter joining in and James throwing a handful of beans at Sirius made this last day even better.

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