Always my Inspiration

I used to watch as blond hair stood against a solitary tree

Never realizing his loneliness was a plea

For someone to treat him like a person

However he feared that his treatment would only worsen

Once many years ago I found myself watching as he was kicked

And before I could seriously intervene I was restricted

By a member of the Hyuga clan, who like all others believed

Friendship with this perky, but downtrodden ninja could not be achieved

When he would see me shyly standing in the street

He would accost me, and my heart would be full of heat

That searing full of pleasure pain would race to my face

Where my skin would turn red, and I would race

Away from him embarrassed for my lack of control

And later when he asks, I simply say I went for a stroll

Spikes coming out his body, the color of smoke

Inside everything was screaming his name, my heart broke

And in that moment I knew I could not stand by

So finally truly acting upon my feelings, I became his ally

Tireless I tried to remove the rods pinning him to the ground

Wanting so desperately to hear the metal sound

Against the earth, free from his body

In those moments I would embody

His ninja way, the ideals which had become my own

Using my chakra fists to fight Pain, until I was thrown

Into the sky, and came plummeting back like a failed rocket

Then the war came to our doorsteps, and Naruto was not in the crowd

Still I fought knowing he would be proud

Knowing I was not ennui in my struggle against the tailed-beast hunters

Even as battles were lost, and our numbers

Dwindled beneath white putty monsters