Movie starts after the scene where Hiccup has to sneak into the village after getting stuck with toothless and Astrid almost finds them. It's about 40 minutes into the movie.

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"Either we finish them or they'll finish us!" reflecting back on his words, Stoick now realized that there was a third option. And that option was now throwing its wrath in the Vikings' faces.

the journey was supposed to take only two weeks, but on the third day of the second week the unfortunate group of Vikings came across something they could not fend against; the storm.

This storm was unregularly tense, even for a storm at deep sea; small hurricanes were blowing, kissing the surface of the water, heavy rain was falling endlessly from above while thunder rumbled, shaking the world and deafening ears. The flashes of lightning were dancing frivolously, almost blinding those who dared look up to them.

the winds were blowing so strong that grown men- Viking men- were struggling to hold on to their footing on top the slippery decks. In one word this could be described as chaos; a never seizing storm, sent by the Nord gods to rip apart the sails and dance across the seas.

The destruction was almost beautiful to the eyes of the war loving Vikings. although it's beauty was somewhat clouded by the creeping fear that came as their ships, one after another, were swallowed whole by that same storm.

Chapter 1

If Hiccup had to describe Berk in one word, he'd probably choose 'sturdy'. The village stood at the same small island for the last seven generation. Every single building was new though… that, he'd have to blame on the pests. You see, while other villages had mice, or stray cats or mosquitos, they- had dragons. Fire breathing dragons. So yeah- old village, lots of new houses!

So why not leave, one would ask. Well, let's just say that Vikings have… stubbornness issues. Hiccup would know, his father was the most stubborn one of all. The most Viking one of all. His father was Stoick the vast- the chief of the hooligan tribe.

While most Viking kids would be happy with their share, being the hero chief's son, Hiccup was not. And why, you'd ask? Putting it bluntly- expectations.

Hiccup swore that expectations would be the death of him. First, there was the village. They wanted him to be like his father- strong and brave and a born chief that could lead them all. When they found out that what he was could not even compare with his father, the downfall was hard.

He grew up as Stoick's son but as time went on, slowly, it changed into 'Hiccup the useless'.

And then there was his father. Now, his father didn't want much of him and didn't ask for much, but he expected Hiccup to be a strong heir, a leader, a warrior too and a dragon killer, someone who would not put him to shame.

Growing up, Hiccup wanted to be those things, badly. But lately that had changed. Due to some reasons, he found out that he was not those things and did not want to be those things. Those things were a contradiction with who he was. He, who committed the worst crime a Viking can commit; befriending the enemy- a dragon. And not just any dragon but a night fury at that, the most feared and hated species of all.

Hiccup shot toothless down almost two weeks ago, by sheer luck during a raid and injured his tail fin. When he went to kill the black, sleek beast, he found himself incapable of doing so and freed the dragon instead. He later came back to look the dragon up, wondering why it didn't kill him when he let it go. Because, as Gobber had told them during dragon training on that first session, a dragon will always go for the kill.

Which brings up the subject of dragon training. His father decided that Hiccup was finally old enough for it and singed him up. Hiccup tried to protest, of course, but then again, as mentioned before, his father was the most stubborn one out of all of the Vikings on the island. Or possibly on the archipelago?

And that brings us back to the expectations. Hiccup knew that the village had given up on him long ago. But his father hadn't. Putting him up for dragon training had proven it. And now Hiccup was going to let his father down as well.

Hiccup really didn't want to see he's father's disappointed expression when he finds out that his son can't kill a dragon and was using tricks in the training ring.

Hiccup shook out the depressing thoughts and turned his gaze to the night sky, delaying having to go to bed.

There was a slight chill in the air, accompanied by the scent of storm. In the far distance, Hiccup could notice a blanket of heavy, gray storm clouds.

It was alright though, as storms that far off, as big as they might be, tended to vanish completely or at least exhaust themselves greatly before reaching the Berkian shore.

Not paying much attention to the far off storm Hiccup dragged himself back into his house and up the stairs, collapsed on the bed and carried on to a dreamless sleep.


It's been two weeks since Stoick left and Hiccup knew that his father was expected back home soon. But honestly, as much as Hiccup loved his father, with all that's been going on with Toothless, Hiccup hoped that somehow his father would end up being delayed.

That impending return was exactly why Hiccup decided to use the last opportunity that he may have in a long time to spend the day with Toothless. Also, seeing it as the most probable chance to try something new, he decided to take Toothless on a flight test.

Of course he ended up crushing into a bunch of stone columns and taking a free fall after losing his cheat sheet. But seeing as in the end he managed to pull himself together and pull off a bunch of amazing stunts while getting out of the mess without a scratch, he considered the flight test a success.

Also, Hiccup thought as he leaned on Toothless and watched the sunset, the free fall might not have been all that bad if he had planned it in advance. He could still feel the adrenaline rushing through his veins and pumping blood through his heart. He could still hear its hard pounding accelerating as they got closer and closer to sea level. And that sweet relief as he and Toothless connected again. He would definitely have to try that again. After taking some safety measures and improving his flying skills of course.

Leaning on Toothless and listening to his new best friend's deep breaths, Hiccup allowed his thoughts to wonder. He thought about dragon training, about new inventions, about those in his age group, his father… Astrid… and the village in general.

All he has ever asked for was a chance. A chance to be heard, a chance to be noticed (in a good way…), a chance to prove himself. On the isle of Berk, in all of his 15 years of existence he had never gotten that chance. Or should he say- never managed to bring such a chance into existence.

That is until he managed to miraculously shoot a Night Fury out of the sky by sheer luck. But even then he did not get the chance to speak out and explain what had happened. No one would listen.

Sitting down with said night-fury after their first successful flight and watching the sunset, Hiccup was, for once, glad that he was not given a chance. If he was given a chance than Toothless might have been dead right now. Hiccup may have only known Toothless for two weeks but he already could not stand the thought of being separated from his newly acquired best friend.

On top of that he would have never found out about the true potential of dragons. Truly those vile creatures couldn't be more like huge, scaled, fire breathing cats than anything else.

But within all the excitement and happiness those thoughts brought him, there was a speck of fear. His father was due home today or tomorrow. Actually he might have already arrived to Berk, and if his father somehow found out about Toothless… he didn't really want to think about it.

For now, Hiccup took comfort in the hot breathing black lump that was resting against his back. Even the dragon's presence alone had a positive effect on him; around Toothless, Hiccup was more confident, freer, more sarcastic, less reserved. For the first time in his life, he felt like he could actually start to like himself. And it was all thanks to Toothless.

It didn't matter if he had to lie to his father, Hiccup decided. It didn't matter if he had to lie to Gobber. It didn't even matter if he had to lie and deceive his entire village, not if it meant keeping Toothless safe.

"I'll always protect you buddy." Hiccup told his dragon. The small purr returned to him kept a promise of the dragon doing the same.

His line of thought was cut short though, as a small group of terrible terrors closed in on Toothless and him, sending Hiccup into defense mode. Even if Toothless was friendly it did not by any chance mean that all dragons were friendly. Or reasonable for that matter. You never know what a hungry dragon might do.

Toothless growled softly and pulled his pile of fish closer and Hiccup could fill the soft rumble emitting from him and running up his back.

But much to Hiccup's surprise the terrors did not attack. They moved in cautiously, trying their luck in steeling some fish from Toothless' pile, none were successful. Although one did almost make it but ended up with one of Toothless' plasma blasts down his throat instead of a fish.

It seemed that dragons were not very fire-proof on the inside, Hiccup noted with mild interest as he threw the poor dragon a small fish.

And then the small dragon did a very small thing, but that small thing triggered a very big realization within Hiccup. The small dragon went up to Hiccup and leaned against him. That kind of action would be perfectly normal... for a cat. Not a devious dragon.

And that was when it hit Hiccup. Everything Vikings knew about dragons was wrong. And only he knew the truth.


It was late when Hiccup returned to the village so the relatively small amount of people out of their homes at night was nothing odd. It was even later when Hiccup left his workshop in the forge after contemplating for hours. But it was only when Hiccup made it back to his house and went to bed that it occurred to him that his father wasn't back yet. Hiccup was not alarmed though, it just meant that his father will be back tomorrow, for now at least he'll have one extra day to spend with Toothless without having to worry about his father finding out.

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