My Brother and I

This is a poem by Sasuke in which he talks about his brother Itachi's influence on him. Since, Sasuke still partly blames Itachi for the Uchiha's massacre instead of mainly the Hidden Leaf village, this wouldn't have been written too far long in Shippuden. Just so you know, I don't own any part of Naruto.

Bringing two fingers together he gets ready to push

Me away, and shrug me off as he goes back into the bush

To train, to be my himself away from me

What I don't know is what went wrong, what can't I see

The responsibilities on his shoulders I do not understand

Until the day the sky turned red, bodies covered the land

Everyone said I looked like him, our hair colored by oil spills

They used to say I should grow up like him, but now the thought only brings me chills

I could never be like him, and betray my family and friends

Since I will not kill or fight expect for my plan to make amends

For the pain my village put my brother through

Making him follow their plans, leading to the pain that ensued

Uchiha means to me love that has been tangled

Changed to the point where it is indiscernibly mangled

Because what my brother did looked less of love than of hate

Luring me into his trap, using the air filled with horror as bait

Into a world where pain followed me like a hungry lion

Where I watched without end as the Uchiha's scions

Were murdered on a night that still haunts my dreams

And helps to shape my future schemes