So I'm going to start this with a flashback so it makes more sense. Hope that doesn't bother anyone. This is set in season 2 btw. Enjoy!

I changed a few things and Lynn is now eight. If you already read this chapter you don't have to read it again.

I can remember when it started like it was just yesterday rather than two years ago. I was walking side by side with my best friend Amelia.

I hated saying her name. Knowing I was the one who killed her. I know it was just an accident but I can't help but think I could have had more control.

Now a days I was very desperate. Going to shady places and taking even shadier things just to keep myself alive. But I couldn't help but think that if I died I would be closer to Amelia.

I miss her so much and I want her to be with me. I want her sarcastic remarks and her smile that could cheer me up on the worst of days. I even miss her fashion advice even though I normally wear pretty skirts and Flowery tops with my sandals.

I was eight when I realized that the parasite was inside me. Not a normal parasite like the ones normal doctors can treat,a magical parasite.

Sarap, was the particular breed, and very rare one. The parasite – Sarap, told me through mental communication that I had a special power and that it was going to harvest my magical core.

I wanted it out of my body. I think I made myself vomit in a desperate attempt. Sarap just chuckled.

Sarap explained that I would die when my energy, my magic core, ran out. I just wanted it out of my body. Hey, if you had something threatening to 'kill you when it finished harvesting your magical energy' you would have done the same thing in my position.

It seems so stupid now. It wasn't worth it. The price was to high. The energy inside me bubbled and churned and exploded. My magic attacked Sarap and just exploded. I have no other words.

I just burst and screamed out, wanting it out. But… It was dangerous. To dangerous, Amelia was touching my shoulder when I had doubled over in pain before I exploded. She absorbed the blast.

Spontaneously combusted. All my fault. If I had known…

That night I learned from Sarap that I had slowed it down and that it was angry. Very angry. That night I also learned that there are shady magic users in Gotham. Very shady. However, they are not just shady, you see they can sense things like parasites – especially Saraps. They get desperate.

I was walking home when Parella, a shady guy with a history of experimenting with parasites approached me. He wanted to try out different medications on me. Wanted to cut me open when I died, which he assured me was soon, to see the parasite and examine my 'core' through his own magic.

Now Parella was a sick twisted personh. I knew this yet I followed him. I figured I would die anyways. At least it could possibly slow the process down.

I knew about the Justice League and that Zatara was a magic user. I knew there was Doctor Fate or Kent Nelson. But Zatara would protest and Doctor Fate would most likely want to kill me because of the parasite.

That is of they even believed me. I laughed bitterly I my head. I was an eight year old but I wasn't naïve. I knew the horrors of the world.

I was happy as I followed Parella. Who would want to return to a father who beat his wife until she committed suicide? Not me for sure, I wras never going back to him.

Mitch Fellows was no longer my father. I had decided that the moment Parella took me with him. From that moment on I was no longer Lindsey Fellows. I took my mothers maiden name Blake and decided that my name would be Lynn, people called me that anyways.

I was Lynn Blake, host of a Sarap. Everyone in the magic business would know my name. After all, Sarap was a pretty old parasite…

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