A tap on my window woke me up with a start.


I turned over sleepily and my heart skipped a beat when I saw his face in the window.

"Seaweed?" I whispered. "Oh, thank goodness!"

"Hold on," he mouthed.

I nodded as he picked the lock and squeezed through the window. Seaweed rushed over and looked me over, surveying the situation.

"How long have you been here?" his eyes stared into mine searchingly.

"Two days. I think," I mumbled, "With no food and no water..."

"Hold still, baby doll. I'm gonna get you out of here. Don't move."

I smiled at the familiar nickname. Finally, I felt my bonds loosen and I sighed in relief. I tried to push myself up to a sitting position, but quickly got frustrated because I was too weak to even lift myself. Seaweed saw my frustration and gently helped me sit, propping me up with pillows. I started to tear up and sniffled. Seaweed held me tight.

"Pack your bags, baby doll," he murmured quietly in my ear.


"I'm getting you out of here. You can't stay here. Pack your bags."

I nodded numbly. "Okay."

Seaweed slung my backpack full of clothes and other random stuff I grabbed because of sentimental value over his shoulder. I grabbed the old, worn teddy bear off of my bed and held it close. Most people would have laughed because I grabbed a teddy bear. I was eighteen, after all. Not Seaweed. He understood.

We snuck out the window quietly. As soon as I made it out of the window and onto the sidewalk, my vision went all spotty and I collapsed against Seaweed, who caught me just in time. The blood drained from my face as I heard Seaweed catch his breath. I must have been a lot worse off than I thought, to scare him that bad. He scooped me up and sprinted down the sidewalk, breathing hard.